Creighton warns Yes side of Complancency

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In an article in the Sunday Business Post (€) Europe Minister Lucinda Creighton has warned the Yes side on being complacent about a “Yes” vote in the upcoming referendum. In the opinion article Minister Creighton draws a parallel between recent polls showing 60% in favour of the Treaty now and those which showed a larger majority in favour of the first Lisbon Treaty referendum.

Minister Creighton has committed the Government to playing an active role in the referendum campaign and she does not want to see a repeat of past mistakes in campaigns.

She also calls on”All citizens who have a stake in Ireland’s economic recovery must campaign for a Yes vote. ” She acknowledges that while referendum campaigns are “off-putting for ‘normal’ people (ie non-politicians!)” she points out that “the very point of a referendum is that it is about mobilising and engaging every single citizen on the extremely important question of amending our Constitution”.

Minister Creighton also calls on the Government to go further in facilitating people to vote in this referendum, calling for it to be held on a weekend and over two days which is the norm in continental Europe.

How much of this will happen is anyone’s guess. But her comments are right and should be heeded by the Government and those hoping for a Yes vote. Responsibility for the hoped response rest with both equally. The Government must ensure that those who want to vote are able to and are well informed. And those who want a Yes vote must ensure that they inform others of why a yes vote is important, why Ireland should sign up to this treaty.


EU Political Parties to get Legal Statute

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In the European Parliament has passed a Non-legislative resolution calling for European Political Parties to get legal statue so that they can play the role set out to them under Article 10, paragraph 4 of the Lisbon Treaty whereby political parties at European level contribute to forming European political awareness and to expressing the will of citizens of the Union.

The report by Marietta Giannakou (EPP, Greece) was passed by 560 votes in favour, 93 against and 22 abstentions. The report also called for

  • the possibility of direct membership of natural persons;
  • the rise of the present ceiling of €12,000 per year for donations to €25,000 per year and per donator;
  • the organisational convergence of political parties at EU level with the aim of the creation in the future of a transnational party system;
  • the independent resources that European political parties are required to demonstrate could be reduced to 10% of their total budget, in order to further enhance their development.

The ELDR recently launched an Associate Member scheme and this enactment of this report would be the logical next step.

If the recommendations are passed into law, something which is expected as Commissioner Šefčovič expressed a will to examine and put forward the proposal of the European legal statute of EU political parties based on EU law

if this was to become the case it would allow european parties to launch national campaigns and be involved in referendum campaigns. It could open up a whole new era of politics in Europe, but will it happen?

Here We Go Again

The Spanish Presidency of the European Union on Wednesday will begin an Intergovernmental Conference to amend the Governing Treaties of the European Union to allow 18 MEPs to take their seats in the European Parliament under the Lisbon Treaty as elections took place under Nice Treaty rules.

This new treaty will not greatly effect Ireland unless they decide to go changing other things.

The following countries will gain MEP’s under the new Treaty:

* Bulgaria 1
* Netherlands 1
* Spain 4
* Austria 2
* France 2
* Poland 1
* Italy 1
* Latvia 1
* Sweden 2
* Malta 1
* United Kingdom 1

We may not have to have a referendum if the treaty in Ireland if the Treaty does not transfer powers to the EU. That would respect the Crotty Judgement.

It will be interesting to see what emerges in the next few months.

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Re-Opening Lisbon

After reading this headline

MEPs set course to re-open Lisbon treaty

Queue lots of shouts of “nooooooooooooo” from me. It is a headline from the European Voice, about MEP’s on the constitutional affairs committee voting for an IGC on the Lisbon Treaty.

This is all about the extra 18 MEP’s that are to be elected under Lisbon Treaty Rules, but weren’t as the election was under Nice Treaty Rules. You get that?

So to add these MEPs we need to revise the treaties. This can be done two ways. Either a new Treaty, which will do more than just deal with the parliament, cause I know someone will want to change something else, or it can appended to the Croatian Accession Treaty.

If it is a seperate treaty it will probably mean yet another referendum here in Ireland and if its part of the accession treaty, it may not, but it will be for the courts to decide I think.

I wonder what will happen? Watch this space

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Tories: No Referendum on Lisbon

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ConservativeHome have a rough outline of the new Conservative Party policy towards the EU. While they will not look for the “unratification” of the Lisbon Treaty, they will seek to renegotiate the UK’s ties with the EU.

To be honest any renegotiation of ties will be a loss of influence for the UK. As areas that they opt-out on they cannot influence and they might have to go along with somethings due to access of the single market whether they want to or not.

Also if they do renegotiate then any future appointments of high powered posts could not be British, currently the UK have possibities for the two highest poistions. In two and half years they would have very little chance of getting anything that is availible.

The one thing this policy will do though, is keep the Conservatives united. A referendum on Europe or Lisbon could have split the Conservatives. This is the safest option availible to Cameron should he want to stay Prime Minister for a bit!

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67% YES!!

I am delighted, I am ecstatic, I am over the moon!!! The result today is unbelievable. At the start of the campaign, I said it could be a 60-40 yes vote if we worked hard. Last week I would have said 55-45 would be the best we could hope for! To see the result today was just amazing.

Thank you everyone who voted Yes. Thank you to everyone in all the Yes Groups who campaigned. Thank you to everyone who campaigned with me. Thank You to those on the other side who could hold a reasoned debate (thats you Gregg!)

With Lisbon overwith we can start to move on now. Europe can work better (after the Poles and Czechs ratify of course) and maybe we can get things working here (but that may take a General Election).

See RTÉ for the full results

I am gald its all over. Now life can get back to normal!

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Tomorrow’s Count

Well the voting is underway and polling stations will be open untill 10pm tonight so do go out and vote.

Tomorrow all the real fun begins with the counting of votes. The Irishelection crew will be keeping track of all the counts across the country on the liveblog

I will be tallying in Cork South Central and maybe North Central so keep an eye on the liveblog for up to date results!

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Highest Poster in Ireland?

A friend sent me this photo of what we believe is the highest poster in Ireland on Lisbon. It is located at the Top of Coom 1045 feet above sea level, on the Cork Kerry Border in the Muscraí Gaeltacht.

Highest poster in Ireland?
Highest poster in Ireland

Is there any that beat it?

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20 Reasons to Vote Yes to Lisbon

I got sent this list the other day, but due to events I am only posting it now. They are under a few caetgories and are linked!

I’m voting YES because Lisbon will give more power to the MEPs that I elect. (Articles 14 and 294)- More info:

I’m voting YES because I like the idea that when all of our governments meet and discuss things that affect me, they should do it in the open (Article 16.8)- More info:

I’m voting YES because the citizens’ Initiative means that the things that I care about are put on the agenda- and I don’t have to wait for the politicians to act (Article 11.4) – More info:

I’m voting YES because the chair of the council having 2 ½ year rather than a 6 month term is just common sense as far as I can see (Article 15.5)- More info:

I’m voting YES because I believe that the European Union should be a community built on values, as well as an economic trading block. And the promotion of democracy and human rights are pretty good values. (Article 3)- More info:

The Charter of Fundamental Rights gives me rights on a European level, as well as having them in the Irish constitution. And I like rights. Vote YES (Article 6)- More info: – More info:

I don’t always like the TD’s- but I definitely like them having more say about European legislation (Article 12 and Protocol 1 Article 4). Vote YES – More info:


I’m voting YES because I can’t believe that human trafficking still happens, and I want to use my vote to stop it (Articles 79, 83 & 87) – More info:

I’m voting YES because I’ve seen the effects of drug smuggling on this country, and I know that stopping the smugglers is the best way to deal with it. (Article 83) – More info:

Energy and Climate Change:

I’m voting YES because anyone with half a brain can see that countries HAVE TO work together if we are serious about fighting climate change (Article 191) – More info:

I’m voting YES because I think that if we negotiate our gas deals together, we get a better price- and heating my house doesn’t cost so much (article 194) – More info:

I’m voting YES because I want to support Irish Universities and Innovation- and the new European Research area will do just that (Articles 179 and 180) – More info:

EU In the World:

I’m voting YES because I was proud to see the EU saving lives on our peacekeeping mission in Chad- and if another crisis occurs, I’ll be proud to see them do it again (Articles 42, 43 and 214) – More info:

I’m voting YES because the Palestinian ambassador to the EU said that a more “politically effective” EU would support peace in her country. And I am for peace in the Middle East (Article 18) – More info:

I’m voting YES because the new High Representative for Foreign and Security Policy will be a voice for peace and justice in the world (Article 18). Vote YES – More info:


I know that for a small state like ours, having our own Commissioner is really important. Vote YES. (December Council Decision) – More info:

I’m voting YES because giving sport a legal basis in the EU matters, as it means more funding for local sports teams and facilities. (Article 165) Vote Yes. – More info:

Cóir want me to vote NO. As do Sinn Féin, UKIP, and a whole load of other crazy people. I know they don’t care about the same things I do. Vote YES – More info:

I’m not conveniently ignoring the fact that the legally binding guarantees are legally binding. Vote YES – More info:

I suffer from a terrible bullshit allergy. Vote YES (article 5 what the EU can/cannot do) – More info:

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Power To the People: Lisbon and Democracy

Generation Yes have produced a great video on Democracy in the EU under the Lisbon Treaty. Check it out!

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