Ofcom clears way for use of mobiles on planes

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Mobile phone calls and texts could finally be permitted on planes, according to proposals by Ofcom yesterday. The telecoms regulator ruled that individual airlines should be allowed to decide whether their passengers can use mobiles in-flight. The proposals were developed jointly with other EU countries, and cover all European airspace. The phones would operate via an on-board “base station” which connects to passengers’ handsets. The system would be switched off during takeoff and landing to prevent interference with other terrestrial mobile networks. Calls could be allowed in-flight as early as next year.

Irish flights to and from London returning to normal

after all the excitement today.

Flights are returning to normal in airports across the country after a morning of disruption because of a terror alert in the UK.

All restrictions on Irish flights in to London’s Heathrow airport have been lifted.

The first passengers from London’s Heathrow and Gatwick airports began arriving in to Dublin airport shortly after 2.30pm and the airport authorities say the situation here is back to normal.

Ryanair said all of its flights this evening will be departing as normal, thought there may be delays.

Head of Operations with Aer Lingus Dick Butler said the national carrier will be making a total of six flights to Heathrow this evening.

Aer Lingus said this afternoon anyone booked in to travel to London this evening or tomorrow should turn up as normal though he has warned them not to take hand luggage on board.

Emergency marquee at Dublin Airport should get immediate planning permission – Mitchell

Terrorist threat will disrupt services from Dublin for foreseeable future

Fingal County Council should grant immediate planning permission for the emergency marquee at Dublin Airport which is likely to face months of overcrowding and delays following the air terror alert, Fine Gael Transport Spokeswoman Olivia Mitchell TD has said.

Deputy Mitchell also called for UK and US-bound flights to have a separate security channel at the airport during the heightened security alert.

“The new terror alert in air travel is likely to cause serious disruptions at Dublin Airport for many months to come. The airport already suffers from overcrowding on a regular basis. In the light of this new crisis, Fingal County Council should grant immediate planning permission for the marquee at Dublin Airport.

“Dublin Airport should also consider providing a separate security channel to screen passengers travelling to the UK and the US, given that these two destinations have been placed on maximum security alert. This would allow more intensive screening of passengers bound for the UK and the US, while freeing up passengers travelling to other destinations.

“It is a serious thing to bypass the planning process but this is a very serious situation. Clearly any measure which can deal with ongoing overcrowding at Dublin Airport must now be implemented. The marquee will prove necessary for health and safety purposes as well as for passengers’ comfort and security.

“Fingal County Council has sought further information on the marquee, but I would urge them to now reconsider and fast-track a decision. The original purpose of the marquee was to provide accommodation in an emergency where a number of flights have been delayed or another airport has been closed. This is precisely that sort of situation.

“This new terror alert is not a once-off development, and will have an impact on Dublin airport for the foreseeable future. Fingal County Council should take account of this international crisis and short circuit the planning system for the marquee which is, after all, a temporary solution.”

UK Airports!

At a Glance Uk Airports – BBC

Flights Cancelled To England!

UK on Highest Terrorist Alert.
Heathrow Closed to inbound flights.
21 people arrested
Unimaginable mass Murder in the air.

You can only bring the following on board Aircraft to the UK in a clear transparetn bag:
wallet and purses
travel documents
keys, but without electronic fobs
no hand bags, brief cases
prescriptions meds, tablets, not liquids
glasses and contacts. No cases or lens cleaning fluid
Baby food, but the parent will have to taste it
no drinks or liquids
sanitary items, but not in boxes.

Dublin airport authority website seems to be jammers at the moment: dont think their servers can hold the volume that is obviously going to them


Relevant Contact Details:

British Airports Authority: www.baa.co.uk

Heathrow Airport: www.heathrowairport.com

Gatwick Airport: www.gatwickairport.com/

Stansted Airport: www.stanstedairport.com/

Belfast International Airport: www.belfastairport.com/

Belfast City Airport: www.belfastcityairport.com

Derry City Airport: www.cityofderryairport.com/
Telephone: 00 44 28 7181 0784

Manchester Airport: www.manchesterairport.co.uk

Dublin Airport: www.dublin-airport.com
Telephone: 0818 365 044
(source: rte.ie)

Flights cancelled at Northern airports

Flights from Ireland to UK cancelled

Travel chaos grips UK’s airports