European Parliament Elections 2014 – Commission President

One of the big outcomes (supposedly!) from this years European Parliament Elections will be the nominated by the winning European Parliament Grouping in the Elections. While some believe this will lead to deadlock and confrontation, other believe it is the start of a truly democratic European Union.

So who are the European Parties nominating?

Party of European Socialists (PES)

The PES had a great idea of a Europe wide primary among its member parties, but in the end this didn’t happen as only one candidate was nominated, that being the current President of the European Parliament Martin Schulz of the Germany’s SPD. While this has annoyed a number of activists, it has prevented a possible long drawn out campaign.

European People’s Party (EPP)

The EPP will open its nominations for the Commission President Candidate on February 13th and they close on March 5th before being selected at their Congress in Dublin on March 6th and 7th (Full Details here). A number of names have been mentioned including former head of the European Group and former Prime Minister of Luxembourg Jean-Claude Juncker. Though it is thought that Germany’s Angela Merkel is against his appointment and would prefer either Poland’s Donald Tusk or Ireland’s Enda Kenny to be the EPP’s nomination.

Another possible candidate is Viviane Reding the current Commissioner responsible for Justice, Fundamental Rights and Citizenship.

The ALDE Party (formerly ELDR)

The newly renamed ALDE Party is set to name its Candidate at a special conference in Brussels on February 1st. This is set to be a showdown between current Economic Commissioner Olli Rehn of Finland and the leader of the ALDE Group Guy Verhofstadt of Belgium. It will be interesting to see who will be victorious.

European Green Party

The European Green Party has embraced the internet and is allowing anyone who agrees with their policies to vote for their Candidate in an online Primary. You can vote for two out of the four candidates. The Candidates include José Bové of France, Monica Frassoni of Italy, Rebecca Harms of Germany and Ska Keller also of Germany. If you want to vote head on over to

European Left Party

The European Left Party last month nominated Alexis Tsipras leader of the Greek SYRIZA party to be its candidate in the elections. This is interesting as SYRIZA is the only party of the European Left Party to be leading in the polls in its home country. Its highly unlikely that Tsipras will be European Commission President, the next Greek Prime Minister on the other hand…

The other possible candidates include Maire Le Pen leading a European Far Right grouping (or maybe Nigel Farage?) and a possible European Conservatives and Reformist candidate, no names have emerged from that grouping.

It will be an interesting one to watch.

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The Greens want more the our Fair Share

While watching the Green Party Election Broadcast on there was one line that jumped out at me.

“We should get more the our fair share of these Green Jobs”

(not sure if its an exact quote, so open to correction)

Why should Ireland get more then its fair share? Why can’t we be happy with our fair share?

These days the European Union is a Union of 27 states. That means any funds, programmes, and whatever has to be shared between them all.

The fact too that the Greens are only running 2 MEP candidates in Ireland means even if they both get elected, they won’t be a big group within the European Green Party let alone the European Parliament. So who do they think their fooling?

Also during the broadcast they say we don’t have the money ourseleves. Who’s fault is that? The Government. And who is part of that Government? You guessed it, The Green Party! So we have no money is the Greens stance. Well thanks for letting us all know.

Heres the broadcast for you all to enjoy:

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Think Big – Vote Green?

European Green Party
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(H/t Julien Frisch on twitter)

This is the Campaign spot of the European Green Party. Its well made, but will it make a difference? How many people will actually watch it? Or will it be even shown on National Television?

Also the European Greens only make up the 5th largest group in the Parliament as they are grouped with the European Free Alliance. But the Greens make do make up the majority of the Members of the Parliamentry Group.

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An opportunity not to be missed!

Do you blog? Are you free on March 27th and 28th? Fancy covering the European Greens Congress in Brussels and have it all paid for? Then check out their blog and find out how!

(H/T: Jan’s EUblog)

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