Euroblog Round up #1

So as an editor over on I have great access to a huge number of blogs and can help choose what goes on the front page. Unfortunately not everything I would like can go on the front page (there are others there also) I will do a regularish posting like this one to publicise some of the other things going on in the euroblogosophere, whether on the front page or not! Dont expect this daily or weekly mind you! Its only when I have time!

New Commission

The Common Agriculture Blog thinks the new Agricultural Commissioner could get a hard ride through the Parliament

Public Affairs 2.0 have a great PDF of all the biographical details of the new Commission

Climate Change

Eberhard Rhein calls on the EU to cut emmissions by 30%

The CTA blog also tells us that the EU and ACP countries are working together at the Copenhagen Summit

3e Intelligence look at the pros and cons of a  EU Border Carbon Tax

European Council

Ralf Grahn highlights the not so transparent European Council, even though it is now an institution of the EU.


The CTA blog informs us that imports from the EAC countries will now be taxed due to a delay in signing an Economic Partnership Agreement

Human Rights

Jaanika Erne on Ideas on Europe tells us a bit about Human Rights day which was yesterday.

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Vote for the EU’s Organic Logo

I found this on Paul Montariol’s blog on the think about it website. Its about the open consultation by DG Agriculture and Rural Development. Do vote for your favourite!

The new EU organic logo will be displayed from July 2010 onwards on pre-packaged organic products that meet the community requirements outlined under “Organic Farming and Production”. The EU logo can be used on a voluntary basis on non-pre-packaged organic products that originate from the EU or that are imported from third countries. This means, that the winning logo will appear on millions and millions of organic food products all over the EU! For more information, please visit the Organic Farming website .

Proposed Logos

The voting is open until the 30 January 2010 so get voting!

(I went for the second one myself! 😉 )

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Ask Margot Wallström

I have already posted one thing that is on tomorrow night, UCC LGBT’s debate on Civil Partnerships but clashing with that is a web cast over on with Ursula Halligan interview European Commission Vice President Mrs Margot Wallström. She will be focusing on three topics; the future direction of the European Union, the Lisbon Treaty and what it means for Ireland and the difficulties of communicating Europe. The webcast is being co-hosted by the European Movement Ireland

The Webcast will be on from 8-10pm and will feature a live chat! You can also submit your questions in advance but there is no guarantee that they will be asked.

Some info:
Margot Wallström was appointed Vice President of the European Commission in charge of Institutional Relations and Communication in August 2004. President Barroso created this post in order to improve the way the EU communicates ‘Europe’ to citizens. From 1999 till 2004, Margot served as Environment Commissioner in the Prodi Commission.

Before dedicating herself to the European Union, Margot spent most of her professional life being active in Swedish politics. From 1979 till 1985, she was Member of the Swedish Parliament. In 1988, she became Minister of Civil Affairs responsible for Consumer, Women and Youth matters and held this post for four years. In 1994, she was appointed Minister of Culture for two years and then Minister of Social Affairs for another two years.

Communications also played a key part in her career. From 1993 till 1994 she worked as CEO of TV Värmland, a Swedish Regional TV network. Between 1998 and 1999, she lived in Colombo (Sri Lanka) and worked as Executive Vice-President of Worldview Global Media.

She was born in Sweden on 28 September 1954 and graduated from high school in 1973.

Margot Wallström also has her own blog!

Now I have a choice to make hmmm…

Voting No? Then we could lose our commissioner next year!

Yes, thats right! Libertas is telling lies! According to Fine Gael TD Leo Varadkar

Under Lisbon, the European Commission will be reduced in size to 18 Commissioners from 2014 and all countries will rotate on and off the commission in strict equality. In short, each country will nominate a Commissioner for ten years out of every 15. In fact, there is even a clause in the Lisbon Treaty that would allow for all countries to continue to have a Commissioner indefinitely, should all countries want that to happen.

“However, if the Referendum is lost, the compromise agreed at Lisbon falls and the provisions of the Nice Treaty will apply. Under Nice, the Commission will be reduced to 26 or fewer members from the middle of next year

So how EU members states are there? 27. How many commissioners? 26. Chances are if we vote know, we will lose.

People forget that this was an issue under the Nice Treaty. We already accepted the fact that we will not always have a commissioner. Lisbon sets it out on a more equal basis!

Vote YES to retain our commissioner! (For another bit!)

Full Press Release

Hairdressers key to treaty vote

Via The Irish Examiner (Full Story)

Well done to Irish MEP, Colm Burke who has come up with an excellent idea to spread information on the Lisbon Treaty. He has decided to send information to hairdressers after his own experience in one in Cork. Teh hairdresser was told that the treaty would “bring in a new regime about the number of children she could have“. I have read the treaty and there is nothing in it on that. He was also handed a leaflet that claimed (not in the hairdressers) that “everyone would have to pay an extra 20% tax to the EU” which again is completely false.

The no campaign is stooping to low after low. Libertas also, in the Irish Examiner, misquoted EU Commissioner Margot Wallström in a letter, which she has blogged about.

What other untruths apart from the usual, Neutrality/European Army, are we going to hear. I’m thinking of compiling a list.

EU Links 28th Feb 2008

Its been awhile so here we go.

Postal services: Date set for aboloshing postal monopolies

Radio: April will see the launch of a European Radio Network FAQ

Employment: The latest Joint Employment Report is out (English PDF, Other languages click here)

Anti-Trust: Massive fine on Microsoft FAQ

TV (Ireland): Commission to close invistigation into state aid to RTE and TG4

Energy: Agenda and information for the upcoming Energy Council Meeting

Regions: Regiostar Awards 2008

Debate: Europe as an identity

Thats all for now…

EU Links 15th Feb 2008

More stuff from the EU

Commission: New Porposals on Border controls from the Commission

Commission: McCreevy proposes that the term of copyright protection for European performers be increased from 50 to 95 years

Exexutive Agencies: Frontex, European Agency for the Management of Operational Cooperation at the External Borders. Its in the spotlight at the moment so have a read about them.

Parliament: Prince Charles talks to the EP

Parliament: Contacts for the Irish MEP’s.

EESC: The European Economic and Social Committee in Ten Points (PDF)

EU: Want a job in an EU institution? Apply at EPSO

Thats it for today!

EU Links, 13th Feb 2008, Focus on DG Culture

Im getting to like trawling through the EU websites for stuff for this! And it is a trawl!! As its the European Year of Intercultural Dialogue I am focusing on DG Culture.

EYID: Objectives and actions for 2008

Basis for EU Cultural action lies in Article 151 of the Maastricht treaty. Culture will be further protected under Lisbon as that will make the Charter of Fundamental Rights binding. Artcile 22 of the Charter states “The Union shall respect cultural, religious and linguistic diversity.”

EYID: Events at the EU level and in the memeber states.

EYID: Photo Competition

Parliament: Focus on the EYID

Capitals of Culture: This year Liverpool (United Kingdom) and Stavanger (Norway) are European Capitals of Culture. Next year it is Linz (Austria) and Vilnius (Lithuania). it will be 2020 or 2021 before the Capital of Culture returns to Ireland.

Culture: How the application system works. Process for 2011 and 2012

thats all for now!

EU Links 12th Feb 2008

More stuff from the EU.

Telecoms: Only 22% of Europeans can identify 112 as the pan-EU emergency number (26 of the 27 Member States have made it possible for citizens to call 112 from fixed and mobile phones. An infringement proceeding against Bulgaria for lack of availability of 112 is still pending) I couldnt either it came up in a discussion last week, what would happen if we dialled 999 or 911 here in Germany

Bookshop: Get all sorts of publications, some free, some availible free only as PDF. A mine of information.

Culture, education and youth: Every European should have a “second mother tongue”, say experts in report to the EU.

Commission: Current ongoing Public consultations. Take Part! Some interesting ones here including:


Life online is what you make of it!

Chess Love – safe sex is a game for two

EU Links 10th Feb 2008

Heres another installment of EU links!

Commission: Tuesday is Safer Internet Day

Commission: The EU can help small businesses

Parliament: Excercise your rights. Submit a petition

Europa: Europe Direct. Have a question? Call or Email!

Debate Europe: Debate on the ratification of the Lisbon Treaty