French Presidential Election: Preliminary Result Monday Morning

Marine Le Pen - "Convention présidentiell...
Marine Le Pen - "Convention présidentielle du Front national", 25 février 2007, Lille / France (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

There is still no final result but here is where the candidates stand this morning according to Election Resources:

  • François Hollande (PS) 28.6% (10,159,385)
  • Nicolas Sarkozy (UMP)  27.1% (9,600,543)
  • Marine Le Pen (FN)  18.0% (6,397,778)
  • Jean-Luc Mélenchon (Left Front)  11.1% (3,951,795)
  • François Bayrou (MoDem)   9.1% (3,229,482)
  • Eva Joly (Green)  2.3% (806,504)
  • Nicolas Dupont-Aignan (Arise the Republic)  1.8% (638,938)
  • Philippe Poutou (New Anti-Capitalist)  1.2% (408,335)
  • Nathalie Arthaud (Workers Struggle)  0.6% (201,425)
  • Jacques Cheminade (Solidarity & Progress) 0.2% (88,115)

It looks like that Sarkozy is closer to Hollande then first suggested by the exit polls. But still, with Hollande on over 10 million votes, it means that Sarkozy will have to work very hard to win over some of the 6 million that voted for Le Pen.

There is no doubt that Marine Le Pen did something historic yesterday, getting both the largest vote for La Front National and ensuring that they will be a loud voice of opposition if Francois Hollande does win the 2nd round on May 6th. She has ensured the the FN will be a force to reckon with in upcoming elections as the smaller parties, especially the Europe Écologie–The Greens who did so well in the 2009 European Parliament elections, failed to garner a significant number of votes for Eva Joly.

It will be a disappointing night also for Jean Luc Mélenchon who hoped to poll better then Le Pen on the night, but his endorsement of Hollande (along with Joly) there is over 3 million extra votes for Hollande.

Francois Bayrou who managed to come third in 2007 is in a disappointing 5th. The long time liberal presidential candidate who’s votes were so important in the last runoff will again be very important this year as both Sarkozy and Hollande attempt to woo them at the centre, while also wooing those at the extremes. It will be a hard balancing act.

French Election Results: Exit Poll

Day 17
Day 17 (Photo credit: Herve Kabla)

The first exit poll results of the French Presidential Election were released at 7pm (8pm CET) this evening and are as follows (there was a ban on reporting exit polls before the close of polls):

  • François Hollande 28.4% (PS)
  • Nicolas Sarkozy 25.5% (UMP)
  • Marine le Pen 20% (FN)
  • Jean-Luc Mélenchon 11.7% (Left Front)
  • François Bayrou 8.5% (MoDem)
  • Eva Joly 2% (Green)
  • Nicolas Dupont-Aignan 1.8% (Arise the Republic)
  • Philippe Poutou 1.2% (New Anti-Capitalist)
  • Nathalie Arthaud 0.8% (Workers Struggle)
  • Jacques Cheminade 0.2% (Solidarity and Progress)

The second round of the voting will be between Socialist Francois Hollande and UMP’s Nicolas Sarkozy on May 6th.

Over the next two weeks they will be fighting for the votes of those who don’t progress.

The big surprise is of course Marine Le Pen’s vote being about 20%. If Sarkozy can capture most of that he could snatch victory on May 6th.

There is some good news for Hollande with both Eva Joly of the Greens and Jean-Luc Mélenchon of the Left Front have both called on their supporters to back Hollande in the second round.

More as the results come in.

Sarkozy crowned official candidate

Via France24

French Interior Minister Nicolas Sarkozy Sunday was officially designated a candidate in the upcoming presidential elections, after winning the nomination of the ruling Union for a Popular Movement (UMP).

Sarkozy, 51, was acclaimed by a party congress in Paris after winning an internal ballot of 338,000 UMP members to choose a contender for elections in April.

Results showed that Sarkozy had 98.1 percent of votes cast.

There was never any doubt about the result as Sarkozy was the only person seeking the nomination.

Opinion polls show that Sarkozy, who is also UMP chief, is the only politician capable of beating Segolene Royal, the Socialist Party candidate who hopes to become France’s first woman president.

Best of luck to him against Royal, should be an interesting election as Le Pen is also running.