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Election 2007

Irish election have an interesting post on the next general election. The tribune (registration required, Free Trial) have a story on the key constituencies in the election.

Over all the following is predicted:

Predicted State of the Parties:

FF: 75 (-6)

FG: 40 (+9)

Lab: 20 (-1)

Green Party: 8 (+2)

PDs: 6 (-2)

Sinn Fein: 6 (+1)

Socialists: 2 (+2)

Other: 9 (-4)

That leaves the following governmental possibilities

Fianna Fail will need 8 extra seats to get to the magic 83, but will they stick with the PD’s or try it with Sinn Féin, that’ll be interesting.

FG/Lab emerge with 60 seats and with the Greens on 8 it will them well short of forming a government.

For my own constituency the Tribune has this to say

Prediction: 2 FF and 1 FG (No change) Cork South-Central The transfer of Ballincollig to Cork North West will put pressure on FF to retain its three seats. However, even allowing for this, FG needs to increase its share of the vote by 10% to regain the seat lost in 2002. Effectively it will need the lion’s share of Kathy Sinnott’s 2002 vote. FF will have no difficulty taking two seats and FG is guaranteed one. Dan Boyle is likely to retain the Greens’ seat. The last seat will be a battle between the two largest parties and determined by the transfers of Labour and the PDs. Hard to call but Fine Gael need this one badly.

and Irish Election predict:

Cork South Central – Fine Gael gain one from Fianna Fail

My prediction for Cork South Central:
***in no particular order***
– Simon Coveney (FG) Guaranteed I think after his Euro campaign
– Micheal Martin (FF) Huge popular vote
– Deirdre Clune (FG)Gaining in popularity since stint as Lord Mayor
– Dan Boyle (Green) Well known, so should do well
– Michael McGrath (FF) will pick up on transfers from Martin, Dennehy and maybe Mininhan

Dennehy (FF) wont be elected as he barely got in last year, Ciaran Lynch (lab) will do well but will get pipped at the post for the last seat I think. Minihan, personally I don’t like the PD’s (Sorry Sam) and I dont know many in CSC willing to vote for them. Henry Cremin (SF) will do okay, but not enough to be in contention. Jerry Buttimer (FG) will fight every tooth and nail to get in, but I cant see FG getting 3 seats.

Lets see how my prediction goes!

Your starting early!

God if i heard that one more time yesterday I was going to freak. I was out canvassing with Cllr. Deirdre Clune in Carrigaline and Douglas shopping centres, and we did a walkabout in town afterwards. Great day, good weather for a change. But people were general shocked that we were out canvassing before Christmas. Sure we have to be. We dont know when the election is going to be it could be at any time between March and June next year.

Also the question I hate been asked. Why did I join YFG? Let me say it here and now.
I became aware of my political leanings around the time that John Bruton was Taoiseach. I can remember being in History class in Deerpark CBS, with Mr. O’Halloran teaching us about communism, and he could tell from the look on my face and my answers that I was not a fan of such forms of Government. So we came to the Blueshirts in Irish History and then he saw me liven up and know lots about things! So from then i was know as the Blueshirt when I was in School. Then logically I joined YFG when I started college!

Also people ask why I blog and I found this image which kinda sums it up for me.

I like to post my thoughts on issues and also raise issues as most of my friends check my blogs so therfore what I post up does get read!

Republican hate-figure to be first woman speaker in Congress

WASHINGTON (AFP) – Nancy Pelosi, a hate figure for the Republican right, is poised to become the first woman speaker in US Congressional history after the Democrats election triumph.

The pro-abortion, anti-war Pelosi’s elevation to the number three position in the US Constitution is all but certain after the Democrats seized control of the House of Representatives for the first time since 1994.

Pelosi immediately vowed the party would seek “to lead the most honest, most open and most ethical Congress in history.” She also demanded a change of US policy in Iraq.

“Today the American people voted for change and they voted for Democrats to take our country in a new direction,” Pelosi said at Democratic headquarters in Washington late Tuesday. “And that is exactly what we intend to do.”

The prospect of the high-profile San Francisco politician assuming the high-ranking position will sicken Republican conservatives.

Republican congressman Roy Blunt summed up the mood of her critics on the right before the election, describing the idea of Pelosi becoming speaker as “plain scary.”

A 66-year-old mother-of-five who is married to a millionaire businessman, Pelosi entered Congress in 1987, winning a special election in San Francisco’s 8th district after the previous incumbent died.

Pelosi was re-elected with a landslide on Tuesday, polling more than 80 percent of the votes in one of the safest Democrat seats in the country for her ninth straight victory.

Her early Congressional career saw her speak out against China’s 1989 Tiananmen Square crackdown, and she regularly criticised Beijing’s communist rulers as well as voicing support for Chinese students.

After serving on the House Appropriations and Intelligence Committees, Pelosi was elected minority leader in 2002 when Dick Gephardt resigned to seek the Democratic nomination for the 2004 presidential elections.

After taking over as minority leader, Pelosi won admirers in party ranks for her fund-raising abilities as well as her success in uniting Democrats against Republican legislation.

The biggest challenge of her rule so far was trying to forge a consensus over Iraq, a job made next-to-impossible given the deep divisions amongst Democrats in both chambers, wary of being seen as weak on security.

Pelosi voted against the 2002 resolution authorising the use of force in Iraq and is on record as saying she wants to see a phased withdrawal of troops from the country by the end of next year.

On Tuesday she vowed to push for a change of policy in Iraq.

“Nowhere did the American people make it more clear that we need a new direction than in the war in Iraq,” Pelosi said.

“Stay the course has not made our country safer, has not honored our commitment to our troops and has not made the region more stable,” she added, urging President George W. Bush to find a bipartisan solution to the question.

“We cannot continue down this catastrophic path. And so, we say to the president: Mr President, we need a new direction in Iraq. Let us work together to find a solution.”

Although lingering resentment of Republican-led moves to impeach former president Bill Clinton run deep in Democrat ranks, Pelosi has ruled out any move to seek impeachment of President George W. Bush.

“Impeachment is off the table,” she said in a recent interview, describing it as a “waste of time.”

Instead, Pelosi has said that the Democratic majority would focus efforts on trying to secure a series of domestic legislative coups, including increasing the minimum wage and securing tax breaks for college tuition.

(Source: Yahoo! News)

ATTN Texas!!! Vote Kinky!!!

There was a brilliant article in the sunday business post on this guy! (click here for article) Hes excellent and will certainly make a good govener. Hes focusing on Education, Healthcare, and Renewable Energy. (for more info on the issues see here)

Kinky also supports gay marriage!!! “Kinky supports gay marriage and equal rights for homosexuals. He believes that the constitution protects everyone. As he says, “I believe love is bigger than government. And besides, they have a right to be as miserable as the rest of us.”” from here


Show you independence!


Hey All,

I havent been the best lately at posting so I’ve added a few buttons along the side panel for the Lib Dems and the ACLU. I know im not american, but i think its a great cause and hope to highlight it among american readers of the site!

Click here for the ACLU

Ill shortly be posting up articles ive written for and keep your eyes pealed for an artilce writen about a new movement starting in Ireland which i collaborated with my friend Bryan Lynch on.

Also I’ll soon be working on blogs for two General Election Candidates in Cork South Central. Guess the Party!?!?

Finally on a sader note the rising death tolls on Irish roads has taken a Friend who I went to school with. Pat O’Donnell was killed when is car lost control near Ballyvourney.

To Pat.

Though I only know you for a short time, you were always someone could be relied on for a good laugh and a sympathetic ear. You one of the few who treated everyone with fullest of human dignity. Never a harsh word was spoken about you or by you.

You were one of a kind Pat and will be sorely missed.

Almighty Father, eternal God, hear our prayers for Your son Pat whom You have called from this life to Yourself. Grant him light, happiness, and peace. Let him pass in safety through the gates of death, and live forever with all Your saints in the light You promised to Abraham and to all his descendants in faith. Guard him from all harm and on that great day of resurrection and reward raise him up with all Your saints. Pardon his sins and give him eternal life in Your kingdom. We ask this through Christ our Lord. Amen.

Thats all for now!


PS Please say a prayer for all those killed on our roads and those who cared for them and mourn them. Thanks

Burma Exhibition – Burma, Forgotten Nation – Forgotten People

As you will be aware the official opening of a photographic exhibition entitled “Burma, Forgotten Nation – Forgotten People”, in the Cork Vision Centre, North Main Street, Cork on Monday 22nd May at 6.00pm.

“Burma, Forgotten Nation – Forgotten People” will feature a collection of approximately 40 photographs taken by the Cork photographer, Philip Daly, who recently accompanied Simon Coveney TD MEP on a fact-finding trip to the Burmese refugee camps on the Thailand/Burma border.

For more click here