If the UK Election had taken place under the List System

British House of Commons.
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One of the electoral systems that is currently used in the UK for European Parliament Elections, London Assembly, Welsh Assembly and Scottish Parliament elections is currently being ignored in the talk about a new electoral system for the UK. So I did a little experiment with the Election Calculus Simulator. I used the different nations of the UK as the basis of the constituencies. (For purpose of these I ignored the votes for others, all vote figures were taken from the BBC website)

So lets take a look at the results.

England (533 Seats)

List System:

  • Conservatives (40.0%):215
  • Labour (28.4%):152
  • Lib Dem (24.5%):131
  • UKIP (3.5%):18
  • BNP (2.1%):11
  • Green (1.0%): 5
  • English Democrats (0.3%):1

Actual results:

  • Conservatives: 297
  • Labour: 191
  • Liberal Democrats: 43
  • Green: 1

Scotland (59 Seats)

List System:

  • Labour (42.2%): 26
  • SNP (20.0%): 12
  • Lib Dem (19.0%): 11
  • Conservative (16.8%): 10

Actual Result:

  • Labour: 41
  • Lib Dem: 11
  • SNP: 6
  • Conservatives: 1

Wales (40 Seats)

List System:

  • Labour (36.9%): 16
  • Conservatives (26.5%): 11
  • Liberal Dems (20.5%): 8
  • Plaid Cymru (11.5%): 4
  • UKIP (2.5%): 1

Actual Result:

  • Labour: 26
  • Conservative: 8
  • Lib Dem: 3
  • Plaid Cymru: 3

Northern Ireland (18 seats)

List System:

  • SF (27.5%): 6
  • DUP (26.9%): 5
  • SDLP (17.7%): 3
  • UUP (16.3%): 3
  • Alliance (6.8%): 1

Actual Result:

  • DUP: 8
  • SF :5
  • SDLP: 3
  • Alliance 1
  • Others: 1

This would have translated to a parliament made of the following:

  • Conservatives:  236
  • Labour: 194
  • Liberal Democrats: 150
  • UKIP: 19
  • SNP: 12
  • BNP: 11
  • SF: 6
  • Greens: 5
  • DUP: 5
  • Plaid: 4
  • SDLP: 3
  • UUP: 3
  • Alliance: 1
  • English Democrats: 1

Now that would be an interesting Parliament!

I doubt that the List sytem would be used for the House of Commons, but it could be a possibility for the House of Lords. That makes it all the more interesting!

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Intersting Project from the UK House of Lords

Via Revolts.co.uk

An interesting initiative from the House of Lords, in association with the Hansard Society, Lords of the Blog, is a multi-authored blog from nine members of the House of Lords, and which has the potential to be very useful.

It is a very interesting blog with a member from the Labour benches, Conservative benches and Crossbenchers (the Convenor of all people!) as well as 6 other independent Lords. It is an interesting read to see what goes on in the upper house of the UK.

More reports on Lisbon Treaty

Bored? Here some recommended reading!
Tithe an Oireachtais: An Comhchoiste um Ghnóthaí Eorpacha, An Chéad Tuarascáil, Tuarascáil Eatramhach maidir le Conradh Liospóin um Athchóiriú

Houses of the Oireachtas: Joint Committee on European Affairs
First Report, Interim Report on the Lisbon Reform Treaty
(Word Doc)

Good report on what organisations (IBEC, IFA etc) think about the treaty.

From the UK House of Lords European Union Committee has a report that comes in two volumes.

Volume 1 is an The Main report of the impact assement, while volume two is the evidence basically the verbatim of the sessions of the committee. These will keep me in reading material for my weeks holidays!

Gay Pride: Triumphalist or rembering a historical battle for human rights?

The other day I was bored and was watching BBC Parliament. It was a recording of the previous days debates in the House of Lords, which is very interesting. Though one member of the House gave me something to mull over and hence this post.

Another thing that we see regularly—I do not know whether it is an annual event—is the gay pride parade, which I and many others consider to be triumphalist and could be used to incite hatred against other sexualities. People may think that that is far-fetched, but these days nothing is far-fetched.

Lord Stoddart of Swindon, Independent Labour

Source: Hansard

This was during a debate on amendment No. 137 (Lord Waddington) to the Criminal Justice and Immigration Bill.

For those interested the amendment was as follows:

Schedule 26, page 269, line 19, at end insert—

“13A After section 29J (protection of freedom of expression), insert—

“29JA Protection of freedom of expression (sexual orientation)

Nothing in this Part shall be read or given effect in a way which prohibits or restricts discussion of, criticism of or expressions of antipathy towards, conduct relating to a particular sexual orientation, or urging persons of a particular sexual orientation to refrain from or modify conduct related to that orientation.””

Source: Hansard

But the amendment aside, Lord Stoddart does raise an interesting point, Is Gay Pride Triumphalist? Or are we celebrating or Liberation that started in New York in 1960’s?

For me Gay Pride is a double edged sword. Its celebrates the fact that I am who I am, but at the same time I think Gay Pride can sometimes creat more differences then their are. I also feel gay pride has lost its political roots as demonstration for human rights, not just for homosexuals but for all citizens.

People views of Gay Pride today vary from fun, carnival like atmosphere (eg Cork, which welcomes everyone to join in the parade) to brash, sexual all night parties (eg Amsterdam). These are views I have come across in the two and half years I am out.

So where does the future lie for Gay Pride? Please leave comments and I will post on this one further.

Morning Briefing, 7th March

Dia Duit!

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An nuacht ar an maidin seo!

Northern Ireland goes goes to the polls today in a very decisive election. (CNN, Breakingnews, RTÉ, BBC, France 24) The Polls are open until 10pm tonight with the counting begining tomorrow. 250 candidates are contesting 108 seats. The election is by PRSTV, so transfers are critical for the last seats in each constituency, just like down here in the south!

Trocaire is to challenge the ban on its advertising (Breakingnews). This will be an interesting challenge, first time id say a charity has been forced to pull its ads!

Commonwealth troops serving in the Britsih Armed Forces are to form their own union. (BBC) They seam to be very dissatisfied with their treatment in the army.

The Dáil has passed rushed legislation to outlaw the soliciting children for sex. (RTÉ, Breakingnews). The Bill will go through the Seanad today and then onto the President of signature.

UK MP’s will have a free vote today on house of Lord’s Reform after two days of debate (BBC). There is a range of option on the table. The choices before MPs are: all elected; 80% elected and 20% appointed; 60% elected and 40% appointed; half and half; 40% elected and 60% appointed; 20% elected and 80% appointed; all appointed. Its is expected that a mixture will be the preffered option.

bhuel sinn é!