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Well FG have jumped on the band wagon here, but I know we in YFG have been calling for Weekend voting for quite awhile, I know it was in the ‘YOUR FUTURE COUNTS, STAND UP AND BE COUNTED’ campaign we did earlier this year to get people, especially young people registered to vote.

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"Contract for a Better Ireland" Outdoor Media Campaign Launched by Fine Gael

The Fine Gael Leader, Enda Kenny T.D., today launched his Party’s outdoor media campaign in support of his “Contract for a Better Ireland” which he set out in his Presidential speech at the Fine Gael Árd Fheis at the week-end. He was joined at the launch by Front Bench members Richard Bruton, Olivia Mitchell, Fergus O’Dowd and Dr Liam Twomey and first time Dáil candidates Leo Varadkar (Dublin West) and Lucinda Creighton (Dublin South East).

Commenting on the launch and the Contract for a Better Ireland, Enda Kenny said:

“At the week-end I set out my vision for a better Ireland. It is one based on ending the era of the broken promises and restoring the confidence the public have in their Government to deliver on their pledges. For too long we have seen empty promises reneged on by this Government and we now lie in the wreckage of their cavalier attitude to the public’s interest.

“I am confident that the Contract for a Better Ireland will help restore the public’s faith in the political process. I have set out an agenda, the fundamental building blocks of a better Ireland, that I will deliver on when elected Taoiseach. Only after having delivered on this Contract will I seek re-election as Taoiseach. If I have not, I will not.

“Today’s launch highlights two key components of the Contract – health and crime. There are four different posters highlighting specific commitments from the Contract that will be running over the coming weeks, and they are:

Poster 1 “Free health insurance for all children under 16.”
Poster 2 “2,300 more hospital beds.”
Poster 3 “Tougher sentences, tougher bail for criminals.”
Poster 4 “2,000 more Gardaí on the streets.”

“The campaign will incorporate a mixture of 48 sheet posters, a heavy concentration on 6 sheet posters (bus shelters etc), targeted print media, transport media and online advertising.

“Over the coming weeks the public have a choice to make. Will they continue with the cycle of broken promises and empty rhetoric of the past 10 years, or will they sign up for the Contract for a Better Ireland? I am growing more confident with each passing day that the public will sign up for the Contract, they will vote for accountable politics and they will vote for Fine Gael.”

I think they are good posters they are strong, attract attention and look good.

The Full Speech, FG Ard Fheis 2007

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

The Video Log Experiment! FG Ard Fhies my Reaction

Extracts from the Presendtial Address by Enda Kenny at The Fine Gael Ard Fheis

The is a great country but it is badly managed by an analog government in a digital age’

‘The rainbow government of ’94 to ’97 put Ireland back in the black with a budgetary surplus for the first time in 3o years. Inflation was kept low and price rises were the lowest in Europe. A corperation taz of 12.5% saw massive investment in the country with 1,000 jobs per week being created, that is our record.

160million euro was wasted on a computer system for the health service that could have delivered 650 more beds to patients.

120million euro on the infamous Bertie Bowl that could have delivered 7million home help hours for our elderly and the families who need it.

60 million euro wasted on e-voting machines that could have delivered 800 more Gardai on our streets – That is their record’

“The Problem inst money, the problem is governemnt complacency and government waste”

“Our nurses have remembered what our government has forgotten and that is their duty to uphold the dignity of life, to look after our people, all of our people, right to the end.”

” The health experts themselves tell us that everyday chaos at A+E is claiming 3 lives. These are note faceless government statistics, these are someones mother, someones father, someones child. The government response? they argue the toss. One day its a crisis, the next its a national emergency – whatever soundbite that will get them through the day. But we know what it is, the people know what it is, its a national disgrace”

” In the last 2 years alone, there was 11,000 serious crimes; Robbery, Rape and Murder committed by offenders out on bail, OUT.ON.BAIL.”

“When the law and order party are back in power, these thugs will be out of business”

“Tonight I am proud how Fine Gael founded our democracy and the institutions of our state. Throughout that proud history we stood by our democratic principles, we stood by the republic, we defended the states institutions against every threat – Even if their are some people who would try to airbrush Fine Gaels huge contribution from our proud and often volatile history”

“Well from Michael Collins through every generation, Fine Gael has done whar it has always done, what we will always so. We put Ireland First”

“The next election will be a transforming moment in our nations history. Ireland will choose between a tired old government that has brought us as far as they can and a new government that will create an Ireland where our children can rare their children confident of a bright future.A proud Ireland, a thriving society, a warm community where family values are important and where economic prosperity is matched with prosperity of mind and prosperity of spirit and thats why I say to our young people, in a very special way, the next election belongs to you because Irelands future belings to you.”

“I am prepared to give you real leadership, desisive leadership in a government of drive and energy. A government focused on the future and committed to delivering the best of that future”

“From the moment I was entrusted with the leadership of this great party, I have worked to build on our great traditions, to empower the next generation, to pull together our respective strengths and our passion for public service, so that we can say to the people without fear and without favour: If you want a government of energy and delivery, if you want a government of ethics and honesty, if you want a government that is driven by your dreams, your rights, your needs, we are that government, we are that government. Through change, change for the better because we are that government. For Ireland, the best is yet to come.”

Morning Briefing, 5th March

Good Morning,I hope no one is suffering from ill effects of superstitions linked to lunar eclipses!!! (or still suffering from hangovers from the Irish Blog Awards or whatever they got up to at the weekend!!)

An Nuachtr ar an maidin seo!

Fine Gael are to introduce a bill into the Dáil this week to outlaw the sexual “grooming” of children on the Internet. (Breakingnews) This is well overdue having been on the order paper since 2004!

A new poll out today shows 68% of those surveyed would support a ban on hare coursing with 72% agreeing its a cruel practice (RTÉ). I am against hunting in Ireland, and actually spoke against it at my very first YFG Conference way back when.

A leading psychiatrist, Professor Patricia Casey, has branded Irish psychiatric services a ‘third world country’ (Irish Examiner). From my own experiences shes right. I have a appointment on Thursday in the CUH, and I will be waiting a long time to be seen!

The Cherokee Nation has voted out descendants of freed slaves from the Tribe. (CNN) This has led to accusations of racism. Well in my opinion, its not exactly fair like!

That’s all for now!


Govt U-turn on Airport debt means higher air fares for passengers – Buttimer

People of Cork cannot trust FF & PDs, Fine Gael Cork South Central
candidate Cllr Jerry Buttimer has said: ‘The decision by the FF/PD
Government not to honour its public commitment and promise to deliver
Cork Airport as completely debt-free is another example of Cork and
the people of Cork being marginalised’.

‘The people of Cork can no longer trust Fianna Fáil and the PDs.
Their hollow empty words and promises are false rhetoric. Again we
have another example of false promises by Fianna Fáil not being

‘All the Government wants is for the people in the regions to pay
more. This failure to deliver Cork Airport as debt-free means:

– Higher air fares for passengers;
– Higher costs being applied to airlines;
– Increased difficulty in securing new contracts and business;
– Increased financial burden on the airport authority;
– Reduced attractiveness and competitiveness for securing inward

‘If the Government was serious in relation to joined-up thinking,
decentralisation and its National Development plan and spatial
strategy, then Cork and the greater Southwest region would have a
debt-free airport and not a watered-down version.

‘Local Fianna Fáil TDs should collectively hang their heads in shame
and explain to the people of Cork how:

– They allowed their Government to renege on a clear commitment;
– Cork Airport now burdened with a €100 million dent will promote and
enhance growth of the airport;
– How this decision will benefit the consumer, local business and the
public of Cork.

‘The simple truth of the matter is not that Cork airport is facing
the crippling effect of debt but that Cork City and County will also
share in the fall out of the debt.

‘Added to the recent significant job losses the failure of
decentralisation and the pitiful allocation of funding projects to
Cork in the National Development Plan it is clear that Cork is not a
priority for local Fianna Fáil TDs or for the Government. It is clear
that Fianna Fáil have failed Cork airport, the staff and the people
of Cork.’

Coveney accuses Govt of betraying Cork

If it is true as has been claimed on RTE that Cork Airport will be
saddled with a €100M of debt associated with the construction of its
new airport terminal then we have witnessed the most blatant breach
of a political promise in Cork during the lifetime of this
Government, according to Simon Coveney TD MEP General Election Candidate for Cork South Central.

‘When Aer Rianta was split up and Cork, Shannon and Dublin Airports
agreed to go it alone, the Government in an effort to get the
agreement of management at Cork Airport gave an absolute assurance in
writing, later confirmed by the Taoiseach in the Dáil and directly to
the staff in Cork Airport, that Cork Airport would not be saddled
with the debt associated with the building of its new terminal.

‘The agreement was that the Dublin Airport Authority (DAA) would take
on this debt and in return the DAA was compensated by taking over the
assets of the Great Southern Hotel Group and Aer Rianta
International. It’s worth noting that the DAA have since sold the
Great Southern Hotel Group for €220M
more than the cost of building Cork’s new terminal.

‘For Cork to be saddled with this debt means that passengers will
have to pay a levy making Cork Airport less competitive than it
should have been if the Government had kept its promise to allow the
new Cork Airport to begin debt free.

‘The six Government TDs in Cork City should hang their heads in shame
as they have been outflanked and out manoeuvred politically by the
DAA. My understanding is that this decision has been taken by the
Taoiseach himself to finalise the debt issue relating to Cork
Airport. He has clearly demonstrated that Cork is not a political
priority even three months out from a General Election.

‘Finally to add insult to injury the DAA are insisting on taking
ownership of some of the development land attached to Cork Airport.
This claim must be strongly resisted as it is a valuable land-bank
that should be in the ownership of Cork Airport.’

Its sooooo true

Interesting take on the yesterdays IMS poll

got this off a friend

I’m sure you’ve seen or heard about the IMS poll in the Tribune yesterday.

FF – 39
FG – 22
Lab – 12
PD – 5
Green – 5
SF – 7
Others – 10

IMS did similar polls during the 2002 general election, and their predictions were woeful. 2 days before the election they had a poll which had FF on 50% (they got 41% on the day) and had FG on 18% (we got 22.5%). This crazy margin of error seems to continue to this day and would explain why FF are so high and FG so low in IMS polls, compared to the MRBI and RedC ones.

So if you correct yesterdays poll in line with the margins of error IMS had in 2002, you get:

FF – 31%
FG – 26%
Lab – 11%
PD – 6%
SF – 8%
Green – 4%
Others – 13%

FF/PD – 37%
FG/Labour – 37%
FG/Labour/Greens – 41%

A crude way of looking at it perhaps, but it paints a very different picture – one that the Sunday Tribune dont seem to think is worth noting.

So if the Tribune, or anyone else, think that the election is over……….then they need their heads examined!

PS: If you meet any crowing FF members in the next few days- you might ask them what they think of the plunging FF support in Dublin – down from 44% to 31% in the space of 2 months. If you believe IMS, their support in Dublin is actually 4% LOWER now than it was before Ahern blubbed and sobbed about his money troubles.

Tribune poll good news for FG?

Got this from Irish Election (Yes i rob everything off them! :P)

Fianna Fail at 39% (-3) Fine Gael at 22% and Labour at 12% (+2 each). Progressive Democrats at 5% (+1), Green Party at 5% (-1) and Sinn Fein at 7% (-1)

So that gives a combined FG/Lab 34% of the vote and throw in the greens and we tie with FF who could have a choice between SF (7%) or the PD’s (5%).

Nice to see that FF and SF are down though! Things are looking good, lets hope its lats 😀