Illinois Governor arrested for trying to sell Obama’s open Senate seat

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I found this story on ConHome’s CentreRight Blog and which pointed me in the direction of

But the Governor of Illinois, Rod Blagojevich, is under arrest for corruption charges, including the charge of trying to sell Obama’s open Senate Seat! The part I love no where in the CNN story does it name the party affliation of the Govenor. Democrat if you must know. I have the feeling that if this was a Republican Gonenor, it would feature quite heavily in the report.

Instapundit points to A Blog for All which is listing the news stories not giving the party affliation. Interesting stuff

I didn’t realise how much of an idiot Biden actualy is until now!

So every one has heard that Joe Biden, the Democratic VP nominee is a little gaffe prone but after reading Ann Coulters review of the debate he is more then prone! if Palin had made basic mistakes like this, people would be calling for her head! A few examples:

About Lebanon:

“I said and Barack said, ‘Move NATO forces in there. Fill the vacuum, because if you don’t, Hezbollah will control it.'” This is madness — Lebanon is not a NATO country, nor had any NATO country been attacked by Lebanon.

About Afghanistan:

“With Afghanistan, facts matter, Gwen. … We spend more money in three weeks on combat in Iraq than we spent on the entirety of the last seven years that we have been in Afghanistan building that country.”

According to the Congressional Research Service, since 9/11, we’ve spent $172 billion in Afghanistan and $653 billion in Iraq. The most money spent in Iraq came in 2008, when we have been spending less than $3 billion a week. So by Biden’s calculations, we’ve spent only about $9 billion “on the entirety of the last seven years that we have been in Afghanistan building that country.” There isn’t even a “9” in $172 billion.

About the Office of the Vice President:

Biden also gave a long speech at the debate on vice president Dick Cheney’s “dangerous” belief that “he’s part of the legislative branch.” The great constitutional scholar Biden cited Article I of the Constitution as proof that Cheney “works in the executive branch” and has “no authority relative to the Congress.” Biden huffily added: “He should understand that. Everyone should understand that.”

Palin would have had to deny that Alaska is a state in the union in order to say something comparably stupid.

Article II, not I, describes the executive branch. Someone tell Biden, who is supposed to be a lawyer. Apart from getting the Articles of the Constitution mixed up, what on earth does Biden mean when he says that the vice president “has no authority relative to Congress,” apart from breaking ties?

The Constitution makes him president of the senate every day of the week. I realize that Biden may not be able to count to two, but Article I says the vice president is president of one of the two houses of Congress — the one Biden is in, for crying out loud — which is what you might call “authority relative to Congress.”

Please let someone have sense in the mainstream media and start pointing these stupid gaffes out!

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Poll Results and New Poll

The results are in on the My Opinion Lisbon poll. The question asked was:

Do you support the Lisbon Treaty (Reform Treaty)?

The Results were as follows
Yes: 9
No: 12
Undecided: 2

So the majority of voters on this blog are opposed to the Lisbon Treaty? Interesting considering I am for it!

Now for the new poll which will run until the day of the PA Democratic Primary (22nd April). Who sdo you support for the Democratic Nomination?

First in the Nation Race A Mistake?

Late last year and early this year, US States were battling each other to be the “First in the Nation” to vote on who will be the Presidential Candidates for the two major parties.

It worked for niether party. In this unprecented nomination battle, to took until Super Tuesday for a Republican Front Runner (which the media got wrong) to really come forward. With the democrats, all it did was lower the field to two.

Why is it Unprecented?
For me working from my living memory (i.e. the 2000 and 2004 nominations) by Super Tuesday or just after we knew who would be the Nominee for both parties. This year is the mother of nomination battles. Hukabee dropped out last night after a strong showing on Super Tuesday, but he couldnt match McCain. So McCain is the ‘presumptive’ nominee of the Republican Party.

The state of the Candidates, Delegate wise
Who is doing better Clinton or Obama?

Firstly these numbers all depend on which news organisation you follow so I will give a sample below.

CNN have Obama on 1,451 delegates and Clinton on 1,365. CBS have Obama on 1,512 and Clinton on 1,423. Fox News has Obama on 1,477 and Clinton on 1,391.

Has you can see Obama has about 100 delegates more then Clinton, but there are 601 delegates still up for grabs.

So which states have the voting power to decide who wins the Democratic Nomination?

Pennsylvania will be the last of the Delegate rich votes to go to the polls on April 22. Pennsylvania has 158 delegates. May 6th will see the next big numbers as Indiana (72 Delegates) and North Carolina (115 Delegates) go to the polls. If thats dosent produce a winner May 20th sees Kentucky (51 Delegates) and Oregen (52 Delegates). if that dosent produce a winner it could fall to Puerto Rico (55 Delegates) on June 7th, which will be the last nomination contest this year, to decide the Democrat Nomination. Still a few interesting battles ahead.

The Full list of states to vote are:
* Wyoming (Caucus) on March 8th, which has 12 Delegates,
* Mississippi (Primary) on March 11th, which has 33 Delegates,
* Pennsylvania (Primay) on April 22nd, which has 158 Delegates
* Guam (Caucus) on May 3rd, which has 4 Delegates,
* Indiana (Primary) on May 6th, which has 72 Delegates,
* North Carolina (Primary) on May 6th, which has 115 Delegates,
* West Virginia (Primary) on May 13th, which has 28 Delegates,
* Kentucky (Primary) on May 20th, which has 51 Delegates,
* Oregan (Primary) on May 20th, which has 52 Delegates,
* Montana (Primary) on June 3rd, which has 16 Delegates,
* South Dakota (Primary) on June 3rd, which has 15 Delegates,
* Puerto Rico (Caucus) on June 7th, which has 55 Delegates.

So who will win the Democratic Nomination?

There is a blog I subscribe to, Declarations of Pride, who seams to flip-flop (his words) between Hilary and Barack. But his latest post somes it up for me, especially the line

I know Obama can fix this country, but I think that Hillary WILL fix this country.

(His emphasis).

I think its going to be really close but PA will decide who gets it. If Clinton wins, she will be back on a roll and will give her momentum to win Indiana and North Carolina. If Obama wins PA, he will win Indiana and North Carolina. Whoever wins those 3 states has it won.

I made two predictions at the start of this year, with regards to nominations. I got the Republican one wrong (Guiliani) but I’m still looking okish on my Democratic Prediction (Clinton). I wonder will I be right?

Super Tuesday: New Mexico still a tie….

Well its coming down to a wisker in New Mexico. At the moment tallies from the reporting precincts have Clinton on 49% of the vote and Obama and 48%. Its been neck and neck there since yesterday and neither candidate can pull ahead. New Mexico has 26 delegates for convention and think it will play out like this across the US. Clinton and Obama will trade wins and states whos delegates dont cont cause they broke party rules (Michigan and Florida) might come into play to break the deadlock who knows!

Over all Obama has won the following states: Alabama, Alaska, Colorado, Conn., Delaware, Georgia, Idaho, Illinois, Kansas, Minneasota, Missouiri, North Dakota and Utah.

Clinton on the other hand won in the following states, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Mass., New Jersey and New York. I think Mike Gavel will drop out of the Democratic race soon enough (bet ye for got he was running!)

Though Obama won in Alabama, Clinton will have more delegates from Alabama then Obama as she won more precincts. Delegate estimates (emphasis on estimates!) have Clinton on 823 and Obama on 741. It is estimated that 2,025 delegates are needed to win.

For the Republicans, McCain i think has it. It has swept up California, New York and Illinois all delegate rich states. Huckabee was the surprise of the day winning in five states and Romney won 7 states. I think Romney really need to go away and think if he should continue.

McCain won in the states of Ariyzona, California, Conn., Delaware, Illinois, Missouri, New York, New Jersey and Oklahoma. Romeny won in Alaska, Colorado, Mass., Minneasota, Montana, North Dakota and Utah. Huackabee won in Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Tennessee and West Virgina.

The Republican Delegate estimates look like this, bear in mind most republican states have a winner takes all situation for delegates unlike the proportional system used by the democrats. McCain has 680, Romney has 270, Huckabee has 176 and Ron Paul has 16. It is estimated that you need the support of 1,191 delegates to win the nomination.

Thats it for now. Hopeful will blog about Lisbon and Germany tonight. Unless something unexpected happens in New Mexico!

Super Tuesday: More full results 6pm CET

A big gap between the last post and this one and only 2 extra states have 100% of precints reporting. I reliase that Eastern Time US is six hours behind me!

Here we go

Dems: Obama wins here with 51% of the vote giving him 26 delegates. Clinton gains 22delegetes on 47% of the vote.

Reps: McCain easily wins this primary on 52% of the vote. Romney is in second on 33% while Huckabee is a distant third with 7% of the vote.

Dems: Both sitting Senators (Sens. Kennedy and Kerry) in Massachusetts have endorsed Obama, and gues who won? Clinton! Clinton gained 56% of the vote complared to Obamas 41%. This gives Clinton 54 delegates and Obama 37.

Reps: This is the state that Romney used to be Govener of. He won here by a margin of 10% over McCain. Romney got 51% of the vote.

So of the states fully declared for the Democrats Obama has won: Delaware, Idaho, Kansas, North Dakota and Connecticut. Clinton has won: Massachusetts, Oklahoma and Tennessee. With 13 states still not 100% reporting, including delegate rich states like California and New York, delegate numbers wont be known till tomorrow Id say.

For the republicans, its all about McCain. He is definatley the front runner in this fight. He won Delaware, Missouri, Oklahoma and Connecticut. he is also the projected winner in California and New York. Romney has to go away and think about things. He won in Montana, North Dakota and Massachusetts. Huckabee in the big surprise of the night has won in two states that are 100% reporting including Tennessee and West Virgina. I think the GOP ticket is farily certain now. Im predicting a McCain/Huckabee ticket for the Republican Party Nomination. I am notourisly bad at predictions especially Eurovision, but as my last prediction was Guiliani (who since dropped out) I have had to change!

Super Tuesday: Results so far. 9am CET

These are the results I have at hand from CNN at 9am CET. With 24 states holding contests its a biggie. Especially with delegate rich states as California and New York being the big ones. All percentage figures are of Precints Reporting results unless otherwise stated.

Dem Primary: Obama (99% precincts reporting)
Rep Primary: Huckabee (99% precincts reporting)

Dem Caucus: Obama (98%)
Rep Caucus: Romney (90%)

Dem Primary: Clinton (82%)
Rep Primary: McCain (81%)

Dem Primary: Clinton (87%)
Rep Primary: McCain (87%)

Dem Primary: Clinton (48%)
Rep Primary: McCain (47%)

Dem Caucus: Obama (99%)
Rep Caucus: Romney (95%)

Dem Primary: Obama (99%)
Rep Primary: McCain (99%)

Dem Primary: Obama (100%)
Rep Primary: McCain (100%)

Dem Primary: Obama (99%)
Rep Primary: Huckabee (98%)

Dem Caucus: Obama (97%)
Rep Rimary on May 27th

Dem Primary: Obama (97%)
Rep Primary: McCain (97%)

Dem Caucus: Obama (100%)
Rep Caucus on February 9th

Dem Primary: Clinton (97%)
Rep Primary: Romney (96%)

Dem Caucus: Obama (81%)
Rep Caucus: Romney (82%)

Dem Primary: Obama (100%)
Rep Primary: McCain (100%)

Rep Caucus: Romney (100%)
Dem Primary on June 3rd

New Jersey
Dem Primary: Clinton (99%)
Rep Primary: McCain (99%)

New Mexico
Dem Primary: With 54% of precints reporting Clinton is 2% ahead of Obama. Its far from over here. Its too close to call
Rep Primary on June 3rd

New York
Dem Primary: Clinton (99%)
Rep Primary: McCain (99%)

North Dakota
Dem Caucus: Obama (100%)
Rep Caucus: Romney (100%)

Dem Primary: Clinton (100%)
Rep Primary: McCain (100%)

Dem Primary: Clinton (100%)
Rep Primary: Huckabee (100%)

Dem Primary: Obama (99%)
Rep Primary: Romney (99%)

West Virginia
Rep Caucus: Huckabee (100%)
Dem Primary on May 13th

McCain is now definatley the frontrunner for the GOP nomination and Clinton and Obama are still neck and neck. Its still all to play for.

Up Next Feb 9th
Kansas caucuses (Rep Only)
Louisiana primaries
Nebraska caucuses (Dem Only)
Washington caucuses

Excellent one liner from Hillary

Hillary on Dick Cheney and Diplomacy

Senate didn’t vote on objection to troop buildup

Senate Democrats failed to garner the 60 votes they needed to consider a nonbinding resolution opposing President Bush’s plan to send more troops to Iraq.

The vote was 56-34, with seven Republicans crossing the aisle to vote with senators who oppose the troop surge in Iraq.

The Democrats have a razor thin 51-49 majority in the Senate so mustering 60 votes will require at least 9 Republicans to cross the floor, that is if all the Democrats turn up to vote.

Some quotes from the debate (CNN)

“We are policing a civil war in Iraq,” Sen. Charles Schumer, D-New York, said before the vote. “American troops should not be in the middle of that war.

“This nonbinding resolution, as a practical matter, doesn’t do anything, but was designed to try to disapprove of the new mission,” Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Kentucky, said after the vote. “Our view is you cannot discuss the new mission in Iraq without discussing funding for the troops.”

House passes resolution opposing Bush’s Iraq policy 246-182

The Democratic-controlled House issued a symbolic rejection of President Bush’s decision to deploy more troops to Iraq on Friday, opening an an epic confrontation between Congress and commander in chief over an unpopular war that has taken the lives of more than 3,100 U.S. troops.

The vote on the nonbinding measure was 246-182.

Resolution criticized President Bush for his decision to send more troops to Iraq is a rare admonishment of a wartime commander-in-chief.

“The passage of this legislation signal a change in direction that will end the fighting and bring our troops home,” House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said before the vote when she endorsed the measure that takes issue with Bush’s decision to send an additional 21,500 U.S. troops into battle.

Full Story (CNN)

I’m delighted! An I hope Rep. John Murtha, D-Pennsylvania, gets his legislation through that will limit spending and include a rest period between combat tours.

A survey in the US shows growing opposition to the War in Iraq. More than half of those surveyed say the Iraq war is a hopeless cause. A total of 38 percent wants to cut money for the additional troops that Bush is sending to Iraq, and 29 percent want to cut off all funding for the war.