Lets Keep Th!nk going!

Image of Th!nk about it  from Twitter
Image of Th!nk about it

I have a post up on the Th!nk blog (yes its still going) asking people to keep it going. I am not sure how its going to be received by most Th!nkers now that the competition element in that part of the site is gone.

Hopefully some people will get back to blogging on it and make it into a Euro style Irishelection which would be class and might invigorate the Euro blogosphere. Maybe the EJC will open it up a bit and allow others to join it?

Anyways let see what happens!

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Th!nk Cheating

Well after an email sent to all the participants in the Th!nk About It Project about some votin irregularities that have appeared on the site, and I have noticed a few myself, the following was sent today.

I’m sorry to inform you that discrepancies in the voting via the use of proxies and abuse of computer-classrooms have increased so much that the results can not be trusted anymore. For this reason, the EJC editorial team will choose the April and May winners. the number of votes given to a particular article will be taken into consideration in this process.

We will have the results of the April winner by Monday, May 11th 2009.

Personally I think this isn’t good for the competition then again, you will always have cheaters 🙁

That reminds me I have to get blogging over there again!