Diary of A Canvasser: #Aras11 Edition

Mary Davis Sticker

As with every election campaign, I am out on the streets and talking up my preferred candidate or cause. This time out, just like with Lisbon 2, I have left Fine Gael behind to support a different group.

If you weren’t aware, I am supporting Mary Davis for the Irish Presidency. There are many reasons for this. but I think she is best placed to represent Ireland abroad and to engage Irish communities at home.

On Friday I went on my first canvass for the presidential election. We decided to canvass the Cork City V Finn Harps match in Turners Cross. The last time I canvassed this I didnt get a great reaction as we were campaigning for a yes vote for Lisbon 2, so I was a litte apprehensive, but boy did i get a surprise.

The reaction for Mary Davis was amazing, I have never canvassed for a candidate and got such a positive response.  Granted a few people were saying ” We dont need a president” etc and a few had made up their minds, but overall a lot of people were interested in Mary and contemplated voting for her.  A few people of course wasn’t sure who she was but once we said she was an independent candidate they did become interested.

There was a bit of slagging about the “Airburshing/Image enhancement” but someone show me a candidates poster which hasn’t been airbrushed!

It will be interesting to see how the campaign develops after the debates and as the candidates get more coverage.

I will of course continue the Diary as the campaign continues

Norris to re-enter Race for the Aras?

Taken by me (jaqian) on Kildare Street, Dublin...
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The Sunday Independent is reporting that David Norris is to re-enter the race for the Presidency. After withdrawing from the race over the summer I am surprised at his re-entry to the race.

His reasons for re-enter seem to be because of the support being shown, but his reason for withdrawal has not changed.

Those who withdrew their support for Mr Norris have not changed their mind, though there are talks that some Fianna Fail TD’s and Senators may help to facilitate his nomination, but it will still be a tough one for him to raise the monies required to run an effective nationwide campaign.

So what do you think should Norris re-enter? Or does the cause of his withdrawal and other statements attributed to him mean he should sit this one out?


Poll Update: Sunday Business Post/Red C

Cyprian Brady

As I was away I am only getting to update the blog about the poll that came out over the weekend. The topline figures were as follows:

  • Fianna Fail 17% -1
  • Fine Gael 35% -2
  • Labour 22% +3
  • Sinn Fein 13% +1
  • Greens 2% -1
  • Other 11% NC

This would to a seat distribution of

  • Fianna Fail 20
  • Fine Gael 64
  • Labour 47
  • Sinn Fein 17
  • Greens 0
  • Others 18

This has made the following changes to the Poll of Polls.

  • Fianna Fail 16.5%
  • Fine Gael 33.75%
  • Labour 22%
  • Greens 1.75%
  • Sinn Fein 12.5%
  • Other 13%

I am assuming that there will be polls on Wednesday or Thursday following the Debate tonight between Micheal Martin and Eamonn Gilmore, which Enda Kenny will not take part in.

Its going to be an interesting week for polls. It will be interesting to see if the debates make an impact.