So I forgot to update the Poll, but the results of the poll are resoundly in favour of Obama (why do my readers disagree with me??)

Obama: 57%
Clinton: 26%
None of the Above: 15%

So the next poll is as follows:
Will Dustin Qualify for the Eurovision Final?

It will run until the 20th at 8:00pm the start time of the First Semi and will start off the Live Blogging.

Poll on the right as always!

Ireland no longer Favourite to Win Eurovision

The days after Dustin won Eurosong saw Ireland top the betting tables as favourite to win the Eurovision Song Contest. Today that is no longer the case. Russia is now the favourite to win Eurovision. I must say I am delighted at this. A proper song is now favourite and it is a good song. Dima Bilan, Russia’s representative this year, will sail from the Semi’s as the song is proving very popular and is produced by Timbaland.

What are the odds?

According to Paddy Power Russia is at 4-1 to win the Eurovision Song Contest and according to BestBetting Russia also at 4-1. Ireland has slipped back to third place on Paddy Power’s odds, at 5-1, but is back in fourth on BestBetting, at 10-1. Serbia is seconded favourite at 9-2 according to PaddyPower and 6-1 at BestBetting. BestBetting also have Armenia ahead of Ireland at 7-1, while Paddy Power have them in fouth at 10-2.

Who arent worth backing according to the odds?

Here are the countries forcasted not to well. Paddy Power have Montenegro, Moldova, Netherlands and San Marino at 150-1. Paddy Power also has Cyprus, Lithuania, Belarus, Czech Republic, Croatia and FYR Macedonia at 100-1. Best Betting has Moldova and Montenegro at 500-1. Just ahead of them at 300-1 is San Marino and the Czech Republic. At 250-1 is FYR Macedonia, Netherlands, and Lithuania. At 150-1 is Croatia, the UK and Cyprus. Note to self do not support these acts this year!

I know I have previewed the First Semi, the Second Semi will be up by weeks end! (I hope!)

Paddy Power.com

Dustin wins Eurosong

It has happened, Ireland will send another ‘Turkey’ to Eurovision. I only heard the entry today from Dustin and I am disappointed with it. Though its very fast and upbeat I cant see many Europeans voting for it. The UK will not be voting in the first Semi-Final though they will be broadcasting it, so I get to hear Terry Wogans commentary, but Ireland will not have have any gaurenteed votes. I was tempted to vote for Ireland from here, but now I’m not so sure. Irish Nationalism might take over and then I will vote for Ireland.

Heres the entry. (lots of Booing)

Dustin for Eurovision: The links

I got invited to the Facebook group supporting Dustin today so I decided to see what was on the ol’ web about it.

There is 92,000 results on google for “Dustin for Eurovision

Thers a bebo profile where he might Do the Flap Falps if people put him as their top friend!

Dustin is a 1-3 favourite to be the Winner of Eurosong according to Paddypower.com

Theres a Flickr Group

thats all the groups and that I can find, plenty of news stories and forum topics on it though. If anyone knows of a website or blog about Dustin’s entry please let me know!

Eurovision: Dustin suffers backlash

Some people dont seam to be very happy over Dustin’s selection as one of the 6 finalists in Eurosong this year!

From last Tuesday’s Indo:

DUSTIN the Turkey seriously considered pulling out of the Eurosong contest yesterday as controversy erupted over his selection as one of the six Irish finalists .

After hearing nearly 45 minutes of angry radio debate about the fact that the celebrity puppet had made the grade, Dustin thought about throwing in the towel for “nearly a full second”, he confirmed last night.

But the bookies’ favourite has decided to battle on.

“I am doing this for Ireland,” he said.

The crticism came from three of the country’s top music men, songwriter Phil Coulter, Frank McNamara and Eurovision veteran Shay Healy.

Of course this means while they are babbling about Dustin hes getting attention while the other finalists are not!

The full list of Finalists are:

  • ‘Irelande Douze Pointe’, Performed by Dustin the Turkey composed by Darren Smith, Simon Fine and Dustin the Turkey.
  • ‘Double Cross My Heart’, performed by Donal Skehan, composed by Joel Humlén, Oscar Gorres and Charlie Mason.
  • ‘Time to Rise’, performed by Maya, composed by Maja Slatinsek and Ziga Pirnat.
  • ‘Not Crazy After All’, performed by Leona Daly, composed by Leona Daly and Steve Booker.
  • ‘Sometimes‘, performed by Liam Geddes, written by Susan Hewitt.
  • ‘Chances’, written and performed Marc Roberts.

Eursong will take place in the University Concert Hall Limerick on Saturday 23 February from 7 to 8pm with the winner announced on the results show at 9.30pm.

Feb 23rd is Super Saturday for Eurovions Fans. As many as seven countries will select their entries for the 2008 Eurovision Song Contest. They include:

  • Bulgaria
  • Croatia
  • FYR Macedonia
  • Iceland
  • Ireland
  • Poland
  • Romania

Will do more of an Eurovision Update tonight or tomorrow.

My first post about Eurovision: Dustin the Turkey to represent Ireland

Well I just read something in one of my feeds and I had to post about it! From ESCtoday.com

Although it is reported as a rumour, this news appear on the Irish broadcaster RTÉ’s website. Newspapers claim that the popular comical act Dustin the Turkey has applied to participate in the Irish national final for Eurovision 2008, Eurosong. Dustin is said to enter a song called Twelve points, douze points, a parody of Eurovision.
Dustin the Turkey became highly popular in 1990, when he joined the show The Den, on RTÉ, with fellow puppets Zig and Zag and has outlasted four human co-hosts since: Ian Dempsey, Ray D’Arcy, Damien McCaul and Francis Boylan Jr. Its current (and 5th) host is Kathryn McKiernan. Dustin’s participation in the show since 1990, makes him the current longest-serving cast member.

Now, Dustin the Turkey seems to prepare his Eurovision adventure. Irish newspapers are spreading the rumour, also published on RTÉ’s website, that the puppet has entered a song for Eurosong 2008, Irish national final this year. The theme, called Twelve points, douze points, is said to be a “tongue-in-cheek parody” about Eurovision.

If rumours are in the end confirmed, Dustin could appear as the hot favourite to represent Ireland this year in Belgrade due to his high popularity amongst Irish people.

Dustin has already recorded six albums, and performed duets with artists such as Bob Geldof, Chris De Burgh, Ronnie Drew, Dervla Kirwan and the late Joe Dolan.

Ireland, placed last at the 2007 Eurovision Song Contest final, will participate in the first semifinal of this year’s Eurovision in Belgrade, to be held on May 20th.

I wonder if its true.

Also the website for the 2008 Eurovision Song Contest is up and running and Dustin makes the front page of it!

all that left to say is