Eastenders had a Gay Kiss???

Okay so this happened yesterday and I found out about it via a friend who linked me to a French Gay blog so apologies about the French but do have a look at the video. “Un bisou gay sur la BBC déclenche des protestations” – Gayclic.com. Of course the BBC have received 150 complaints, one of whom stated

J’ai dû expliquer à mon fils de 7 ans ce qu’il se passait. Maintenant, il pense qu’il est gay parce qu’il embrasse son père

Which translates as, I had to explain to my 7 year old son what was happening. He now thinks he is gay because he kissed his father. I think that is just a case of bad parenting rather then the fault of the BBC.

My first though when I say the clip was “Poor Dot!” 😀 But good on the BBC and Eastenders! Lets hope neither characters end up as tokens or stereotypes.

Mondays Quote, 14th April

So on Firday I started the whole Friday Poetry Reflection and I think it is only right that on a Monday a quote should start us off. The quotes may be funny, philosphical, thought provoking, political or off the wall. It just to get the creative juices flowing on a Monday.

Todays Quote is from the French writer and Diplomat, Josephe de Maistre (1753-1821)

Toute nation a la gouverement qu’elle méirite

Translation: Every country has the government it deserves

Letters et opuscules inédits (1851) vol. 1, letter 53 (15 August 1811)