The World In One City

I read about this in the Observer (Guardian on a Sunday) and think it is an excellent idea. Basically Owen Powell and Alex Horne are trying to meet people from all 192 countries in the world in London!And they’ve nearly done it! Their blog is fantastic detailing all the meetings they have with people from different countries. Their deadline is the 24th of October, so it will be interesting to see if they make it!

Ofcom clears way for use of mobiles on planes

Via News in Brief – The Guardain

Mobile phone calls and texts could finally be permitted on planes, according to proposals by Ofcom yesterday. The telecoms regulator ruled that individual airlines should be allowed to decide whether their passengers can use mobiles in-flight. The proposals were developed jointly with other EU countries, and cover all European airspace. The phones would operate via an on-board “base station” which connects to passengers’ handsets. The system would be switched off during takeoff and landing to prevent interference with other terrestrial mobile networks. Calls could be allowed in-flight as early as next year.

Alernative Medicine – Legal threats can kill

Well i read an interesting Article in the Guardian today (or was it yesterday.. whatever) about a case between a website (Quakometer) and the Society of Homeopaths

The article is really interesting and really opens your eyes on how homeopathetic medicine is regulated

Excellent Piece on Scottish Independence,,1959453,00.html

The above is a link to an article from yesterdays gaurdian. Its fantastic. It shows that Scotland really deserves independence and I hope it gets it some day.