Vote for the EU’s Organic Logo

I found this on Paul Montariol’s blog on the think about it website. Its about the open consultation by DG Agriculture and Rural Development. Do vote for your favourite!

The new EU organic logo will be displayed from July 2010 onwards on pre-packaged organic products that meet the community requirements outlined under “Organic Farming and Production”. The EU logo can be used on a voluntary basis on non-pre-packaged organic products that originate from the EU or that are imported from third countries. This means, that the winning logo will appear on millions and millions of organic food products all over the EU! For more information, please visit the Organic Farming website .

Proposed Logos

The voting is open until the 30 January 2010 so get voting!

(I went for the second one myself! 😉 )

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A levy on meat? Feck off!!!

Sausage shelves in tesco after recall 7/12/08Image by stephen.spillane via FlickrAccording to an article in todays Sunday Business Post the Department of Agriculture is considering “an extra levy that will be charged on all Irish meat products purchased by consumers”

Are they serious?

The recent pork recall cost consumers money and has made Irish Pork a damaged brand and now they want us to pay an extra tax on it? You must be kidding me!

The reason for the levy is to create a “contingency fund in the event of future food scares and recalls”. The consumers already bear the burden of this considering that our tax revenues pay for the compensation packages.

If they bring this in it will be another own-goal by the Government and will be another reason to shop in the north. It will also make Irish meat uncompetitive in its home market! Something which will see the sale of foreign meats increase.

This is absolutely crazy and I hope the mandarins in the Department of Agriculture get a clue and don’t introduce yet another levy when it also looks like we will see an increase in the second home levy and the introduction of water charges means that we will be over taxed!

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Don’t Eat the Pork!

The above Picture was taken this morning in Tesco’s in Wilton Shopping Centre in Cork City and is a picture that was shown across the country this morning. I heard about the pork recall after I had a fry up with the family. A bit late then? But then we are told that all pork bought from September 1st had to be destroyed. Thats a hell of a lot of meet.

People are told to destroy the following:
Pork sausages
Sausage meat
Gammon steaks
Offal from pigs
Sausage rolls
Black pudding
White pudding
Ready meals with Irish pork/bacon as an ingredient

This is another hit to farming industry which is already under pressure due to budget cuts. It will also take time for the Irish Pork market to get back its credibility as “safe product”. Germany ordered the destruction of all Irish Pork earlier today and it is thought that 20-25 countries will take similar steps. This is a competeive market that only affects farmers but the entire food market from farmers, to distributers, to restaurants and cafes, to sandwhich makers, and various other ways that pork is used.

RTÉ have an Info page on it and if you are anyway worried do read it.

Review of Fenn’s Quay Restaurant

Fenn’s Quay Restaurant,

Sheeres Street,

Last Monday on our staff night out we went to Fenn’s Quay for a meal. And may I say what a meal. The staff were lovely and efficent. The place was well laid out, comfortable and relaxing. And the food was amazing!

The manager recommended a lovely bottle of wine to me, which I have since forgotten the name of, as I was very drunk, but it was an unusual name. I had the warm chicken salad for starters and as I am not normally a starter person so I was not sure what to expect. It was delicious crispy chicken! So would love some again!

For main course I had an 8oz fillet steak cooked rare and it was amazing! Served with it was some of the nicest wedges I had in a long time (that weren’t cooked by the mother that is!). I was good and didn’t have a desert, but the people who did said it was gorgeous.

Overall this Restaurant is what people have being saying and is worth a visit!

Rated 5/5 on Nov 29 2008
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