Hairdressers key to treaty vote

Via The Irish Examiner (Full Story)

Well done to Irish MEP, Colm Burke who has come up with an excellent idea to spread information on the Lisbon Treaty. He has decided to send information to hairdressers after his own experience in one in Cork. Teh hairdresser was told that the treaty would “bring in a new regime about the number of children she could have“. I have read the treaty and there is nothing in it on that. He was also handed a leaflet that claimed (not in the hairdressers) that “everyone would have to pay an extra 20% tax to the EU” which again is completely false.

The no campaign is stooping to low after low. Libertas also, in the Irish Examiner, misquoted EU Commissioner Margot Wallström in a letter, which she has blogged about.

What other untruths apart from the usual, Neutrality/European Army, are we going to hear. I’m thinking of compiling a list.