[Eurovision 2010] Final Preview

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So it is time to have a look at the final five entries in this years Eurovision Song Contest. It is time to look at the big 4 and last years winner. I will be marking these out of ten, as there is no prediction to make!

SpainDaniel Diges “Algo pequeñito” (Something Tiny)

This is less poppy than Spains normal offering and it is growing on me. I love the circus theme to the video and it is influenced in the video. 7/10

NorwayDidrik Solli-Tangen “My Heart is Yours

There has been some comparisons between Norway and Ireland this year and I think that is misplaced as Niamh’s song is so much better. I find this to be a very boring ballad. But ballads are everywhere this year so it will pick up a few points. and more fiddles at the end… hmmm… 4/10

United KingdomJosh Dubovie “That Sounds Good to Me

The UK haven’t had a whole lot of good luck recently at Eurovision, so this entry is a nice song. Its easy listening and one to tap the foot along with. It could do well also. 6/10

FranceJessy Matador “Allez Ola Ole

France went all experimental for a while and then went back to basics. This year they are entering a fast paced dance song, that will be heard at the world cup I would say! (no handball grudge here btw) Its a cool song. 8/10

GermanyLena Meyer-Landrut “Satellite

All I can say is this is in my top two songs this year (Denmark is the other one). This is an amazing entry from Germany, and Lena is an amazing singer. This song has already gone platinum in Germany. I love it, its catchy and has a good chance of winning this year! 10/10

So that is all the songs looked at. I can go back to concentrating on politics and other issues here until 22nd of May when the Semi-finals begin. In the mean time if you are a eurovision fan, head over to ESCIreland.com where you will find lots more Eurovision news and opinion.

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Should Politicians Use Twitter?

Image by VitiligoCover via Flickr

Two recent events should be highlighted to any politician thinking of using twitter to further their electoral prospects. These two stories do serve as maybe a warning, before the commit.

Case 1: Dale v McCarthy.

This case surrounds allegations made by the Hon. Kerry McCarthy, MP for  Bristol East, about the political magazine Total Politics, which is run by tory supporting blogger Iain Dale. I shall leave it to each of them to tell their story.

As you can see, politicians have to be careful with what they say and do online! Is one over reacting? Or are both responses justified? You be the jury.

Case 2: Limburg v Schüneman

This case from the Lower Saxon State Parliament. After a debate on Aslyum Seekers, Green MP Helge Limburg called Lower Saxony’s state Interior Minister Uwe Schünemann (CDU) an “insufferable agitator” who was “shamelessly on the right-wing fringe.” (Full Story)

This when it came to light in the Lower Saxon Parliament caused uproar and discussions over the budget had to be postponed.

Is that what twitter should be used for?

So its over to you, after these anticas would you recommend that politicans use twitter?

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Von Rompuy wants a Euro Tax

So the Telegraph have a story on the fact that the new European Council President, Herman Von Rompuy, wants to bring in a new Euro Tax. This is to “bring transparency” to how the EU operates.

This hasn’t gone very smoothly for the new European Council Preisdent, and this really is his own fault! He made the announcement at a meeting of the Bildenberg Group, conspriacy theorists would know of this group very well, which isnt the most transparent of organisations, considering it meets in private.

Also the Von Rompuy seems to be overstepping the mark here. The Council cannot propose new legislation (or taxes), only the Commission can do this. While it is known that Borroso has an appetite for an EU-wide tax, but that appetite is not mirrored by the Member States. For tax all Member States must agree, and Ireland, Poland and the United Kingdom have previously voiced opposition to any such tax. Also with the election of the FDP in Germany, I can’t see them being in favour of this as they were elected on tax cuts not more taxes.

It will be next year before any such idea comes to Council (possibly year after) and by then the UK Conservatives will be in power and they will definately be against the proposal!

So in essence this is the usual euro talk that could damage Von Rompuy and maybe lessen his influence as “chairman” of the European Council?

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German election Result Night Live Blog

Keep up to date on the results from the German Federal Election that took place today! The action will kick off at 5pm over on scibblelive or below! Tag your tweets with #germanelection for them to appear!

Foot of the Mountain

a-ha at Irving Plaza 1
Image by Whistling in the Dark via Flickr

I tweeted today asking if anyone else had heard A-ha’s (remember them?) new song. I was shocked to get tweets back saying they didnt know they had a song out. When I was in Germany I kept hearing the song so I assumed it was on release here, but I was wrong. Anyway here is the song. It sounds like a bit like Take That, or as one tweeter put it a “Nordic Take That”!

Anyway check out the song its called “Foot of the Mountain” and may be on release here soon.

What you think of it?

Political blogging will resume soon.

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Lisbon Treaty: German Court Suspends Ratification

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The German Constitutional Court has ruled that the Lisbon Treaty is compatible with the German Constition (or Basic Law). But the Court has still suspended ratification until domestic law in relation to the EU is beefed up.

The Court stated according to The Local:

“The ratification document of the Federal Republic of Germany may not be adopted until the sufficient legal groundwork for parliamentary participation as foreseen in the constitution has been laid,”

“If one wanted to summarise this result, one could say: the constitution says ‘yes’ to the Lisbon Treaty but demands that parliament’s right to participation be strengthened at the national level,”

“The court is confident that the last barrier for adopting the ratification document will be cleared.”

I personally don’t think this is bad idea. Under the Lisbon Treaty National Parliaments are given more power. As it is  in a lot of member states there is complaints that EU legislation is not been given enough scrutiny.So I think beefing up national legislation and procedures in relation to the EU is something that every member state should do.

According to Der Spiegel:

The German parliament is to gather for a special sitting on August 26 for a first reading of the new law, a spokesperson for the Social Democrats parliamentary party announced on Tuesday. The vote would then take place on Sept. 8, weeks before Germany’s national election.

With this to be cleared it loos increasingly likely that the Lisbon Treaty will come into force in 2010, of depending on Referendum results in Ireland and Court rulings in the Czech Republic.

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[Eurovision 2009] The Final

Eurovision Song Contest 2009
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So tonight see the final of the 54th Eurovision Song Contest in Moscow. 25 countries will be competing for the glory and the right to host the contest next year. So who is in the Final? (In running order)

  1. Lithuania – Sasha Son with “Love
  2. Israel – Noa & Mira Award with “There Must be Another Way
  3. France – Patricia Kaas with “Et S’il Fallait Le Faire
  4. Sweden – Malena Ernman with “La Voix
  5. Croatia – Igor Cukrov feat. Andrea with “Lijepa Tena
  6. Portugal – Flor-de-Lis with “Todas As Ruas Do Amor
  7. Iceland – Yohanna with “Is it True
  8. Greece – Sakis Rouvas with “This is Our Night
  9. Armenia – Inga & Anush with “Jan Jan
  10. Russia – Anastasia Prikhodko with “Mamo
  11. Azerbaijan – AySel & Arash with “Always
  12. Bosnia & Herzegovina – Regina with “Bistra Voda
  13. Moldova – Nelly Ciobanu with “Hora Din Moldova
  14. Malta – Chiara with “What if We
  15. Estonia – Urban Symphony with “Rändajad
  16. Denmark – Brinck with “Believe Again”
  17. Germany – Alex Swings Oscar Sings with “Miss Kiss Kiss Bang
  18. Turkey – Hadise with Düm Tek Tek
  19. AlbaniaKejsi Tola with “Carry Me In Your Dreams
  20. Norway – Alexander Rybak with “Fairytale
  21. Ukraine – Svetlana Loboda with “Be My Valentine (Anti-Crisi Girl)
  22. Romania – Elena with “The Balkan Girls
  23. United Kingdom – Jade Ewan with “Its My Time
  24. Finland – Waldo’s People with “Loose Control
  25. Spain – Soraya with “La Noche Es Para Mí (The Night Is For Me)

I am not going to predict anything tonight as the Final is near impossible to predict, but I will give my top 5. In no particular order:


Alexander Rybak is favourite to win, but I think its all hype. They will do well, but will it be enough to bring it to Oslo?


Germany have a fantastic entry this year with Alex Swings Oscar Sings. They also have Dita Von Teese dancing with them, so it will be a great perfromance.


Portugal’s Flor-De-Lis did fantastic on Tuesday night and could do really well. Portugal has been in the Eurovision since 1974 and has never won it so its about time I think!


Svetlana gave a great performance on Thursday and its a good song. Could do well.


Will Chiara make it third time lucky for Malta? Its a nice song could do and got a good reaction.

Sean has also listed who to watch on his blog.

Who do ye think could do it?

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[Eurovision 2009] Semi Final 2 Results

The modern logo was introduced for the 2004 Co...
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So after a very under whelming Eurovision semi, where I was certainly not impressed by the interval act. Ireland didn’t qualify which was disappointing as they were fantastic! So who qaulified? and how were my predictions?

  • Greece (Predicted)
  • Denmark
  • Azerbaijan
  • Ukraine (Predicted)
  • Norway (Predicted)
  • Moldova (Predicted)
  • Croatia
  • Albania
  • Estonia
  • Lithuania

So I got four out of ten. Which is terrible in comparison to Tuesday. But hat can you do!

I wont be tweeting the final as a a few friends are coming over to watch it. I will probably be supporting Germany in the final!

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Good Friday = Boring Friday

I got an email from a promoter during the week calling today”the Great Thirst”. He said in the email:

This is the week of the great thirst when 2 oppressive regimes, the Church and State, come together and deprive us of our birth right, the very thing that defines us as a people! I am of course talking about the demon drink, the drop of the queer stuff, the very thing that gifts us with the gift of the gab, the aphrodisiac of a country on its knees, the shmoozle goozle, the few pints! Wednesday night is your last chance to even get a late drink, come 11.30p.m on Thursday night neither love nor money will get you a drop-een anywhere!

Joe also takes issue with this fact and makes a good point:

If any christians here took it seriously, there would be no need to forbid the sale of alcohol as they would just refrain for the day

It is a bit of a joke that the sale of alcohol is banned. I was in Tesco’s in Wilton last night and the place was jammed with people but alcohol! It was crazy! (Yes, I was buying alcohol too, but Im not Christian, let alone Catholic!)

This time last year I was living in Germany. On Good Friday I went to a steak house, where I had steak and a beer! I miss Germany!

I’m still going to be drunk tonight as I have a Birthday Party to attend! wooooo!

Update: todays Irish Times Poll is on this subject, do vote!

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Hesse Election Results 2009

FDP logoImage via WikipediaFor some reason I am getting lots of hits on the blog for search terms to do with the recent election is Hesse so I better put them up! For last years result see here. This year saw the SPD’s vote collapse from 36.7% to 23.7%. This reduces the number of seats they hold from 42 to 29. The CDU increased their vote share marginally going from 36.8% in 2008 to 37.2% in 2009. They now hold 46 seats, up from 42. The FDP are the major gainers in this election. They increased their vote share from 9.4% to 16.2%. Meaning they take 20 seats up from 11. Der Grüne also increased their vote share from 7.5% to 13.7% bringing their number of seats to 17 from 9, nearly doubling their representation. Der Linke also increased their vote share but only marginally from 5.1% to 5.3% and sees them stay on 6 seats.

It looks likely that the CDU and the FDP will form a governing coalition, as they will hold 66 seats out of the 110. This will help shore up Merkel’s and the CDU’s electoral chances as they face into the General Election later this year.

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