New Blogs!

I haven’t done a post like this in a bit, but two friends recently started blogging so I think its the right time for a post like it!

So the first blog is Checking the Pulse on the Irish Care Sector. This is a blog by a friend Con who is a Nurse. It will be an interesting blog which is following a all the health related news in Ireland. A one to watch!

The next blog is John’s Notion of A Blog. This blog by, you guessed it, John an art student in CCAD. He has some interesting stuff up on a few artists. Could be an interesting old blog if you have a passing interest in art like myself!

I might do this again soon, so if you know of new blogs, or have recently started one let me know in the comments or email Stephen[at]stephenspillane[dot]com

Monday Links 30/03/09

So I stopped doing the five a day as it was beginning to be a chore, so I have decided to do a linky post every two days, so Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday. So here is the first installement.

Check out Helena’s post on about aslyum seekers (supposedly) taking jobs, the comments are quite interesting.

Der Spiegel tell us about a Nudist Hotel planned in Germany. Don’t think I am up for that.

Sticking with hotels (with clothes this time) Elf in Amsterdam has a cool post about a Heli-hotel…

A new blog, The Wonderful World Of Joe

Roy of Irish Taxi has some pictures from the Taxi Strike today

Arse End of Ireland talks about C U Next TuesdayS (Just read the capitals)

Brussels Blog tell us how Sweden are preparing for their EU Presidency tell him how the EU should be run, via The European Citizen

And a video…

Steve’s Five-A-Day – 25/1/09

Easy Like Sunday MorningImage by Roger Smith via FlickrI didn’t think I’d be doing this today, but as I have time I will. Though I doubt there will be any tomorrow or Tuesday! Wednesday is doubtful, but we will see! So for some Sunday reading.

1. Bernie has a post on the Irish Economy and is calling the recession here an “Econopalypse”, I agree with him
2. There is a post on Slugger about a new Newspaper as Gaeilge
3. Joe G has an interesting post on Class and being gullible
4. Strange Maps have an interesting post on what could have happened in World War III if it happened in the 50’s
5. Iain Dale has a post on the latest “cash for” scandel in the House of Lords

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Steve’s Five-A-Day – 24/1/09

NYRA Berkeley Voting Age ProtestImage via WikipediaJust note, I doubt there will be a five-a-day tomorrow and there will definitely be none on Monday or Tuesday (unless I am very bored in the Hotel). Normal service will resume on Wednesday, now for today’s recommended reading.

1. Anthony on Public Inquiry has a piece on Marian Finucane’s reaction to what happened Brian Lenihan on newsnight
2. Gav has a brilliant piece on Young people and politics and raises the issue of lowering the voting age.
3. UCCLGBT’s Rainbow week gets underway on Monday. Check it out if your around Cork during the week. Full line up here
4. Iain Dale thinks the BBC should screen the Aid Appeal for Gaza.
5. Guido hits back at Polly Toynbee on the issue of “fatcat bonuses”

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Steve’s Five-A-Day – 23/1/09

reading listImage by andthenpatterns via FlickrMore reading from my reading list.

1. Sully has a great post about how to use your girlfriends. Does it work for boyfriends too?
2. Damien has a post about the National Broadband Scheme Launch. Hes a Broadband Commentator don’t you know.
3. GayPatriot has an interesting post on how the “No on 8” Committee hid who was on the Committee so they could transfer the blame.
4. Guido wonders when the IMF will be called in to bail out Britain and also links to a fun game
5. Foreign Policy Passport Blog highlight Barack Obama’s Cheese Problem


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EU News Sources

In trawling through the Think About It blog, there is a interesting post on News Sources. I had heard of most of them before like EUobserver, International Herald Tribune Europe, Euractiv, BBC – Europe, Financial Times, European Voice and The Economist – Europe. Most of these I am subbed too or visit on occassion.

But the post also points in the direction of ones I didn’t know existed! One of those is Euro¦Topics which presents a daily round up of news from around Europe. It translate them into English, French, Spanish and German. Its really interesting to see how stories are reported across Europe. EUFeeds is a project from the EJC (who are running the competition) and is a fascinating way to see headlines in each country. It covers national papers as well as local papers. It is really interesting! EUX.TV has interesting videos on the EU as of course does the Euronews website.

For those interesting in Business and what something to complement their reading of the Economist and the FT should check out EUBusiness. For politics heads like myself The Parliament is one to check out as is NewEurope. The European Media Monitor is also one to check out, this is funded by the European Commission and is a one stop shop for EU related news.

Do you have any that I (or others) may find useful?

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EU Election Stuff

One of the great things about this Think About It Competition is that I find out about some really cool websites and Campaigns for the European Elections this coming June. This post is about two of these.

First up is the the European Parliaments own page about the Elections. This has lots of material on the elections. The picture above is in fact the English Logo from the campaign. I has links to the main groupings in the Parliament so you can find out more. It has fact sheets on each member state (heres Irelands). It also gives ten reasons why you should vote in Elections. It has a few pages on news articles from General ones to ones from National Angles. Overall an interesting site, maybe the layout could be a bit better, found they were putting too much on one page, buts thats just me.

The other Website is from Café Babel. Their website is EU Debate 2009. This webiste is trying to create a debate about Europe. It has interesting videos, like this one on how we can save money. It has interesting blogs where you can creat your own!. EUDebate also want to hear about any proposals you may have! Of course they link to the forums over on Café for a more interactive debate! This could be an interesting website as the campaign really gets under way, but it does need fixing. A few of the videos dont work and the main forum is down at the moment. Then agains this isnt properly launched yet, so maybe my expectations are too high, who knows?

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Steve’s Five-A-Day – 22/1/09

The Image by dhammza via FlickrWell here is installment number two of my five-a-day. Here is what I have been reading today.

1. WorldbyStorm has an excellent post on the recent “splits” in the Green Party over on the The Cedar Lounge Revolution Blog
2. Tom Cosgrave declares the Irish Republic dead over on Irish Election
3. Anthony on Public Inquiry has an excellent post on Fianna Fail protecting their freinds
4. Alexia has a good post on the Collison Course that happened yesterday
5. Meta Filter asks does the US President need to take the Oath to become President?

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Think About It – Update

Yes this, is the Blogging Competition thing that I am in. Im off to Brussels on Sunday for the launch. Will be back in Cork on Tuesday.

The organisers have a blog up with advice and stuff for us, but there is also information on the EU and other campaigns on it.

Some of the others taking part have linked to their websites, so here that are if you want to check out what I am up against. Not all the blogs are in English!

Making Things Happen – Italy
Kleita – Latvia(Its Martha that is in the Competition I think)
Jose Miguel Calatayud’s websitt -Spain
Etan Smallman – UK
Paris Never Ends – Lithuania
Katrina Bishop Blogs – UK
AriRusila’s BalkanBlog – Finland
The International – Germany
(un)fencing the mind – The Netherlands
Блогът на Юруков – Bulguria
phat phred – Sweden
European Tribune Diary of Frank Schnittger – Ireland
pypiaus blog’as – Lithuania
Corina Murafa – Romania
AnTyx – Estonia
BORUT PETERLIN, a Slovenian photographer in a rabbit hole of photography – Slovenia
Thailand tur/retur – Denmark
Lehet, Más a Világ – Hungary
Eamonn Fitzgerald’s Rainy Day – Ireland
Intialektualu – Lithuania

I will update the list as I get more links.

Sunday night sees a meetup in one of the hotels followed by a 9:30am start on the Monday in Sofitel. We will be having panel discussions on blogging on the like. It should be fun! Tuesday will see us visit the European Parliament. It will be my third visit. I am getting the full program tomorrow!

I am very excited!

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Steve’s Five-A-Day

LinkImage by Dunechaser via FlickrWell Joe has his little links, Alexia has her Red Links, Chris has his Random Shit and of course Damien has his fluffy links. So this is my stab at something similar. This wont be a daily post, but it will be something that is attempted when I am online. These are five blog posts that perked my interest today.

1. John on Semper Idem highlights that 13 out of 15 Irish MEP’s want the EP to have one seat.
2. Darragh has a warning about feeding the ducks in St. Stephens Green
3. Joe tells us how to piss off twitter friends
4. eWriteblog have a post about trying out Windows 7
5. Mcawilliams has the latest TTQT post up.

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