Eurovision 2016 – Voting

eurovision-2016-logoHello! I haven’t written about the Eurovision Song Contest on this blog in ages! Mainly as I kind of missed last years contest cause of a big Referendum. But anyway we are over a month away from the Eurovision Song Contest 2016 which takes place in the Ericsson Globe in Stockholm. The first Semi-Final is on May 10th, the second and May 12th and the Grand Final takes place on May 14th.

A notable change for this years contest and one that will make the end of the final a lot more exciting is the change of the voting. From this year the 43 professional juries will announce each countries results in the usual way 1-8, 10 and 12 with an announcer appearing. Then after this the televote will be added up from across Europe and announced starting with the country who received the least combined score.

This will mean that the contest will be a lot more exciting! Here is a video to explain more:

While that all looks great in theory, will it change much, well yes! Thanks to TOMMY on Youtube we now know what the 2014 and 2015 results would like under the new voting format! While it doesn’t change the winners, it does change the final position for many countries!

But will it see some memorable moments like these?

With twice as many points now available (1,008!) a ‘nul’ point finish wont be expected by anyone!

Stay-tuned for my Eurovision Previews which will appear once the running order for the Eurovision Song Contest 2016 is known!