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Last night I attended the GLEN briefing on the Civil Partnership Bill, hosted by the Cork Gay Project and It was a very interesting meeting and I certainly learned a lot! We were given a 3 booklets on the Bill and I am currently working my way through them and they are fascinating. The speakers were Eoin Collins, Director of Policy Change at Glen and Dr Fergus Ryan, head of Law at DIT.

A few things struck me last night during the talks by the speakers. One of those was what they called this bill. They called it “momentous”, “profound”, “substantive” and “the biggest change to family law”. A few other things that caught me were that we must “accept progress along the way” (that’s directed at you Marriage Activists) and that we need to focus on “whats in the Bill” (I got flashbacks to the Lisbon Campaign when that was said).

We are going to get this bill whether we like it or not. But this bill will do a lot for Gay and Lesbian Couples (or same-sex couples as they are called). The bill will confer rights and obligations that are equivalent to marriage. It will help to equal the playing field between same-sex couples and opposite sex couples, who at the moment, even if unmarried are better protected under Irish Law.

Just a quick note, remember that the Civil Partnership scheme in the Bill only applies to same-sex couples, while the presumptive cohabitation scheme will apply to both same-sex and opposite sex couples.

So a quick did you know about the Bill.

Did you know you don’t need to be Gay, Lesbian or Bisexual to enter into a Civil Partnership?Under the bill at it stands the Civil Partnership must be between two people of the same sex and not related (ie: Father and son, or brothers etc)

Did you know you have to take vows under the bill? Under the bill a Civil Partnership Ceremony must take place in public in front of two witnesses and vows must be said.

Did you know Divorce (dissolution) is easier for a Civil Partner? Under the bill to get a dissolution you must be living separatelyfor two out of previous three years. To get a Divorce under marriage you need to living separately for four of the previous five years. There is also no clean break in a Gay Divorce, just like in a Straight Divorce.

There are a few distinctions without a difference between Marriage and Civil Partnerships but legally there is not a whole heap of difference.

But Tax, Social Welfare and Immigration aren’t dealt with in the Bill!

And rightly so. If Tax and Social Welfare were dealt with in this bill it would have to be certified as a money bill. This means the Seanad would have only 21 days to look at the bill and the Dáil can over rule it a lot easier. It is important that the bill is being dealt in the way that is. Provision will be made under the Finance Bill and Social Welfare Bill to make changes.

As for immigration, there is a bill dealing with immigration currently before the Oireachtas. This can easily amended to provide for Same-sex couples.

What is wrong with the Bill?

The bill does have a number of deficiencies. It does not deal with children adequately nor does it deal with citizenship. These can be remedied through the stages of the bill in the Oireachtas and Senators David Norris and Ivana Bacik have committed themselves to putting an amendment on Children forward.

What is right with the bill?

The bill will give more rights in the following ares:

  • Shared Home
  • Visitation Rights
  • Succession
  • Maintenance
  • Equality (introduction of Civil Status)
  • Domestic Violence
  • Right to sue for Wrongful Death
  • Pensions
  • Ethics
  • Tenancy

The bill will amend over 130 pieces of legislation. It will allow the law to play a role when people need it most, on illness, separation and death.

This bill is needed now. It would be cruel to dismiss it for something that we might get further down the line. That is the problem we don’t know when, we don’t how, and we think a referendum will be needed. Could you imagine the COIR posters if there was a referendum on Gay Marriage??

This is one of the biggest reforms of family law to be undertaken in Ireland. Hopefully this bill will start a train of reform in Irish Family Law, which is sorely needed!

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The World In One City

I read about this in the Observer (Guardian on a Sunday) and think it is an excellent idea. Basically Owen Powell and Alex Horne are trying to meet people from all 192 countries in the world in London!And they’ve nearly done it! Their blog is fantastic detailing all the meetings they have with people from different countries. Their deadline is the 24th of October, so it will be interesting to see if they make it!

Morning Briefing, 1st February

Dia Duit!!!

First one in awhile I know, but have been busy with campaign stuff!

Dáil seats for NI MP’s (Breakingnews) I personnally disagree with them having anything to do with the Dáil as they were elected to Westminster not Dáil Eireann.

France implements its smoking ban (Breakingnews). Woooo! There are now calls for a European wide ban, which i believe would be a goo idea.

Ad causes caos in Boston (BBC)Jaysus, some people take things too far in their reaction! they look harmless like!!

Herouxville, Canada has posted on its website what immigrants are not too do (BBC)

“We consider it completely outside norms to… kill women by stoning them in public, burning them alive, burning them with acid, circumcising them etc.”

It points out that women are allowed to drive, vote, dance and own their own homes

You got to love the Canadians!

Israel had developed a Flying car!!! (CNN)Excellent idea!!!!!!

Thats all for now, have a good day!!!

EU justice ministers to discuss Constitution


Justice and interior ministers of the European Union are to discuss a framework for talks on reviving the EU Constitution during three days of talks in Germany which are due to begin later today.

The talks in Dresden are the first major ministerial gathering of the new EU of 27 states.

Germany, which holds the rotating presidency of the union, has asked member states to nominate interlocutors for consideration of each country’s position on the Constitution.

The treaty was rejected by voters in the Netherlands and France in 2005 but has been ratified by two-thirds of the countries in EU.

Police co-operation and the fight against illegal immigration are also expected to be high on the agenda at the talks.

The German Interior Minister, Wolfgang Schaeuble, has said he would like to see a treaty on police co-operation agreed.

Mr Schaeuble has also highlighted the idea of ‘circular migration’, a method for minimising the so-called brain drain from poor countries of origin by promoting the return of professionals after a period in the West.

‘We are all fully convinced of the need to closely co-operate with the countries of origin and transit,’ he said. ‘We must also fight this terrible situation that people are dragged on to boats which are not fit to travel into the Mediterranean sea.’

Other topics on the agenda for EU justice ministers include the possibility of harmonising divorce laws as well as the problem of violent video games.

Woo! about time discussions were restarted on it!

Morning Briefing, December 28th

Dia Duit!

Conas atá sibh? An nuacht ar an maidin seo! (Thats the end of the Gaeilge!) reports on the IDA and ESB warnings on power cuts. There is also a good post over on Irish Election on this

It also reports that the Vatican is against giving Saddam the death penalty

CNN reports on a ‘significant’ earthquake in Scotland!

CNN also is running a report on predictions for future Tsunami’s in Asia

France 24 reports on the fighting in Somalia

Al-Jazeera has a report showing the difficulties faced by immigrants attempting to enter Spain

Thats it for now!


Hatefull bebo page Part 3

I didnt expect to be posting on this again so soon, but the idiots are at it again! well i got more responses.

This is from the same guy as yesterday

here look at urself ur a gay cunt!! n the foreign cunts are takein all the jobs.. but ur a bogger ye dnt no nuttin


ur just gay so shut ur mouth rite haaahhhhhhaaaaa

which i responded with

cause im gay ur ignoring my point of view! Let me tell you I have the same rights as you under the Equal Status Act and the Employment Acts. So get ur facts right!!!!

I also got comments from this guy one of the ‘band’ members

ya foggot you ar a disgrace to this country fuck u and your debates as well ya fool

with which I retorted

you wont suceed in any way. Cause you have to back up anything you say in politics. and let me tell you this I probably contribute more to this country then you do due to my work in the community and politics scouting etc. so grow up and actually debate me with some maturity

and he responded by giveing me his number and challenging me to a fight!!!!!! Wow maturity…

I also got a comment from someone who saw my posts on this and posted on the group bebo page. Please if your reading this, join the fight against ignorance!

I also remember leaving a comment on one of their pages about the number of immigrants the Irish eceonmy needs to sustain growth. I dont think they were to oppressed with that!

Hatefull bebo page

Help me show the ignorance of the people who set up the ”
POLISH AND ALL IMMERGRANTS OUT!” group on bebo on their bebo.

This is what the page says

Any one who dosent like polish takin our jobs or any immergrants OR ENGLISH SCUM,JOIN!.Fuck POLISH,ENGLISH AND ANY OTHER SCUM WHO DNT BELONG HERE!IRELAND 4 LIFE.GREEN FIELDS 4EVER!!


My response on been tod about this group by a friend which i posted on their bebo page

you do realise that without immigration we wouldnt have the economic prosperity today. Yer as bad as the English and Americans who for years were against Irish emmigration back when we sent more people abroad then cattle!

Please help knock some sense into these people!


Well my friend just asked me to google “Movement to Save Ireland” and i found this.

They seam not to like the BNP only cause their Zionist. But their a ‘racist homophobic group’ as my friend names em.

I must hate the Far-right. Their against immigration. In Ireland we need immigration to keep the economy going! Stupid people

They even post against the Pride Parade in may with a picture of Me Seriously Pissed off now!!!!

If you like me are against these people check this bebo profie out Antifa Worldwide

Mitchell asks why Govt took 3.5 years to consider Minister for immigrants

Fine Gael Dublin MEP Gay Mitchell TD has urged the Government to adopt his proposal for a single minister for immigrant affairs, after learning that the Cabinet is at last considering addressing the issue.

“Reports that the Cabinet is finally addressing the issue of immigrants and immigration are welcome and long overdue. I have been calling for the creation of a single minister of state for immigrant affairs for the last three years. In the Dáil I put forward a motion three and a half years ago calling for a cross-departmental junior minister who would have main responsibility on this issue.

“My suggestion was that the position could be held by the Government Chief Whip. As Minister of State at the Department of the Taoiseach I co-ordinated European affairs across all Departments. Immigration requires a similar co-ordinated response.

“I am pleased that the Government has had a belated change of heart. However, I would urge the Government not to go down the road of creating a Cabinet sub-committee for immigrants, in place of a dedicated minister. This Government’s record with Cabinet sub-committees is abysmal, not least its road safety committee.

“Immigration is an essential part of our economic success. We cannot ignore the fact that some migrants do less than well than others, and may need assistance in terms of health, education or language. The issues of racism and integration also need a co-ordinated response.

“With more than 400,000 migrants currently living in the State it is time for these issues to be addressed. I urge the Government to now accept my proposal for a dedicated minister for immigration, which will allow for a comprehensive response.”