#SE11: Culture and Educational Panel

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The sorting of ballots for the Vocational Panels for elections to Seanad Eireann has been completed in Leinster House. It is expected that the first count will get underway at around 2:15pm.

From the sorting of votes we know the following:

  • 1073 ballots recieved
  • 4 rejected
  • Valid poll 1069

The first panel to be counted will be the Culture and Educational. This is a 5 seat panel and there are 18 candidates. This is split as 13 on the external panel and 5 on internal panel. At least 2 candidates must be elected from each.

The candidates are as follows:

  • Nominated by outside bodies: Cllr Victor Boyhan, Dún Laoghaire (Ind); Cllr Molly Buckley, Offaly (FG); Cllr Conor Delaney, Tipperary (FG); Cllr Nicola Hogan, Offaly (FG); Cllr Anne-Maria Irish, Kilkenny (FG); Cllr Pat Kennedy, Limerick (Ind); Cllr John McCartin, Leitrim (FG); Cllr Michael Mullins, Galway (FG); Senator Labhrás Ó Murchú (FF); Cllr Jim O’Dea, Dublin (FG); Senator Ann Ormonde (FF); Cllr Hilary Quinlan Waterford (FG); Cllr Séamus Walsh, Co. Galway (FF).
  • Nominated by Oireachtas members: Thomas Byrne, Meath (FF); Deirdre Clune, Cork (FG); Cllr John Gilroy, Cork (Lab); Cllr Liam Quinn, Offaly (FG); Cllr Bill Tormey, Dublin (FG).

The quota will be 178,167.

Remeber each vote is multiplied by 1,000. Hence the figure being so high for the quota. I will be updating throughout the day both here and twitter! Follow either myself or #se11

Links of interest:

YFG National Conference – This Weekend

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Last night I attended the Hustings in UCC for the National Executive Elections which takes place this weekend in Charleville.

All the candidates gave good speeches and so it will be a hard choice on Saturday on who to vote for.

The candidates are as follows:


  • Eric Keane – Clare YFG

Vice President

  • Alan Gallagher – Dublin South YFG
  • Bríd Murphy – Cork South-West YFG

National Panel

  • Bernard Aherne – University College Dublin YFG
  • Graham Dullaghan – Letterkenny YFG
  • Carol Madigan – Dublin Mid-West
  • Peter McCarthy – North Kilkenny YFG
  • William Quille – Dublin South-East YFG
  • Colm Taylor – Tipperary South YFG

Dublin Organiser

  • Patrick A. Molloy – Alfie Byrne YFG

East Organiser

  • Colum Roche – North Kilkenny YFG

North-West Organiser

  • Cillian Griffey – Clare YFG
  • Mathew Tumulty – NUI Galway YFG

South Organiser

  • Conor Crean – Cork East YFG
  • Timmy Eoin O’Sullivan – University of Limerick YFG

Some have websites, others have facebook pages and others again have youtube videos with Enda Kenny impersonator, but it will all be decided come 4pm on Saturday when the polls close.

Motions of course will be discussed and will take up much of Saturday, with two sessions being dedicated to motions this year. One is on general motions and the other is on Economic motions, which will also feature a panel, which will include Eddie Hobbs, Sarah Carey and Jim Power. The motions can be found on the YFG Website. Enda Kenny will of course address the prime time session on Saturday evening.

It should be an interesting weekend and I shall be blogging live from most of the sessions! So stay tuned!

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A Campaigning Lunch

Today on my lunch break, I went Colm Burkes European Election Campaign launch on Patrick St. What a great idea that was. Really it was.

Peter and Connor

By bringing politics back on the street he got a brilliant reaction. He was interacting with people and bringing politics to them. More politics should be conducting campaigns like this.

Colm Burke

I missed the speeches and that but a friend informed me that all speakers were on top form.

Bernard Allen TD, Colm Burke MEP, Cllr Joe O'Callaghan

This is what campaigning in, European, National and Local campaigns should be doing, bringing the campaign to the people. Not sending open letters!

County Colours

Well done to Colm and his team for bringing a touch of something new to the campaign trail.

Can wait to get out on a European canvass

UPDATE: My latest Think About It post is about this event

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Help Voters In Zimbabwe!

Via Iain Dale’s Diary

“Electoral Cleansing” is a new phrase in INternational Politics but it is whats happening in Zimbabwe. Check out friendsofzim.com to help ensure a vote that allows no intimidation and will allow a free and fair election. Do Donate to help!

If you have a blog please post it too or email to friends!

Who should you vote for in… London?

I will be blogging soon about the London Mayoral and Assembly Elections as I am always watching BBC and reading certain blogs that are always on about! But before I do I found this on Ian Dale’s Diary today, its an excllent tool to see who you should vote for in the Mayoral Elections.

My Results are as follows:

Alan Craig (Christian Peoples Alliance / Christian Party)
Matt O’Connor (English Democrats)
Boris Johnson (Conservatives)
Richard Barnbrook (BNP)
Winston Mckenzie
Siân Berry (Green Party)
Gerrard Batten (UKIP)
Brian Paddick (Liberal Democrats)
Lindsey German (Left List)
Ken Livingstone (Labour)

Good to see Red Ken at the end, but I never thought I’d be supporting the Christian Party! 😀

In the London Assembly race I came out with the following

Abolish the Congestion Charge
The Christian Choice
One London (Leader Damian Hockney)
Conservative Party
English Democrats
Green Party
British National Party
Liberal Democrats
Unity for Peace and Socialism
UK Independence Party
Left List
Respect (George Galloway)
The Labour Party

Its strange to see Abolish the Congestion Charge at the top as I think the congestion charge should stay. Even when I changed my weighting on it, they stayed number one…. Strange one…

Have a go yourself! Vote Match

Todays Elections: Poland and Switzerland

Well Poland and Switzerland have gone to the polls today in well reported elections. Both are highly contested and will change their countries if polling figures are correct.

Firstly to Poland. People are casting their votes today in Dublin, Cork and Limerick as well as flying home to vote in the pivotal election which could see one of the Kaczynski twins loose his job (Prime Minister). The Kaczynski Twins have become an embarrassment to young Poles, especially those living in Ireland and the UK. Polish people actually apologised to me (In person) over what their President said in Dublin about homosexuals.

The Kaczynski’s part PiS seam to be playing on old fears, Communism, German and Russian domination and Anti-Semitism. Is this really the Poland today. The answer according to Polling Date is no. Civic Platform are doing well and in the leadership debate trounced PiS. I will post the election results when they are released. I hope we can get analysis of votes cast in Ireland and the UK as I think they are pivotal and reflect how Poland is seen by the outside world.

Now on to Switzerland. These have been the most divisive elections is Swiss history. The Swiss People’s Party (SVP) is set to become the largest party and demand a change to the composition of the Federal Council which the currently the three largest parties (Swiss People’s Party, Social Democratic Party of Switzerland and Free Democratic Party of Switzerland) all have two seats and the Christian Democratic People’s Party of Switzerland has one.

This election has actually seen violence in Bern when left wing protesters clashed with police after a Right wing SVP rally. Is this the end of consensual politics in Switzerland? We will find out tomorrow.

France 24

France 24

The Rest of the Rigging The Election

The rest of it

Rigging the Irish Election Part 3 – Manipulate the media and blogs – True Voice

Rigging the Irish Election Part 4 – Embargo day

Rigging the Irish Election Part 5 – Election day – Traffic Module

And its over 😀

Rigging the Election – Continued

Damien has posted the 2nd part to the series! An excellent post on tracking candidates!!!

Rigging the Irish Election Part 2 – Profile your candidates and the opposition

3 to go. I’m saying that by the next general election, major parties in Ireland will be using technology based on this post.

Sould Brown have called an Election and the Future of the Lib Dems

Wow, two days of blog posts, I’m back as a serious blogger!!! 😀

But anyway back to the title. Gordon Brown, has said ‘no’ to an election. Was that a good decision?

Due to the comments of the ‘young turks’, Balls et al, saying Labour where on a election footing and that. This draw back from the brink could have long term damage for Brown and Labour in general as it did for O’Callaghan. The Tories will definitely gain from this as they said ‘Bring it on’. David Cameron is on the up and up.

Now if an election had been called, it would not have benefited the Lib Dems, as they are being squeezed by the two major parties and to top it off, they have gotten rid of their leader after 18 months!!! Sir Ming was an excellent leader for the Lib Dems, and its internal bickering like this that turn people off the Lib Dems. I myself am thinking of switching to the Tories. Then again I’m not an dedicated Lib Dem supporter, but I thought they were fresh and interesting compared to Labour and the Tories. But DC has changed the Conservative Party, it is now fresh and interesting, and is certainly winning people over no matter what the polls say.

At the end of the Day the ‘honeymoon’ is over for Brown, he needs to set out a good set of proposals in the Queens Speech at the State Opening of Parliament on the 6th of November. Its a Tuesday so hopefully I will be watching it and will blog about it.

Rigging the Election

Damien has started a 5 Part blog series on Rigging the Irish Election. The first part is out and its brilliant!!

Rigging the Irish Election Part 1 – Create cells of organisers

Ill post up the rest when he posts them! They are supposed to be cynical and manipulative, but having being involved in the recent elections I think a system like this isn’t far off.