I have Joined Blackout Ireland #blackoutirl

Have you? Those who follow me on twitter will have noticed my avatar has changed. Why? because I support the BlackOut Ireland Protest. Cian of Viewfromthequad.com started this off on twitter and his site the other day and says it needs to start now

The website for the campaign will be launched later today.

So what is it about? Eircom have gotten into bed with the IRMA and the music companies. The IRMA have sent threatening letters to Irish ISPs and sent one to Blacknight also (Note: Blacknight is a hosting company NOT an ISP). This was picked up by the Register. The IRMA want to block access to sites like Pirate Bay, something Damien Mulley writing on the Blackout Ireland blog describes as creating a “digital Guantanamo”. He writes

A digital Guantanamo has been created with all these sites being locked away along with our freedom to surf on the rare chance that an act of copyright infringement could happen. Like many locked away in orange boiler suits in cages, now our freedoms are doing the same thing. We are not criminals, we are not pirates, we are not threats to security, yet we are being treated as such.

Next Thursday (March 5th) has been designated as Black Thursday and the campaign will run for one full week from then. It is hoped that that week people will contact their ISP’s and the Minister of Communications on this issue.

Lets hope it works and the other ISP’s dont follow Eircom and actually have a backbone

UPDATE: Anyaz has an excellent post with background and international context on his blog.

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IBA Post

I attend the Irish Blog Awards on Saturday and what a night! It was brilliant orchestrated by Damien Mulley and his army of helpers. The Cork International Airport Hotel was amazing!!

Congratulations to all the winners well deserved.

For me the best part of the blog awards was getting to meet bloggers who I enjoy interacting with. I managed to get to meet the following:

Elf In Amsterdam
Suzy of Maman Poulet
Gavin and Ciara
Robin Blanford

I met others too but my mind has gone blank!! Please remind me! I also met a few people I know from TeenCamp and OpenCoffee so it was great to meet them all again!

I am still recovering from the twister! But again a great night! Well done all involved!

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Mulley Rocks – End Of

From TeenCamp Ireland Jan 17th

Niall has an excellent profile of Damien Mulley and what he has done for the Irish Tech Scene. It is brilliant to see what everyone thinks of him.

What have gotten from Mulley? Not alot directly, but if it wasn’t for him, I wouldn’t be blogging, I wouldn’t be on twitter, I wouldn’t have been at TeenCamp. To put it simple this man is IT when it comes to tech and has always pointed me in the right direction.

I have seen him give encouragement to so many people. I have been privileged in the past to receive posts from in advance. If you get a link from Mulley, you would want to hope your servers can handle it!

Mulley is a hard working chap, but if you do something good, he will tell you! Which is great! Of course, he will also tell you where you are going wrong which is equally great!

To put it simply. Mulley Rocks, he organsises great tech events (blog awards, web awards) and supports others (TeenCamp). The Irish tech scene would be alot poorer with out him!

So do us a favour, get him some business!

Keep on Rocking Mulley!

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Nominations are open

So says Mulley and the Irish Bloggersphere is alight with it!

So what are the Categories for the Irish Blog Awards? There are 20 of them.

* Best Popculture blog
* Best Blog from a Journalist
* Best Food/Drink Blog
* Best Fashion Blog
* Best Arts and Culture Blog
* Best Political Blog
* Best Group Blog
* Best Use of the Irish Language in a Blog
* Best Technology Blog/Blogger
* Best Sport & Recreation Blog
* Best News/Current Affairs Blog
* Best Specialist Blog
* Best Newcomer
* Best Business Blog
* Best Music Blog
* Best Personal Blog
* Best Humour Blog
* Best Photo Blog
* Best Blog Post
* Best Blog*

*Note: you cannot nominate someone for best blog, the winner of each category is put into this category.

Get Nominating!

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In defence of Fine Gael

Its not very often I disagree with Damian Mulley, but I think in one of his latest posts “On why Fine Gael as a party can go fuck themselves“, he’s gone a bit wide of the mark.

Damian is currently being harrased by two people who claim to be FG’ers from UL. Now I am not doubting that this is the case, but I think Damian went a bit overbaord by throwing the entire Fine Gael party and organisation in the same bucket as these gobsheens.

Firstly, YFG is an autonmous organisation and you must apply seperately to join Fine Gael senior party.

Secondly, FG and YFG has no control over what indivual members do in their spare time and can only reprimand them when they misrepresent FG (or YFG)

I dont blame Damien for making his twitter private but lumping all blueshirts into one basket cause of two bad apples is a bit OTT.

I know and like Damien, I truely hope he follows trough with contacting the Gardai and the UL authorities about these two trouble makers.

Harassement, whether online or not, is not acceptable.

I had my own brush with this kind of thing from a student in UCC. Once the college authorities were contacted, it stopped.

I don’t expect or want an apology from Damian, just hope in future he won’t bandy all blueshirts into one label cause of two people.

I wish Damian the best and know this kind of stuff affects his health. I hope the blog awards will without a hitch on Saturday.

Please Damian remeber some of us Blueshirts aren’t half bad!

The Rest of the Rigging The Election

The rest of it

Rigging the Irish Election Part 3 – Manipulate the media and blogs – True Voice

Rigging the Irish Election Part 4 – Embargo day

Rigging the Irish Election Part 5 – Election day – Traffic Module

And its over 😀

Rigging the Election – Continued

Damien has posted the 2nd part to the series! An excellent post on tracking candidates!!!

Rigging the Irish Election Part 2 – Profile your candidates and the opposition

3 to go. I’m saying that by the next general election, major parties in Ireland will be using technology based on this post.

Rigging the Election

Damien has started a 5 Part blog series on Rigging the Irish Election. The first part is out and its brilliant!!

Rigging the Irish Election Part 1 – Create cells of organisers

Ill post up the rest when he posts them! They are supposed to be cynical and manipulative, but having being involved in the recent elections I think a system like this isn’t far off.