Sargent resigns

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The Statement:

Statement by Trevor Sargent TD

A Ceann Chomhairle, I thank you for the opportunity to explain to the House the circumstances of the clinic enquiry I received in June 2008 relating to an assault in September 2007 which were partially reported in the media this afternoon.

A victim of an assault came to me to voice his frustration at the slow progress being made with a case where he alleged he had been head-butted when he told me he had reported vandalism to parents of a child he had seen trying to remove a road sign in their housing estate.

My intention was to ensure the Gardaí were aware I had received a representation from a victim in an alleged assault and that the full preparation of the case would benefit from witnesses not yet interviewed being interviewed before proceeding further. The victim was afraid for his safety, meanwhile.

I accept however that although my actions in contacting An Garda Siochána were not a criminal offence, under Section 6 of the Prosecutions of Offences Act 1974 such a communication could be deemed not lawful. In this regard, I accept I made an error of judgement. Accordingly I hereby tender my resignation forthwith as Minister of State for Food and Horticulture.

Green Party Leader, John Gormley also issued a statement:

“I am greatly saddened by Trevor Sargent’s decision to resign as Minister of State.

“There is nobody in Leinster House – or in Irish politics generally – whom I admire more than Trevor. He has brought a unique mix of ability and talent, decency and honesty to Irish public life.

“Trevor’s departure is all the more difficult because he is more than just a colleague, he is a trusted friend and confidant.

“I note that in tendering his resignation he has acted promptly and without any self interest. That is totally in keeping with his approach to politics and the contribution he has made across the past four decades.

“Trevor will continue to serve the people of Dublin North as their TD with the same total dedication he has shown since June 1992. He will be missed from the Green Party team in government but he will continue to work closely with his parliamentary party colleagues.”

I didn’t see that coming… I think he was set up. But it doesn’t reflect well on a government which is obviously at war with itself!

How long more will it last?

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Should Ferris Go to Jail

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A friend, Dave Maloney has written an interesting note on Facebook, which I couldnt help posting about here.

Sinn Féin TD (and convicted gun runner) Martin Ferris aided the released killers (Pearse McCauley and Kevin Walsh) of Garda Jerry McCabe in evading the Gardaí. On RTE’S News at One, Conor Lally the Irish Times Crime Correspondent stated that the van in which Ferris was in, was used to block the road, preventing an unmarked Garda car from following McCauley and Walsh, who at this stage had transferred into an awaiting car.

Ferris is nothing short of a disgrace and an embarrassment to those who elected him, but to the institution that is the Dáil. An elected representative greeting murders and obstructing the Gardaí should at least spend some time in prison. It is further evidence, if needed, that Sinn Féin have not changed their ways and are not ready or even fit to enter government in the Republic.

I can’t help agree with him.

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