Friday Links – 8/05/09

Well....if nobody wants to play Conkers with m...
Image by law_keven via Flickr

Bertie for Dublin’s Lord Mayor? I hope not

Excellent letter in Irish Times about George Lee

Kosmopolit has horror at the polling station

Joe has found something that may be a coincidence. Im not so sure

Sully has some relationship advice for atheists from a christian

Euractiv take a look at the European parties manifestos.

Keep an eye on your country in the UN with UNDemocracy.

The Brits are the new Frenchies?

Random Eurovision Entry:

Susanne Georgi “La Teva Decisió ” (Get A Life)

Friday Links – 1/05/09

"There is no wind today"
Image by Hans Vink via Flickr have Real Life Twitter

Maman Poulet commits Blasphemous Libel

Tommy talks about normal and disability, he aso has launched Youth Discussion

Mark looks at MiCandidate one week on

Ivan Yates predicts the European Elections for the Irish Examiner, my predictions are here

Irelands Eurovision entry gets a contract with Sony, well done Sinead!

Anglofritz tells us you can use your euro in Bournemouth and Poole.

Sinn Fein need proof readers

Lunchtimers – Addictive and annoying all at once

Conor Lenihan knows how to deal with Journalists and knows about technology he claims to to Adrian Wreckler

Random Eurovision Entry:

Greece – Sakis Rouvis with “This is Our Night”

Friday Links – 24/04/09

Andrew Neil has all the headlines in the UK Papers after their Budget

Turbulence Ahead compares the British and Irish Budgets goes Beta! Great work here by Gavin and John

Tweetminster a twitter service tracking British Politicans – I wonder will we ever have an Irish Version? EuropaTweets is the EU version

Guido tells us how Nadine Dorris ambushed Gordon Brown

Has Dialtostop been extended to Cork? I’ve seen the poster around the place

Joe has the details on the new roof in Wimbledon, less breaks in play now.

Simon on Irish Election has the news about Irish Ninjas.

The Muppets version of “Habanera”

Friday Links – 17/04/09

The UCC Economics Department have a blog – Cork Economics

Real micro blogging?

Saw this on Sky News, Green Granny shares money saving tips via video with Oxfam.

RapturePonies have the best Game ever

Via Mulley, Generation Yes, the Yes Campiagn for Lisbon gets started early.

Alan has an amazing and touching post on adoption, fair play for sharing that lad.

Via Bnox, Twitter Zeitgeist

Joe likes conspiracy theories it seems

Julien Frisch has an excellent post on the piecemeal approach to the EU.

Friday Links 03/04/09

Im at the Fine Gael Ard Fheis this weekend in Dublin. Follow the action on twitter with the hashtag #fgaf

My latest Th!nk post is up. Also as I mentioned on Wednesday they are looking for guest bloggers, let me know if you are interested!

Suzy looks at what miCandidate are offering, she makes a lot of good points. I have been advising local election candidates to avoid…

Darragh has some brilliant interviews from the Labour Conference, hopefully he’ll get the same opportunities at FG Ard Fheis.

Patrick has twouds from the Ireland v Italy match

Two European organisations are on twitter. The OSCE and the Council of Europe

FP Passport wonder do protests work. Not as much as they used I don’t think.

Julien Frisch has a shocking find from the European Commission website

and finally via Mulley on twitter

Have a good weekend!