#Seanad16 – Cultural and Educational Panel

Fintan Warfield - Elected Count 1, Sinn Fein
Fintan Warfield – Elected Count 1, Sinn Fein

Candidates: 24
Seats: 5
Total Valid Poll: 1123000
Quota: 187,167
At least 2 Candidates to be elected from each sub-panel
Elected Candidates: 5
Status: Complete
Parties: FF 2, FG 2, SF 1


The first candidate elected to Seanad Eireann was Sinn Fein’s Fintan Warfield topped the poll with 200,000 vote on the Cultural and

Keith Swanick, Elected Count 18, FF
Keith Swanick – Elected Count 19, Fianna Fail

Educational Panel. This bodes well for the Sinn Fein Candidates on the other panels as their vote management looks very well handled.

Fianna Fail’s Keith Swanick took the 2nd seat on this panel on Count 18. Lorraine Clifford-Lee finished 5th and was electing with reaching the Quota. She finished 4,000 voteas ahead of Independent Joe Conway.

On Count 21 following the elimination of Senator Jim D’Arcy. Former Fine Gael TD Kieren O’Donnell

Kieran O'Donnell - Elected Count 21 -  Fine Gael
Kieran O’Donnell – Elected Count 21 – Fine Gael

was elected when he reached the Quota. Gabrielle McFadden was also elected with reaching quota on this count. She finished ahead of Clifford taking the 4th seat.

Thats the first panel down. Only four more to go. Next Panel is the Agricultural Panel, which starts tomorrow


  • Warfield, Fintan (Count 1) SF
  • Swanick, Keith (Count 19) FF
  • O’Donnell, Kieran (Count 21) FG
  • Gabrielle McFadden - Elected without reach quota, Fine Gael
    Gabrielle McFadden – Elected without reach quota, Fine Gael

    McFadden, Gabrielle (without reaching quota) FG

  • Clifford-Lee, Lorraine, (without reaching quota) FF


  • O’Connor, Claire (2nd Count) FF
  • O Laoi, Seosamh (3rd Count) FG
  • Carey, Declan (4th Count) IND
  • Crowley, Liam (5th Count) FF
  • MacBride, Seán (6th Count) FF
  • O’Higgins, Adrian (7th Count) FF
  • Burke, Deirdre (8th Count) IND
  • Lorrain Clifford Lee - Elected without reaching quota, Fianna Fail
    Lorrain Clifford Lee – Elected without reaching quota, Fianna Fail

    Ó Ceallaigh, Seosamh (9th Count) IND

  • Collins, Michael (10th Count) FF
  • Howard, Mary (11th Count) FG
  • Brabazon, Tom (12th Count) FF
  • Finucane, Jim (13th Count) FG
  • Cuffe, Jennifer (14th Count) FF
  • Connolly, John (15th Count) FF
  • Dermody, Anne Marie (16th Count) FG
  • Walsh, Seamus (17th Count) FF
  • Byrne, Malcome (18th Count) FF
  • D’Arcy, Jim (20th Count) FG
  • Conway, Joe (not elected) Ind

For details on vote share and other details see Adrian Kavanagh’s blog, for the election results see SeanadCount.ie

#SE11: Cultural and Education Panel

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The count for the Cultural and Educational Panel came to a close yesterday evening with 5 candidates elected. They were in the following order:

  1. Clune, Deridre (FG)  10th Count (inside panel)
  2. Ó’Murchú, Labhras (FF) 13th Count (outside panel)
  3. Byrne, Thomas (FF) 13th Count (inside panel)
  4. Gilroy, John (Lab) 14th Count (inside panel)
  5. Mullins , Michael (FG) 14th Count (outside panel)

Mullins was elected without reaching the quota.

Personally I am delighted to see that Clune was elected to the Seanad. Nationally she is a very good politician and hopefully may be a useful example in why we should keep the Seanad.

The result was also good for Micheal Martin’s list, with Thomas Byrne being on that list and being elected, but he was out polled by Labhras who was not on the list. It will be interesting to see if the other panels follow suit.

Today the Agricultural panel is being counted and that will finish shortly. That will be followed by the Labour panel.

Check out SeanadCount.ie for results and Labour.ie’s primer for the panels.

#SE11: Cultural and Educational Count 1 Result

Number of candidates: 17

Number of seats: 5

Total poll: 1065

Quota:  178


BOYHAN, Victor 44 (44,000)

BYRNE, Thomas 129 (129,000)

CLUNE, Deirdre 103 (103,000)

DELANEY, Conor 16 (16,000

GILROY, John 157 (157,000)

HOGAN, Nichola 27 (27,000)

IRISH, Anne-Maria 25 (25,000)

KENNDY, Pat 32 (32,000)

McCARTIN,  John 68 (68,000)

MULLINS, Michael 78 (78,000)

O’DEA, Jim 11 (11,000)

Ó MURCHÚ, Labhrás 104 (104,000)

ORMONDE, Ann 66 (66,000)

QUINLAN, Hilary 47 (47,000)

QUINN, Liam 23 (23,000)

TORMEY, Bill 49 (49,000)

WALSH, Séamus 86 (86,000)

Non-transferrable value not effective 0 (0)

Loss of value owing to disregard of fractions 0 (0)

Total 1,065 (1,065,000)

The second count will be the distrubtion of O’Deas (FG) votes (11).

#SE11: Count 1 Tally Results.

Here are the first tally results for the Cultural and Education Panel:

1. Gilroy Lab 157
2. Byrne FF 129
3. O Murchu FF 105
4. Clune FG 103
5. Walsh FF 85
6. Mullins FG 77
7. McCartin FG 68
8. Ormonde FF 66
9. Tormey FG 49
10. Quinlan FG 47
11. Boyhan IND 44
12. Kennedy FG 32
13. Hogan FG 27
14. Irish FG 25
15. Quinn FG 23
16. Delaney FG 16
17. O’Dea FG 11

See previous post for the background. Still waiting on the official result.

Also, Molly Buckley (FG) is on the Admin Panel and not Cultural and Educational

#SE11: Culture and Educational Panel

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The sorting of ballots for the Vocational Panels for elections to Seanad Eireann has been completed in Leinster House. It is expected that the first count will get underway at around 2:15pm.

From the sorting of votes we know the following:

  • 1073 ballots recieved
  • 4 rejected
  • Valid poll 1069

The first panel to be counted will be the Culture and Educational. This is a 5 seat panel and there are 18 candidates. This is split as 13 on the external panel and 5 on internal panel. At least 2 candidates must be elected from each.

The candidates are as follows:

  • Nominated by outside bodies: Cllr Victor Boyhan, Dún Laoghaire (Ind); Cllr Molly Buckley, Offaly (FG); Cllr Conor Delaney, Tipperary (FG); Cllr Nicola Hogan, Offaly (FG); Cllr Anne-Maria Irish, Kilkenny (FG); Cllr Pat Kennedy, Limerick (Ind); Cllr John McCartin, Leitrim (FG); Cllr Michael Mullins, Galway (FG); Senator Labhrás Ó Murchú (FF); Cllr Jim O’Dea, Dublin (FG); Senator Ann Ormonde (FF); Cllr Hilary Quinlan Waterford (FG); Cllr Séamus Walsh, Co. Galway (FF).
  • Nominated by Oireachtas members: Thomas Byrne, Meath (FF); Deirdre Clune, Cork (FG); Cllr John Gilroy, Cork (Lab); Cllr Liam Quinn, Offaly (FG); Cllr Bill Tormey, Dublin (FG).

The quota will be 178,167.

Remeber each vote is multiplied by 1,000. Hence the figure being so high for the quota. I will be updating throughout the day both here and twitter! Follow either myself or #se11

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