Dilemma – To sue or not to sue

Well today I had a 2nd meeting with an Advocate Worker of the Irish Advocacy Network, and it looks like I have a possibility of redress against my former employer, as it was a ‘constructive dismissal’.

I have a dilemma, do I take on a case and the workload involved, lots of paper work, and secondly I have two avenues I can take. I can go to the Equality Tribunal, hopefully with help from the Equality Authority under a disability discrimination, or I can take a civil law case under the Unfair Dismissals Act.

At the beginning I was leaning towards the civil law case and testing it out with FLAC in UCC on Wednesday Night (They meet top floor of the students centre 6-7pm if you need them) but after reading the literature, I think the ‘constructive dismissal’ can come into the disability case.

Any suggestions? Do I take case or Not?

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Equality maintained in the North!

Via BreakingNews.ie

The motion was on the Equality Act (Sexual Orientation) Regulations

During the debate, the DUP and Ulster Unionist Party criticised the British government for implementing the Equality Act (Sexual Orientation) Regulations in the North on January 1 ahead of the rest of the UK and for holding only a two-month consultation in the North.

For a change im glad that Sinn Fein are on this side of Equality

After a tense two-hour debate at Stormont, 39 Assembly members voted in favour of the DUP motion and 39 against.

The dead heat meant that the motion was not carried.

SF, accussed the DUP of Homophobia

Sinn Féin equality spokeswoman Caitriona Ruane accused the DUP of whipping up homophobic sentiment with the motion.

“This motion is part of yesterday’s agenda, part of the bad old days of the past,” the South Down MLA argued.

“Move on – show leadership. Days of second-class citizenship and hiding our identities are gone.”

The SDLP aslo opposed the motion

SDLP equality spokeswoman Patricia Lewsley, whose party`s youth wing staged a protest against the motion outside Parliament Buildings, accused the DUP of scaremongering and said it was untrue to claim that the regulations would punish faith-run schools.

All they will prevent is discrimination and harassment – not the teaching of religious doctrine,” the Lagan Valley MLA countered.

“Harassment only occurs if there is unwanted conduct which has purpose or intent of violating dignity or creating an intimidating, degrading or offensive environment

The Alliance Party pointed out that ‘673 responses which covered all the main religious groupings in the North and all the key organisations with an interest.’ and also David Ford, Alliance Party leader and South Antrim MLA, pointed out

“I am not sure that there would have been any different response had there been another four weeks or another 14 weeks,” he said.

The Progressive Unionist also opposed the DUP motion, David Irvine

“Equality is equality is equality,” the East Belfast MLA declared.

“If any human being is left out of the entitlement for equality, then we deny ourselves proper equality. It is either for everyone or it is for no one.”

I thought I’d never be parising SF, the SDLP and the Progressive Unionist in the same post!

Surprise, Surprise the bishops are against lowering the age of consent!

Catholic bishops hit out at proposed lowering of age of consent

Catholic bishops are hitting out at the proposal to lower the age of consent to 16, saying it sends the wrong signal to young people and parents.

In a statement issued after the December meeting of the Irish Bishops Conference they say they are viewing the proposal with alarm.

Last month the Joint Oireachtas Committee on Child Protection recommended that the age of consent be lowered to 16.

Today the bishops are setting out their views on the issue.

They say it sends out the wrong signal to a young generation who, under the influence of teenage glossy magazines, peer pressure and binge drinking, feel engaging in sexual activity is something trivial.

The bishops also feel it sends out the wrong signal to parents, who they claim are themselves confused as to how they should react in the face of their children’s activities.

The heads of the Irish Catholic Church go on to say they are amazed that politicians and public opinion makers shy away from confronting the basic demands of morality.

In today’s statement the bishops are also calling for legislation to control the technology of assisted human reproduction.

Source: BreakingNews.ie

Well, all I can say is thank god the Government dosent pander to the Catholic Church as much as it used to.

I hope they do reduce the age of consent to 16 as long as they keep an equal age of consent for homosexuals also.