Followers are Back!

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So yay, the followers count is back to where it was! I spent the last good few minutes trying to public follow all the blogs I follow and google/blogger sure dont make this easy! You have to change the settings for each blog individually. Either by visiting each of the Blogs or going to the “Manage” page below the Reading List on the Dashboard page.

This is very easy to change either as when you change the setting on each page it refreshes the entire page! I had a list of 95 blogs to go through so I just concentrated on blogs that I do follow and are on blogspot, otherwise I would be there all day! Come on Google make it easier for us to change it!

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I am a Fan!

Ceiling FanImage by elston via FlickrAlexia Golez is a fan of a few things and her post has given me the idea for this post!

So what am I a fan of?

# Damien Mulley: He was the person that (unbeknowst to him) inspired me to start blogging. One of the first blogs I check every day.
# This is one of my favourite web apps and they recently revamped the website and its better then ever! I love the way you can share what you have shortened!
# Google Reader: If it wasnt for google reader I would be forever searching the internet for blogs, I love its recommendations even if I do worry that it checks my emails..
# Cork OpenCoffee Club: This has opened me up to a whole new set of contacts who have spured me on and have helped with through informal conversations or tweeting later on!
# Twitter: Twitter rocks as do the people I interact on it who help out with problems and point me in the direction of interesting news among other things.

So what are you a fan of?

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I have a confession and a question

I am addicted to Magic: The Gathering (known to those of us in the know as M:TG) a collectable card game and some how Google Reader knows this! It recommended this site to me. The only way someone would know about me and M:TG is by my emails as get emails about it and my delicious account where there is a number of links to M:TG. None of the blogs I read mention M:TG so am totally perplexed! So my question is how does Google Reader know I like M:TG? Is it looking in my emails for ideas???? hmmm dodgy!

Search Engine Wars!

OMG Yahoo has out passed Google in sending me hits!

What is the world coming too!

Thanks to statcounter for the details

Google has yet another search engine!

Via France 24

Google launches search engine for US patents

Google was live with a service enabling Internet users to search through the more than seven million patents granted in the United States.

The beta, or test, version of Google Patent Search lets people sift through patents granted by the US Patent and Trademark Office as long ago as 1790 by using inventors’ names, filing dates, patent numbers or key words.

Searches return information about the inventor and provide patent details online page-by-page.

“We’ve all heard about the Wright brothers, Thomas Edison, and Alexander Graham Bell — famous inventors whose creative minds changed the course of history,” Google software engineer Doug Banks wrote in a company weblog.

“But there are many more like them and millions of inventions…from useful everyday items such as adhesive tape and contact lenses to, er, things useful in specific situations, like this shark protector suit or this amusement device incorporating simulated cheese and mice.”

Google Patent Search uses much of the same technology that powers the Mountain View, California-based company’s online book search service, so users can scroll pages and zoom in on text and illustrations.

The Search engine is at


Well my friend just asked me to google “Movement to Save Ireland” and i found this.

They seam not to like the BNP only cause their Zionist. But their a ‘racist homophobic group’ as my friend names em.

I must hate the Far-right. Their against immigration. In Ireland we need immigration to keep the economy going! Stupid people

They even post against the Pride Parade in may with a picture of Me Seriously Pissed off now!!!!

If you like me are against these people check this bebo profie out Antifa Worldwide

Rate my……. what?

well i decided i do a search on google with the phrase “rate my”. God now i wish i didnt. Theres everything and anything out there. The only one that interested me was this one

They have three ‘schools’ in Cork mentioned despite that one is an IT, another a University and the other a College of Further Education. I hate american terminology!

Cork College of Commerce