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What a year! 2009 is approaching its end and its been and up and down year for me.


What a year for me and blogging! It started off great being selected for the first Th!nk about it competition and then that led to other cool projects, again involving European Journalism Centre and the Anna Lindh Foundation. I of course moved the blog .com and its bein great doing that. I have gotten involved with bloggingportal, irishelection and sluggerotoole at various points through out the year. I have met and been contacted by lots of cool people through all this.


Its been an up and down year with work. Loosing my job, like so many others, was a bit of a wake up call, and thankfully I landed on my feet. I know am back in college and have a part-time job. Things really did turn out for the better.


What a year to be involved in Politcs. The Local and European elections were great fun, as was the preceding the Ard Fheis. I learned a lot during the campiagns and look forward to putting that to good use in the coming General Election, whenever that will be. The second Lisbon Referendum was also a great opportunity. Getting involved with Generation Yes, Ireland For Europe and Bloggers for Europe, let to more learning and of course meeting lots of people. It was a great experience. It also got me published in local newspapers!

Personal Life

While 2009 was a great year, it saw a number of deaths for me too. This year I lost a favourite teacher from school, Paddy Mulcahy, and a good friend of mine, Brian Finn. Its right to remember them at this time of year. This year, brought lots of opportunities in my personal life, and I am glad I took them!


So what will next year bring? Who knows, but im looking forward to it!

All thats left to do now, is to wish you all a Happy New Year and best of luck for 2010!

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Recession Diary – 2nd March 2009

Welcome to my Recession Dairy, these will be a series of posts on how the recession is hitting me and my observations on it hitting other people. These are unstructured rambles of the moment like most diary’s are!

So, I have two jobs now. One of them is my former 40 hour a week job which is now down to a 30 hour week job. The other is a part-time job, which normally is only covering my sister working the door on a club (taking the money on the door, not being a bouncer).

Last Saturday night I was working and I could really see how the recession was hitting people. One guy came up to me with the entry fee in coins!!! €10 in €2, €1, 50c and 20c pieces, I was like Jesus Christ! I have to count all those! But working the club is grand, I know a lot of people that frequent the club so its a laugh. My sister is thinking of giving up the job, so it could be me there every week.

I have noticed, even before my hours were cut I had taken steps to rein in my spending. I stopped buying a daily newspaper. I used to buy one at least 4 times a week. I started cutting down on the amount of coffee I bought in coffee shops. I try to limit myself to one day a week, normally Saturday. I have started buying monthly bus tickets. I worked out today that if I use the bus twice a day for 5 days a week it will cost me €64, while the monthly ticket only costs €62 (I get the bus 6 days a week, so I save more!). What I have noticed since I got that ticket that I am getting less taxi’s as I am getting the bus into town, meaning I am getting moneys worth from that ticket and saving on taxi money!

I am drinking less. I wasn’t a huge drinker before, but lately when I go out I am noticing that I am drinking less and therefore spending myself. I also find myself availing of offers to get into clubs, for example my usual Friday night haunt is normally half price before 11:30, I normally get there for 11:20!!

So that is some of the ways I am noticing the recession hitting. I will try and do one of these posts very week, but no promises!

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Dont expect too much blogging this week!

Hey all! Dont expect to much blogging this week as my laptop “Liam” has decided not to work, and I hate using the PC fpr blogging tweeting. Going to drop it in to the shop tomorrow and hope for the best and that it will be fixed.

Three Magic Words

Do You believe in Love at first sight? Well I certainly do.

When I met my boyfriend back on October 15th I knew he was something different. We had been chatting before online and he mentioned that he was coming to Cork for freakscene (where i used to be every week) and I said say hello if you see me. I wasnt sure what to expect as he was squinting in the photo and in other pics he had bad hair! (Its much better now)

When I first saw him in the club, I thought, “wow! that picture does him no justice”. But when I went to go over to him he was gone. I found out after words that he had seen me and thought something similar but got very shy! He eventually built up enough courage to come over and dance. As we were leaving I dragged him upstairs as I heard the first bars of Kings of Leon’s “Sex on Fire”. I ended up staying outside talking to him for over an hour after the club and we kinda clicked from there. When he asked me out for a drink the next night I had to say yes! We ended up meeting again on the Friday night!

Then came the October Bank Holiday when the LGBT group in Kerry was organising a big party in the Brandon with a Rocky Horror theme. I tried to trick Russell into thinking a friend wanted to go but in the end I admitted it was me. So off I went to Tralee after work and met my parents got changed into my outfit and off I went!

Me All set to go

A great night ensued and I came home no longer single thanks to kick up the arse from my angel cards.

That was the first time I travelled for a guy and I went down again two weeks later to meet his friends and his mother. All of whom are lovely! The following Friday he came up for a weekend to meet my parents and freinds. He then came up again two weeks later (last Friday) for my birthday party.

We were in the caravan on friday night getting ready for the party when I turned around and 3 words popped into my head. I nearly said it. Russell looked at me and said “what?”. I admitted I nearly said something we had both nearly said a few times and I thought “feck it just say it!” So I did. I said the three magic words.

I Love You

Russ and I

It was a great feeling to get how I felt off my chest and to make it sooo much better Russell said it straight back! I have been grinning from ear to ear since!

So Do you believe in love at first sight?

This blog can change your life…

I believe I was paid the highest compliment possible as a blogger last night when someone told me that this blog changed their life. This is something I have not set out to do as I post haphazardly on a variety of subjects that I am interested in. I must say it meant a lot to me that person had such a high opinion of this blog and that it allowed them to admit to themselves who they are!

I am still getting over the fact that my writing had an effect on someone. It’s an amazing feeling I must say.

I was thinking of giving up on blogging, but this has reinvigorated me! So expect more posting! Time permitting of course!

An Apology and Explanation

I would like to take this opportunity to explain a certain post of mine that has caused some upset to some people I know. The post in question was the one about me leaving the church.

Firstly I would like to state I had an excellent upbringing as a child of catholic parents who decided to would be best to raise me catholic. It being the 1980’s in Ireland, there weren’t many other options. But at the same time I think my parents did a good job and raised me more secular then Catholic. They thought me right from wrong and how to live my life to the full.

I can never remember being forced to go to mass, I didnt mind it though I can never remember what the Priest said in the Homily but I still know all the prayers off by heart. I did not think that the post would offend the people dear to me and I am sorry.

It took alot of courage for me to that though, finally admit that I no longer believe in an omnipotent God. It took many trips to the bookshop staring at the God Delusion but I thought it was a good idea to challenge my beliefs. My beliefs it turned out weren’t as important to me as I had thought and when I sat down and read the arguments, sometimes I had to read them twice to be sure I understood them, I realised I was arging with most of them.

My parents thought me to respect beliefs but more importantly I had a teacher in Secondary School who advised us to “Question Everything”. I think this is one way I am living up to his advice.

I respect all religions, and have the utmost respect for religous people. I think it shows great dedication and commitment, but religion as it stands does not work for me. That might change later in life if evidence comes out that God (Yahweh, Allah, Shiva, He/She/It, the Flying Spagetti Monster (I’m serious thats a religion!!) etc) exist.

To me Catholicism is a way of life, the ten commandments are a good way to live your life, but so are these:

1. You will daily give thanks to your heavenly Mother and Father, and to your earthly mother and father, for the precious gift of life.

2. You will show your respect and appreciation for this gift by striving always to make life a rich experience for yourself and others.

3. You will have reverence for the plant kingdom, which provides oxygen to breathe, food to eat, and beauty to uplift your soul.

4. You will love the members of the animal kingdom as brothers and sister.

5. You will not wantonly injure or destroy any vegetation.

6. You will not injure or kill any animal, except in self defence or for food.

7. You will not injure or kill any human, except in defence of your life, or your kin.

8. You will not wage war.

9. You will regard with equal dignity men, women and children of all races and creeds.

10. You will joyfully give succour and assistance to those less fortunate than yourself

I remember dawkins adding one to a list he had, about interfering in other peoples sex lives basically.

I am HUGELY grateful for the well rounded raising I have gotten from my Parents, but I think this could be a bone of contention for the future.

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Karneval Break! Normal Service resumes on the 5.2.08

Just to let everyone know that i doubt I will be blogging between now and the 5th of February due to Karneval her in Köln. Have a nice weekend everyone and I will get back to blogging about the Treaty of Lisbon and German Politics (proabably Eurovision also) from that date!

Kölle Alaaf!

EDIT: Fixed the dates. I never was good with them!