Steve’s Five-A-Day 2/3/09

Monday, five sleeps to when my boyfriend arrives in Cork! So I shall be excited for the week and will have a spring in my step! On with the links!

1. Corklangerdan sends word of Obama’s message of thanks to the people of Cork. (hattip to Elfinamsterdam for this one!)
2. GayPatriot tells us that legislation to repeal “Don’t ask, Don’t tell” has been introduced.
3. European Voice wonder if the UK COnseratives will replace Fianna Fail in the UEN
4. Suzy has that video from Saturdays Nine O’Clock news on RTÉ
5. Joe tells us that Curious Wines have won Best Commercial Website at the 7th Annual Digital Media Awards! Well done lads! 🙂

enjoy your night all!

Steve’s Five-A-Day 1/3/09

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Sunday and the first of March. A new month and a new week. Its like a blank canvass. Anyway on with the links!

1. Damien Says Political Parties will need more people online and gives some tips on how to deal with online citizens.
2. Suzy has a few thoughts on the Fianna Fail Ard Fheis and has some tips for parties yet to hold theirs!
3. Sam. I. Am. sums it up on pride and being proud of who you are despite on what some people think. (some strang language! I did wanr you Mum!)
4. Andyaz has a Q&A on Blackout Ireland
5. Conchur over on MassaModa tells us some uses for ties and how it can dress you up and dress you down!

Enjoy your evening all!

Steve’s Five-A-Day 28/2/09

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Its Saturday! Slightly wrecked from last night but Im off to a friends 21st tonight! Should be fun! If you are staying in, here is somethings you might want to look at. Also today is the last day of Voting in the Think About It competition, please read and rate my post! Thanks

1. All Kinds of Everything take a look at the four national shows happening tonight.
2. Suzy has a look at the Status of Politics online and thinks the Irish Times left out some important things.
3. European Voice show us where FIFA and the EU Commission are at odds on Football quotas
4. ToryDiary have the Thank You email from David and Samantha Cameron for all the messages and support, its hard not to have tears in your eyes reading it.
5. Daily Referendum asks if he is Conservative (Tory) or just right? A good question!

Enjoy your evening!

Steve’s Five-A-Day 27/2/09

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The Five-A-Day returns! I got my laptop back, it has new motherboard and is work like a dream! Yayz! Anyway, links for today!

1. Grandad is giving out about the Paddy’s Day Junkets. Cant help but nod my head.
2. Darragh tells us about 4FM, something which I hadnt heard of and launched today. It can be gotten in Dublin, Cork, Limerick, Galway and Clare.
3. GayPatriot tell us more about the Log Cabin Republicans being funded by Democrats! They also have exclusives! This is a must read for political junkies!
4. Julien Frisch has the results of a few European Parliament Elction Opinion Polls. Interesting results.
5. Slugger tells us that Fianna Fail are to join the European Liberal, Democratic and Reform Party.

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Steve’s Five-A-Day Shall Return

Some regular readers will notice I stopped doing the five-a-day posts recently, that is mainly because of criticism form the Mother who prefers me actually posting then posting links and the fact that my laptop has gone in for repairs and when it is back so shall the Five-A-Days return also! No idea as of when yet as I haven’t heard anything about the laptop being fixed 🙁

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Steve’s Five-A-Day 19/2/09

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Kölle alaaf! Its Karneval time! I am very jealous of anyone reading from Germany especially in Cologne!!

1. The Local explains some Karneval terms
2. Slugger thinks Sinn Fein faces its Stalingrad in the Dublin Euro Constituency.
3. Maman Poulet gives advice to Bord Gais, but I think any company doing online work should read it
4. European Voice tells us of the rection to Klaus’s speech to the European Parliament
5. Lords of the Blog explain Judicial Sittings in the House of Lords

Thats all from me!

Steve’s Five-A-Day 18/2/09

The Cologne Cathedral at the Rhine river is a ...Image via Wikipedia

Hello all! Wednesday, the middle of the week, Mittwoch in German. Tomorrow is Weiberfastnacht and the start of Karnival season in Germany, I am missing out on five days of partying!! Ah well, I have the Irish Blog Awards to look forward to on Saturday! on with the links!

1. The Local has a guide to Carnival.
2. Maman Poulet wonders what Enda knows about the “Golden Circle”.
3. Euractiv tell us about Czech lower house Parliament passing the Lisbon Treaty.
4. Julien Frisch informs us about Opinion Poll for the European Elections in France.
5. The European Citizen tells us about Sarkozy being childish about a NATO conference.

Enjoy your evening!

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Steve’s Five-A-Day 17/2/09

Passing ThroughImage by Matthew Stewart | Photographer via Flickr

Its Tuesday and my Day off for this week! So spent most of the day in the Library and now getting this done early!

1. The finalists of the 2009 Irish Blog Awards are announced. Congrats all!
2. GayPatriot takes issue with defining arguments agaisnt gay marriage as hate speech.
3. Tony Barber tell us about the Eastern Partnership, I wonder will it die like the Union For the Meditterean
4. Polling Report tell us of the Tories 20 point lead in a Ipsos MORI poll.
5. Guido defends Draper…..

Laters all, time for dinner and Scouts

Steve’s Five-A-Day 16/2/09

Monday, Mid-term here in Ireland so lots of kids wandering the streets, or are they writing blog posts??? I doubt, but some of them might be! Some reading today

1. Anthony of Public Inquiry explains what a “caputured regulator” is. Have to agree with him that the Irish bank watchdog is one!
2. Slugger tells us that Senator Cannon (former PD Leader) could end up in Labour! WTF?!?!
3. Panti has an excellent piece on activism (or lack thereof) in the Gay Community and support from others.
4. Julien Frisch tells us why the French are pushing French as a working language… Sarkozy no speaky english.
5. Guido points out that the curse of Jonah Brown is not going away!

Steve’s Five-A-Day 11/2/09

Wednesday the middle of the week and normally one of my favourite days of the week. Unfortunately I feel like shite so here is todays reading.

1. OmaniBlog has an idea of what we should do to the bankers, not halfbad!
2. Unarocks has a Sad/Uplifting post, it brought a tear to my eye, also that is the name of the post.
3. GayPatriot wonders if CNN ignores Democratic scandels.
4. FP Passport tell us that Lech Walesa, former President of Poland is banned from Venezuela.
5. The NY Times have an excellent piece on the future of UN peacekeeping

Im off to try and feel better!