Conservative Ads

Conservative Party logoImage via WikipediaThe Conservative Party in the UK have launched a new Advertising campaign on “Labour’s Debt Crisis”. According to the Conservatives Shadow Chancellor each child born in Britain will owe £17,000. I must say it is a fantastic campaign. It really hits the point on UK Debt. I agree with John over on Semper-Idem that FG need to be developing campaigns like this. The Budget campaign that they did before Christmas is something that could easily be further developed into this. Anyway check out the videos below.

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Lists – Irish Indo

Yesterdays Irish Indo had two lists of interest to me and maybe to others also so I will put em up here!

The first is a list of price increase that will affect a family earning €60,000 with two adults and two children.

Gas and Electricity: €300
Income Levy: €600
VHI from January: €442
VAT: €360
Less mortgage tax relief: €300
Failure to index tax credits: €286
Parking tax: €150
Other (waste, charges, transport, etc): €360
TOTAL €2,998

That is a lot of money to be in down and means average family spending will be down putting pressure across a whole range of sectors.

The second list is of Council Debt. The top 10 are

1 Dublin City Council – €924,228,117
2 Cork County Council – €446,737,725
3 Fingal County Council – €409,885,991
4 South Dublin County Council – €211,509,469
5 Cork City Council – €153,654,644
6 Kildare County Council – €144,883,251
7 Galway City Council – €135,076,617
8 Dun Laoghaire/Rathdown County Council – €127,047,388
9 Donegal County Council – €116,397,195
10 Clare County Council – €111,794,617

In total all the local councils owe 4.4bn which means councils owe €1,037 for every man, woman and child in the state. If this dosent mean that how councils should be funded, I dont know what will!