Here We Go Again

The Spanish Presidency of the European Union on Wednesday will begin an Intergovernmental Conference to amend the Governing Treaties of the European Union to allow 18 MEPs to take their seats in the European Parliament under the Lisbon Treaty as elections took place under Nice Treaty rules.

This new treaty will not greatly effect Ireland unless they decide to go changing other things.

The following countries will gain MEP’s under the new Treaty:

* Bulgaria 1
* Netherlands 1
* Spain 4
* Austria 2
* France 2
* Poland 1
* Italy 1
* Latvia 1
* Sweden 2
* Malta 1
* United Kingdom 1

We may not have to have a referendum if the treaty in Ireland if the Treaty does not transfer powers to the EU. That would respect the Crotty Judgement.

It will be interesting to see what emerges in the next few months.

Hattip Julien Frisch

Originally posted on The Political Gay

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