ESB considers the nuclear option!?

What? huh? where? when?

Via Breakingnews

The ESB has indicated its interest in entering the nuclear power market.

The company’s chairman told the Sunday Business Post newpaper that he would consider a joint venture with one of the bigger European energy companies.

The Government is currently opposed to nuclear power, however Tadhg O’Donoghue says he believes their stance will have to change over the next number of years.

Can’t really see any government sanctioning this considering the Irish opposition to Sellafield. Stupid ESB. Consider away, it wont happen. Christy will get the guitar out again!

Morning Briefing, December 28th

Dia Duit!

Conas atá sibh? An nuacht ar an maidin seo! (Thats the end of the Gaeilge!) reports on the IDA and ESB warnings on power cuts. There is also a good post over on Irish Election on this

It also reports that the Vatican is against giving Saddam the death penalty

CNN reports on a ‘significant’ earthquake in Scotland!

CNN also is running a report on predictions for future Tsunami’s in Asia

France 24 reports on the fighting in Somalia

Al-Jazeera has a report showing the difficulties faced by immigrants attempting to enter Spain

Thats it for now!