Eurovision 2007 Finland

Hello Europe, this is Cork Calling!

Well its getting closer! The year 2007 that is and im already getting my fill of updates from and but i hadnt realisied that this year a record 42 countries will be taking part in the competition. God the voting will be even longer.

This year Hungary and Austria (dropped out for 2006) return to the competition and teh Czech Republic and Georgia join the ESC Family. Also this year with the seperation of Montenegro from Serbia, they are competing as seperate countries.

The contest could have been bigger but Monaco has decided not to take part this year

The line up for the 52nd Edition of the Eurovision Song Contest in the Hartwall Areena, Helsinki, so far is

Semi-Final: Thursday 10th of May, 2007
Participating countries (28): Albania, Andorra, Austria, Belarus, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, FYR Macedonia, Georgia , Hungary, Iceland, Israel, Latvia , Malta, Moldova, Montenegro, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Serbia, Slovenia, Switzerland and Turkey

Final: Saturday 12th of May, 2007
Participating countries: Armenia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Lithuania, Romania, Russia, Spain, Sweden, Ukraine and the United Kingdom.

Participants so far confirmed:
*Moldova: Natalia Barbu, Fight
*The Netherlands: Edsilia Rombley
*Switzerland: Dj Bobo
*Ireland: Dervish

Albania will be the next country to choose their act when Festival i kenges is broadcast on the 23rd of December.

For more information on upcoming selections check out ESCtoday’s Calender

Dervish are Ireland’s Eurovision entry

It has been announced that Irish traditional group Dervish are to represent Ireland at the 52nd Eurovision Song Contest in Helsinki next year.

The Co Sligo-based band will play a song which will be chosen following a public competition.

The final four shortlisted songs will be performed by Dervish on a ‘Late Late Show’ Eurosong Special in February when the public will vote for the song to represent Ireland in Eurovision 2007.

Commenting on Dervish’s selection, Kevin Linehan, Commissioning Editor, Entertainment Programmes, RTÉ Television, said: “With the Eurovision now an increasingly complex and competitive competition, RTÉ feels that Dervish’s proven experience of delivering exciting performances to mass live audiences around the world makes them an exciting proposition for the Eurovision stage. We look forward to finding the best song for Dervish to take to Finland in 2007.”

Shane Mitchell of Dervish said: “We are honoured to accept RTÉ’s invitation to represent Ireland at Eurovision 2007 and look forward to raising the roof of the Areena (sic) in Helsinki.”

The qualifiers for the Grand Final!

* Russia
* FYR Macedonia
* Bosnia & Herzegovina
* Lithuania
* Finland
* Ukraine
* Ireland
* Sweden
* Turkey
* Armenia

how many did i get right?
1. Netherlands
2. Portugal
3. Albania
4. Turkey
5. Finland
6. Bulgaria
7. Armenia
8. Sweden
9. Poland
10. Ireland

5/10 not bad!! wooo! will give my verdicts on the performances tomorrow plus the running order and prediction for the final!!!

Semi Final my hopes!

Running order:
* Armenia
* Bulgaria
* Slovenia
* Andorra
* Belarus
* Albania
* Belgium
* Ireland
* Cyprus
* Monaco
* F.Y.R. Macedonia
* Poland
* Russia
* Turkey
* Ukraine
* Finland
* Netherlands
* Lithuania
* Portugal
* Sweden
* Estonia
* Bosnia & Herzegovina
* Iceland

My hopes to qualify in no particular order:
1. Netherlands
2. Portugal
3. Albania
4. Turkey
5. Finland
6. Bulgaria
7. Armenia
8. Sweden
9. Poland
10. Ireland (not gonna happen, but i can hope!)

Entrants to Eurovision Song Contest 2006 Athens “Feel the Rhythm”

My reviews
Semi-Final 18th May, Final 20th May

Amanbanda (Netherlands) – Treble
Really good song with a cool beat,

I Do (Malta) – Fabrizo Faniello
Love this song defiantly my favourite, really up beat, and easy to sing along to, very important for me!

No No Never (Germany) – Texas Lightening

Really lovely song way better then last years entry, has a lovely country feel to it

Coisas De Nada (Portugal) – Nonstop
Reminds me of Bosnia & Herzegovina entry last year Call Me by Feminum, huge improvement on 2B last year!

Teenage Life (United Kingdom) – Daz Simpson
A song that really shows what’s popular in the UK at the moment, mix of influences with R&B and a bit of rap, the kids singing is really cool

Every Song is a Cry for Love (Ireland) – Brian Kennedy
Here in Ireland we don’t want to win the Eurovision! We need to stop sending ballads. It’s a nice song, but it aint Eurovision material!

Zjarr E Fohte (Albania) – Luiz Ejilli
Excellent song here from Albania. Nice mix of ethnic and modern beats. Really catchy, I hope it does well!

La Coco Dance (Monaco) – Severine Ferrer
A nice feel to this song, not one I’d get up to dance to like!!!

Hard Rock Hallelujah (Finland) – Lordi
Really different song here from the rest! I love it! I doubt it will do well, but its definitely one I’d dance to upstairs in Freakscene!!!

We are the Winners (Lithuania) – LT United
Very strange song that’s proclaims Lithuania the winners of the Eurovision! Very different, but is a song that actively ask you to vote for them goanna win?? One way to find out!

Everything (Greece) – Anna Vissi
One of the favourites for this year, I don’t think is as a patch on the style of “My Number One” not as fast paced. Nice song but a bit of a ballad in the French Tradition

Together We Are One (Israel) – Eddie Butler
Gentle song, with a real sing-along chorus, might not do too well depending on how much politics affects the voting (which does happen btw!!!)

Super Star (Turkey) – A. Sibel Tuzun

Upbeat song with a disco feel, one of my favourites!

Through My Window (Estonia) – Sandra Oxenyrd
Song that reminds me of Busted/McFly variety, not sure if its pop or rock, it has a definite ABBA feel though. Maybe that will help it?

Twist of Love (Denmark) – Sidsel Ben Semmane
There’s always something about Danish songs that I like! And they managed to do it again, with a cool song that really wants you get up and twist. Definitely a favourite of mine!!!

Sense Tu (Andorra) – Jenny
A nice song in French (you’d never have guessed it from the title!). A modern ballad, which mite do well for the principality.

Loca (Moldova) – Arsenium (from o-zone) and Natalia Gordienko
Remember “Dragostena Din Tei” well Arsenium is from that band! So Moldova have a band known across Europe! Woo! Well it’s a really cool song!

Show me Your Love (Ukraine) – Tina Karol
Fast song, but no “Wild Dances” mind you, upbeat and definitely one to dance to!

Il Est Temps (France) – Virginia Pouchin
Another ballad, nice and soulful

Bloody Mary (Spain) – Las Ketchup
Obviously still searching for a follow up to the Las Ketchup Song they decided to enter Eurovision! Gentle and rhythmic song

Never Let You Go (Russia) – Dima Bilan
Defiantly a modern pop song, may do well with voters very nice song, gentle on the ears!

Alvedansen (Norway) – Christine Guldbrandsen
Rhythmic beat that makes you like it the more you listen to it, defiantly growing on me!

If We All Give a Little (Switzerland) – Six4one

Good song that has a real sing-along chorus living up to the true tradition of Eurovision!

Lejla (Bosnia &Herzegovina) – Hari Mata Hari
Slow gentle song full of feeling really nice

Follow my Heart (Poland) – Ich Troje
Upbeat, with lovely singing throughout

Je T’Adore (Belguim) – Kate Ryan
Nice song that is a real pop song in French and English

Why Angels Cry (Cyprus) – Annet Artani
Another ballad, that is nice and sweet.

Moja Stikla (Croatia) – Severina

A song that’s full of energy from the go! A chorus you could really dance to! Definitely a contender!

Mr. Nobody (Slovenia) – Anzej Dezan

Yet another ballad, don’t really like this song

Ninanajna (Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia) – Elena Risteka
A song that reminds me of ‘la la la’ chorus’s but thankfully it only sounds like there saying it!!!

Without Your Love (Armenia) – Andre

Armenia’s first outing in the ESC. Excellent song has a good beat!

Let Me Cry (Bulgaria) – Mariana Popova
Modern pop song that has a nice rhythm and a powerful voice behind it, reminds me of a James Bond Song though don’t know why!

Tornero (Romania) – Mihai Traistariu
Romania again enters a dance song with is excellent as it helps show the diversity of music on the contient! Really cool song

Congratulations (Iceland) – Silvia Night
A favourite of one my friends! Nice song, but not one of mine. Its good, but im not ‘feeling’ it

I Hear You Heart (Latvia) – Vocal Group Cosmos

Latvia enters a song like no others! Cosmos sing unaccompanied. Really cool song by a very talented group. Slightly reminiscence of Queen though!

Invincible (Sweden) – Carola

‘Invincible’ is one if those songs that just will become an anthem of broken hearted women like ‘I will survive’. It starts like a ballad but launches into a powerful pop song with a cool beat!

Mum (Belarus) – Polina Smolava

I just don’t like this song!

Eurovision winner is an MP!

My god im way behind on eurovision news!!!

“I plan to combine music and politics,” announced Ruslana after being elected a Member of Parliament on 26 March in Kyiv. The Ukrainian Eurovision winner also left open the possibility that she might give up her professional career as a musician to concentrate on her new role.

Asked what she plans to focus on in her role as a politician, Ruslana revealed that she will address cultural issues, youth politics as well as campaigning for Ukraine’s integration into the EU.

She plans to support that campaign through her work as a musician: she will give her first big solo concert in Western Europe on 3 June in Brussels, Belgium – the home city of the EU.