Eurovision 2016 – Semi Final 1 Preview

Its that time of year again. Eurovision is less then a month away. Its been some time since I have done a Eurovision Preview so it’s time to get back into it, especially since I got the 2016 Album on Friday and have been listening to it since!

Now I posted about the new voting system already and this will also apply to the Semi Finals, but we wont know the actual result until after the Grand Final. We will only find out the names of the 10 qualifiers who will join Sweden, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, and the United Kingdom in the Grand Final on May 14th.

So on with the show

Semi Final One takes place on Tuesday May 10th in the Ericsson Globe in Stockholm. 18 Countries will be hoping for one of the 10 qualification places for the Grand Final. Voting AND performing in this Semi will be France, Spain and Sweden. So lets look at the participants. Continue reading “Eurovision 2016 – Semi Final 1 Preview”

Eurovision 2013: Semi Final Two Preview

Welcome to the preview of Semi Final Two of the 58th Eurovision Song Contest. Earlier I previewed the entries in Semi Final One which takes place on Tuesday 14th of May. Semi-Final Two takes place on Thursday 16th of May in the Malmö Arena in Sweden. 17 countries are vying for ten places up for grabs for the Final of the Eurovision Song Contest on Saturday 18th of May. Statistically this is the harder Semi-Final as there are more entries, but a lot of the favourites are in Semi-Final One meaning that it might be easier for some of the weaker acts to get through to the final.

As well as the 17 countries participating, Germany, Spain and France will be voting in this Semi Final. All odds taken on 08/05/2013 from

1. Latvia: PeR with “Here We Go” Odds: 150/1

One of the more rockier entries opens up this semi-final. I am not sure what to make of this. To be honest I cringed a lot. While I do like a bit of rock music, this isn’t a very strong entry.

Prediction: I am not sure if you would consider this singing. So I do not see this getting through to the final.

2. San Marino: Valentina Monetta with “Crisalide” Odds: 80/1

Malta bring us back to Ballads which made up much of the first Semi-Final. This is a much better entry then last year. San Marino have threatened to pull out of the 2014 edition if doesn’t qualify. It is worth noting that it is a fan favourite coming second in the OGAE International Poll.

Prediction: This isn’t a bad song. But with Italy not voting in this Semi-Final it could find it hard to pick up votes. It may struggle, but I think it will Qualify. Also the curse of number may strike.

3. F.Y.R Macedonia: Esma & Lozano with “Pred Da Se Razdeni” Odds: 150/1

Macedonia have decided to use the formula that worked for Azerbaijan back in 2011 and have sent a duet. Granted this is very much a unconventional pairing! But musically it works. The only issue here is that it does not really catch you. Macedonia will also suffer as many of its Balkan neighbours are in the other Semi-Final.

Prediction: While a good song, I can’t see it getting the votes. Pity.

4. Azerbaijan: Farid Mammadov with “Hold Me” Odds:25/1

Another curse associated with Eurovision is the curse of last years hosts. Many people will be watching closely to see if it strikes Azerbaijan this year after their hosting last year in Baku. This year they have entered a ballad by a male singer so that does mark it out from most of what we heard in Semi Final One.

Prediction: Azerbaijan I think will continue its run of successful entries and will qualify for the final easily, but will it be in top 10?

5. Finland: Krista Siegfrids with “Marry Me” Odds: 66/1

Finland who have one of the more dodgier records in Eurovision, has this year sent a song that is assured of qualifying. This is a fun uptempo song that you find yourself nodding along to. Its  “uh-oh, ding dong”‘s tick plenty of Eurovision  boxes! But it doesn’t harm its chances.

Prediction: A fun song, Finland will qualify easily and finish mid table.

6. Malta: Gianlucca Bezzina with “Tomorrow” Odds: 80/1

To be honest I was waiting for this type of folk type pop that is becoming popular again. This song about love certainly is one to make you smile!

Prediction: Should Qualify.

7. Bulgaria: Elitsa Todorova, Stoyan Yankulov with “Samo Shampioni (Only Champions)” Odds: 200/1

Now Bulgaria normally sends something a bit different and this year is no exception. This is certainly different! There is so much happening style wise here that I don’t know where to start. Not my cup of tea.

Prediction: Is going to languish in the Semi’s… I hope.

8. Iceland: Eythor Ingi with “Ég Á Líf” Odds: 100/1

Back to the slow ballads with Iceland and apart from the name of the country I can’t pronounce anything else to do with this entry. It isn’t popular in this house with the sister saying “that its sounds like its from an old Irish film like Songs for a raggy boy, or a chessy song from an ad”. Also Iceland decided not to translate their entry this year, I’m not sure if that has worked for them.

Prediction: Won’t qualify.

9. Greece: Koza Mostra feat. Agathon Iakovidis with “Alcohol Is Free” Odds: 66/1

Now this is more like it. Greece bring us back to some rock, and they do it better then Latvia. While I agree with the sentiment of the title of the song, I am assured that Alcohol is not free in Greece! This one will have you bopping along and saying “Alcohol is Free” very fast for the chorus!

Prediction: This will qualify.

10. Israel: Moran Mazor with “Rak Bishvilo” Odds: 150/1

Israel have decided to also send a ballad this year. While Moran is an excellent singer, yet again this song doesnt hook. It will struggle to qualify if at all.

Prediction: Israel somehow always qualify, so no change there.

11. Armenia: Dorians with “Lonely Planet” Odds: 100/1

Armenia are back following their withdrawal from the 2012 edition as it was hosted by Azerbaijan (arch-enemies, not just in Eurovision). They have entered a soft rock song this year and while it does stand out, it may have a hard time getting votes as it shares this Semi-Final with Azerbaijan.

Prediction: Sorry Armenia, try again next year.

12. Hungry: ByeAlex with “Kedvesem (Zoohacker Remix)” Odds: 100/1

This is one of those songs that have a 50/50 chance of qualifying. It is very different and simple. Its one to just listen to and close your eyes. Go on.

Prediction: Im not sure what Eurovision voters will make of this. I think it will squeek into the final.

13. Norway: Margaret Berger with “I Feed You My Love” Odds: 13/2

One of this years favourites. It came 3rd in the OGAE International Poll, so Eurovision could be staying in the Nordic countries. After Hungry, Norway’s Margaret gets us going again. This does remind me of the entries the Ukraine used to send. Uptempo, rocky and sexy. Will go down well with the audience and should do well with the voters…. the juries are another matter!

Prediction: Norway on course for a rare top 5 finish! Will easily qualify.

14. Albania: Adrian Lulgjuraj & Bledar Sejko with “Identitet” Odds: 150/1

Albania brings us some more rock. It is a bit nondescript though. Nothing stays with you after listening to it. Could struggle with votes.

Prediction: With very few balkan countries in this semi, I dont see this qualifying.

15. Georgia: Nodi Tatishvili & Sophie Gelovani with “Waterfall” Odds: 22/1

Georgia is also trying out the duet strategy that worked for Azerbaijan in 2011.  It is a stronger pairing then Macedonia, and so should do well. This song also seems to have that power and step up that is missing from many of the ballad entries this year.

Prediction: Will Qualify and will challenge for a top 10 finish.

16. Switzerland: Takasa with “You and Me” Odds: 150/1

If in doubt send in the Army! Well the Salvation Army. Yup, that is what Switzerland is sending this year! Takasa features the oldest person to grace the Eurovision Stage, 95-year-old Emil Ramsauer on double bass! This is a lovely twee song, but at least they are trying and a warning it grows on you!

Prediction: This song grows on you, so I wouldnt be surprised if it qualifies!

17. Romania: Cezar with “It’s My Life” Odds: 80/1

Wow, can he hit the high notes! That was a little unexpected! While it isn’t as good as last years entry from Romania. It certainly is a good entry.

Prediction: Something unexpected and with it finishing the show it should Qualify.

That is San Marino, Azerbaijan, Finland, Malta, Greece, Hungary, Norway, Georgia and Romania to qualify. We see if that actually happens! Semi-Final Two will be broadcast at 8pm on Thursday 16th of May on RTÉ2 and BBC3.

Handbook and App

Don’t forget the excellent 2013 Eurovision Handbook is available for download for your Kindle or Kindle enabled Device. Do get it as it is aid of the Irish Cancer Society, plus it is full of all the information you need for this years contest!

Also Eurovision has launched free companion apps for the show available for iPhone/iPad and Android devices. They look great and you can vote via the App (Paypal account needed for billing). See for more details.



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Eurovision 2012: Semi-Final One Preview

Its that time of year again! Eurovision Time! Like every year I do a preview of the Semi’s and attempt to predict who will get into the final.

This year the 57th Eurovision Song Contest takes place in Baku, Azerbaijan. 42 countries will be taking part. Montenegro returns this year to the competition while Poland and Armenia wont be taking part.

10 countries from each of the Semi-finals will proceed to the Final and join the five automatic qualifiers, the Big Four (France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the United Kingdom) and last years winners and this year’s host Azerbaijan.

The voting will be again be by a combination of Televoting and Professional Jury.

The First Semi Final will take place on the 22nd of May, followed by the Second Semi Final on the 24th of May and the final taking place on May 26th. All shows start at 8:00pm GMT (9:00pm CET)

Ireland has been drawn in the First Semi-Final and along with the 18 countries in this final Azerbaijan, Italy and Spain will be voting in this Semi.

All odds are from Paddy Power and correct on April 15th. Odds are for winning the overall contest.

01 Montenegro: Rambo Amadeus with “Euro Neuro

If you tune in late during the first semi and you can’t figure out whats going on, its probably cause Rambo Amadeus is on stage doing what is described as “crazy jazz-funk music”. Im not sure if you would class it as music. Cant see this getting out of the Semi. Odds: 125/1

02 Iceland: Gréta Salóme & Jónsi with “Never Forget

Iceland is one those countries I normally like and this year they have a duet. This is a bit of rock duet and is a good one. Jónsi previously represented Iceland in Istanbul in 2004 with “Heaven” and came 19th. While Gréta Salóme is a multi talented singer/songwriter who also plays the violin. They combine well on this song and should do well in Baku. Odds: 22/1

03 Greece: Eleftheria Eleftheriou with “Aphrodisiac

I won’t even attempt to pronounce this ladies name, who is a good singer. She came to fame through X-Factor 2 in 2010, even though she didn’t win. This song is like many past Greek entries. Upbeat pop and catchy! I can definately see myself singing along to this! This should definitely qualify. Odds 22/1

04 Latvia: Anmary with “Beautiful Song”

“She was born in a distant 1980, in the year that Johnny Logan won” that is the first line if this entry from Anmary. She got her start when she came 2nd in The Talent Factory. This song is about fame and name drops a number of famous people. Its an interesting song, and one I do enjoy. Will it stand out at Eurovision is the question. Odds 100/1

05 Albania Rona Nishliu with “Suus” (Personal)

And the first Ballad is from Albania. Some years Ballads are few and far between and that can help make them stand out. Rona certainly has a voice that suits this song. She does a wonderful job with and hopefully can do it on the night. Odds: 100/1

06 Romania: Mandinga with “Zaleilah

Bagpipes, an accordian, a catchy summer tune, whats not to love? Mandinga bring a bit of the the summer party to Eurovision with this song and I for one enjoy it. Mandinga play latino music, latin jazz, balkan salsa or even club music and this song certainly sounds like the perfect mix of them! Odds: 33/1

07 Switzerland: Sinplus with “Unbreakable

And now a rock song! Sinplus are brothers Ivan and Gabriel Broggini who grew up listening to Queen, Bob Marley and U2. This is a good song, but not one you would listen to a lot. Odds: 100/1

08 Belgium: Iris with “Would You?

Belgium send a young 17 year old to the contest, hoping to do what Sandra Kim did in 1986. Here Iris is singing a ballad, which to me is a bet meh and the odds are reflecting this. It will be hard for this to get out of the semi. Odds: 125/1

09 Finland: Pernilla Karlsson with “När jag blundar” (When I close my eyes)

And at the halway point, Finland sends a Swedish Ballad to Baku this year. It is another ballad, but its a nicer one then Belgium, but coming straight after them could harm it. It could sneak out of the Semi. Odds: 80/1

10 Israel: Izabo with “Time

Israel are taking a different direction this year and are sending Izabo, a band that combines Psychadelic Rock, Disco and Punk flavoured with Arabic spices. This is certainly different and should be some fun on stage in Baku. This may well qualify. Odds 100/1

11 San Marino: Valentina Monetta with “The Social Network Song

This is a bit of a strange song about love online and using social networks for love. Its one those songs that is trying to be current. Im not sure if it works. Odds: 150/1

12 Cyprus: Ivi Adamou with “La La Love

This is another summer song that will be in my head for awhile. A more upbeat song then normal from Cyprus but a good move, but coming after the pop song from San Marino might make it harder for them.

13 Denmark: Soluna Samay with “Should’ve Known Better

Denmark is another country I always like and this year is no exception. An excellent song which is a pop song along the lines of Carly Rae Jepsen and Taylor Swift which are popular at the moment. This should qualify no problem. Odds:14/1

14 Russia Buranovskiye Babushki with “Party for Everybody

Buranovskiye Babushki or the Russian Grannies as they seem to be known as hail from Udmurtia, a republic between the Kama and Vyatka rivers in Russia. They are certainly very different to anything that has come to Eurovision in the past! They beat a past Eurovision winner to get to Baku so I think they are very much in contention for the top spot! Odds: 5/1

15 Hungary: Compact Disco with “Sound of Our Hearts

After the Russian Grannies we have Compact Disco a dance act from Hungary. It certainly stands out after the last song, but if thats the only reason it won’t go further in the final. It certainly a song that will chart around Europe so will be in the final. Odds: 80/1

16 Austria: Trackshittaz with “Woki mit deim Popo” (Shake your ass)

This duo have their own unique genre “tractor gangster party rap” which may go down well in Ireland! For me it is a bit shouty, but one that will be played in clubs around Europe! I will be in the mix to qualify, but will the name but people off? Odds: 80/1

17 Moldova: Pasha Parfeny with “Lăutar

This is a fun song from Pasha who is well used to winning international music festivals and is hoping to add a Eurovision win to his collection. This is a song that I certainly enjoy, but the bookies don’t think Pasha can take the top prize. Odds 100/1

18 Ireland: Jedward with “Waterline

And to finish out the show, its Jedward!! Jedward, (John and Edward for anyone who has been living under a rock) Irish twins from Lucan, Dublin, try a second time to win Eurovision. Last year they came 8th in Dusseldorf with “Lipstick“. This is fast, uptempo pop song and should see them into the final. At the moment they are 3rd favourite at the bookies with odds of 10/1. Come on Jedward!


This is always the hard part, who I want to get in, and actually will. These are the ten acts I think will qualify in no particular order.

  1. Ireland
  2. Russia
  3. Greece
  4. Iceland
  5. Denmark
  6. Romania
  7. Austria
  8. Israel
  9. Finland
  10. Moldova

Who do you think will qualify?

ECRG Down to the Minimum – Already?

It looks like the European Conservatives and Reformists Group is in a bit of bother today due to decision of Finnish MEP Hannu Takkula to remain in the ALDE grouping according to NewsRoom Finland. Jon Worth thinks “some people in the party [Finnish Centre Party] must have applied pressure” on him to remain in the ALDE.

This leaves the ECRG at the bare minimum of representation with MEPs from 7 member states. On Monday there were talks of other MEPs joining. Currently there is talk that Lithuanian MEP Waldemar Tomaszewski of Electoral Action of Poles in Lithuania is joining the ECRG so they could be back up to 8 member states quite quickly.

They do need a buffer to allow for MEPs to leave so that they could survive as a grouping. I don’t think they thought they would need the buffer so early.

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Finland, Poland and Germany the next headaches for the Lisbon Treaty

Noone has ratified the treaty in awhile so my list is still up-to-date. It has passed in a few houses around Europe, but not the completed its passege (eg, UK House of Commons and the Belgian Senate) Now back on topic, Finland its’ self isn’t causing the hassle it is its Autonmous Province of the Aland Islands’. Now what are they worried about? ‘Snus’, what we would call snuff! Mark Mardell has a nice post on it.

Now Poland, remember Jaroslaw Kaczynski? Who used to be prime minister and wanted extra votes for Poland because of WW2 deaths? Well he is now opposing the treaty in the sejm. He went from traising the treaty as PM to now opposing it. Why? well its a classic case of part of his party wants a referendum on the treaty. Via Spiegel

Kaczynski had originally been expected to support ratification of the treaty, as he had helped to negotiate it while prime minister and boasted of his success at the time. However he has now said his party would only back the treaty if the ratification bill included a statement affirming that Poland’s constitution takes primacy over EU law and that Poland has the right to leave the union at any time. Analysts say he was forced to change his position due to pressure from his party’s Eurosceptic wing.

Part of it sounds familiar to me about some amendments tabled in the UK House of Commons (Referendum and Supremacy of Parliament). The primacy part would be struck down by the courts as it is well known that EU law takes supremacy over national laws since the 1960’s, something Poland dosent have a chance of hell of changing it.

Then to the surprise mention, the scrapping of the treaty could be down to the German Constitution Court in Karlsruhe. Die Linkie and a CSU politican, Peter Gauweiler, will lodge a case against it just like Gauweiler did in 2005 against the Constitutional Treaty. That did have an effect with the German President refusing to sign until the case was heard. This could happen again. The German Parliament is set to ratify the treaty in May.

More and more hurdles seam to be raised in the path of the Lisbon Treaty, but is it fit enough to ‘jump’ them? Only time will tell.

Eurovision!!! Semi-Final Preview

Well its nearly time wooo! The 52nd Eurovision Song Contest will be broadcast from the Hartswall Areena, Helsinki, Finland and will be shown on RTÉ 2 and BBC Three at 8.00pm. This is the largest contest ever, so this will be a long post on the Semi-Finalist. The countries are listed in running order.

Bulgaria (Song on youtube)

Bulgaria this year is being represented by Elitsa TODOROVA and Stoyan YANKOULOV with a song called ‘Water’. Its is a very rhythmic song with haunting singing. Its fast paced so should go down well. Just not my cup of tea.

(Song on youtube)

Israel is being represented by a group called Teapacks with a song called ‘Push the Button’. A very strong about terrorist’s (Israel knows all about this). Its in English and French. I don’t like it. Its not very often I like the Israeli song neway…

Cyprus (Youtube)

Cyprus is being represented by Evridiki with a French language song ‘Comme Ci, Comme Ça’ (which means okay). Its a good song, one of my favs this year. Good fast dance tune! one to dance to!

Belarus (Youtube)

Belarus is being represented this year by Koldun (HOT!) with a song called ‘Work Your Magic’. One of the best entries from the Belorussians in recent years. Its a nice song, along the lines of the Rasmus et al. I really like it and may have to do a post on Dmitry Koldun over on my other blog . lol

Iceland (Youtube)

Iceland is represented this year by Eiríkur HAUKSSON with ‘Valentine Lost’. Slow rock song, cant see it getting out of the semi’s. Its a pity cause I’ve really enjoyed past Icelandic entries especially last years!

Georgia (Youtube)

The first débutante in this years contest is Georgia represented by Sopho with ‘Visionary Dream’. Its a very good song. Real melting pot of new and old, and east meets west. Could do very well. Sopho, is a very excellent sing also.

Montenegro (Youtube)

Another débutante, but only by default! Montenegro normally takes part as part of Serbia and Montenegro. This year, since they are now independent, they are represented by Stevan Faddy with ‘Ajde Kroci’. Tis a realy good song, which i enjoy.

Switzerland (Youtube)

One of this year favourites and mine too! Switzerland is represented this year by DJ Bobo with ‘Vampires are Alive’. Love this song, and is proving very popular! Should do well during and after the contest!

Moldova (Youtube)

The Moldovan entry this year is Natalia Barbu with ‘Fight’. A very good song, nice with rock backing. Lordi really have influenced alot of entries this year.

The Netherlands (Youtube)

Now the Netherlands is represented by Edsilia Rombley with ‘On Top of the World’. Now the dutch have learned a bit, their song starts out like a ballad but speeds up, thank god, a nice song, but i dont think it will do well enough to get out of the semi’s.

Albania (Youtube)

Albania is represented by Aida & Frederik Ndoci with ‘Hear my plea’. A very traditional song, not in the current eurovision mould at all…

Denmark (Youtube)

Denmark song is fab this year. They are represented by DQ with ‘Drama Queen’. The first of the draq queens! I love this song and I hope it does well!!

Croatia (Youtube)

Croatia is represented by Dragonfly feat. Dado Topic with ‘Vjerujem u ljubav’. Nice song, not eurovisiony in my mind, but then again neither was lordi….

Poland (Youtube)

Poland is represented with the Jet Set with ‘Time to Party’. Nice song, fast paced. Good Party Song.

Serbia (Youtube)

Serbia, like Montenegro, is taking part on its own this year. They are represented by Marija Serifovic with ‘Molitva’. A ballad, in the traditional sense, cant see it getting out of the semi’s but it will get the neighbourly votes…

Czech Republic

Another débutante, the Czech Republic is represented by Kabát with ‘Malá dáma’. Its very much in the Lordi vein of Eurovision! Good rock song!

Portugal (Youtube)

The Portuguese are back on form after last years terrible entry. They are represented by Sabrina with ‘Dança Comigo’. Good song, with a latin ‘shake your hips’ feel to it.

FYR Macedonia (Youtube)

the FYR this year is represented by Karolina Goceva with ‘Mojot Svet’. An excellent song, with the easy bit to sing along with! “Najna najna, nanana najna” 😀


Another one of my favourites from this year. Norway is represented by Guri Schanke with ‘Ven A Bailar’. An excellent song, have being listening to it alot. SO has grown on me hugely. hopefully Norway will not get nil points again this year….

Malta (Youtube)

This year Malta is represented by Olivia Lewis with ‘Vertigo’ (not the U2 song obv!). Not an excellent song, but should do respectfully enough cant see it getting out of the semi’s, considering competition is really though this year!

Andorra (Youtube)

Now the Andorrans really have payed attention to whats popular at the moment musically. They are respresented by Anonymous with ‘Salvem el món (Let’s save the world)’. Real punk rock (my fav) and I hope does well for the Principality!!!

Hungary (Youtube)

Hungary are represented by Magdi Ruzsa with ‘Unsubstantial Blues’. Now this is different. Full of soul and feeling, but not your traditional ballad. One that has gotten into my heart I must say.

Estonia (Youtube)

Estonia is represented by Gerli Padar with ‘Partners In Crime’. A song in the real Eurovision vein. Easy listening, and fun!

Belgium (Youtube)

The Belgians are being represented this year by KMG’s with ‘Love Power’. Now this is a real Danascene song (Cork regulars to freakscene will get that reference). It has a real retro feel to it, and i like….

Slovenia (Youtube)

Slovenia is being represented by Alenka Gotar with ‘Cvet Z Juga’. Now the Slovenians havent departed much from their usual type of entry, traditional sounding song, with a fast backing track!

Turkey (Youtube)

Turkey is represented this year by Kenan DOĞULU with ‘Shake It Up Shekerim’. Turkey always have good songs IMO, this has a Justin Timberlake meets East feel to it. An excellent song!

Austria (Youtube)

Austria are back after a one year sabbatical with Eric Papilaya singing ‘Get A Life, Get Alive’. An excellent fast paced song, upbeat and fun! Hope it does well!

Latvia (Youtube)

Last but not least we have Latvia, represented by with ‘Questa Notte’. Opera comes to Eurovision! It is a Latvian version of Il Divo, its a nice song, but will it do well? It a bit of gamble

My hopes. The ten songs I hope get through are

Enjoy the show tonight. Feel free to leave your predictions as comments or disagree with me on anything!

Eurovision 2007 Finland

Hello Europe, this is Cork Calling!

Well its getting closer! The year 2007 that is and im already getting my fill of updates from and but i hadnt realisied that this year a record 42 countries will be taking part in the competition. God the voting will be even longer.

This year Hungary and Austria (dropped out for 2006) return to the competition and teh Czech Republic and Georgia join the ESC Family. Also this year with the seperation of Montenegro from Serbia, they are competing as seperate countries.

The contest could have been bigger but Monaco has decided not to take part this year

The line up for the 52nd Edition of the Eurovision Song Contest in the Hartwall Areena, Helsinki, so far is

Semi-Final: Thursday 10th of May, 2007
Participating countries (28): Albania, Andorra, Austria, Belarus, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, FYR Macedonia, Georgia , Hungary, Iceland, Israel, Latvia , Malta, Moldova, Montenegro, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Serbia, Slovenia, Switzerland and Turkey

Final: Saturday 12th of May, 2007
Participating countries: Armenia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Lithuania, Romania, Russia, Spain, Sweden, Ukraine and the United Kingdom.

Participants so far confirmed:
*Moldova: Natalia Barbu, Fight
*The Netherlands: Edsilia Rombley
*Switzerland: Dj Bobo
*Ireland: Dervish

Albania will be the next country to choose their act when Festival i kenges is broadcast on the 23rd of December.

For more information on upcoming selections check out ESCtoday’s Calender

German Presidency Ready to roll!

With the Finns, finishing up with the Presidency of the European Council, Germany is gearing up to hold the presidency.

Their website is ready to roll in 3 languages, German, French and English.

Germany hopes to bring the Constitution back on to the agenda. This Presidency sees a new Troika system being introduced which will see Germany working very closely with Portugal and Slovenia, the next two members to hold the Presidency. This will ensure continuity in European Politics