And we are off!

So I have just finished dinner and am now officiallt fasting for the next 24 hours. So far I have raised €100 and am delighted!

Dont forget you can still donate online and increase the amount I rasie.

Thank you to all who have donated! Dont forget to follow the #24fast tag on twitter to see how im getting on!

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Im doing the Trócaire 24hr Fast

From 7pm on Friday the 6th of March untill 7pm on Saturday the 7th of March, no food will pass my lips. I am doing the 24 hour fast in aid of Trócaire. It will be an interesting expeirence for me as I dont think I have done a 24 hour fast before. I have done 12 hour fasts before in hospital in stuff. So why am I blogging about this? Maily to alert you all to the fact that I will be fasting and that I will be blogging and tweeting during it to keep you all updated on my progress. My sister is doing the fast as well.

Just to give you an idea of what the money raised can do.

€20 can provide an olive tree to a family in Palestine to replace one destroyed in during to conflict. This will allow the family to earn an income.

€35 would provide seeds and trees for a family left impoverished in Uganda by the recent conflict.

€60 would help a widow from the conflict in Uganda to set up her own business

€100 would buy enough rice to feed a family in India for a whole year

€200 would proved eight people with 30 hours of literacy training each. There are 876 million illiterate adults in the world and this one of the main factors that keep people poor.

If you want to sponsor me you can do in person, or if you would like you can sponsor me online and donate via a website with a Credit or Debit Card! Donate here. Also I plan to be at Open Coffee on Friday (I think its on this week) and I hope to be at it!

On the day follow my tweets which will have the hash tag #24fast. You can follow me on twitter

(Im actually hungry at the thought of Fasting, this will be hard!)

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