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As well as the appointments made by the European Council last night (more on that later), another recent appointment has come to my knowledge. Dick Roche, the current Minister for Europe, has been made a Vice-President of the European Liberal Democratic and Reform Party (ELDR) . From what I am hearing, a lot of people are not happy about this.

Pat Cox, the former President of the ELDR is not a happy man from what I hear, and the youth wing LYMEC (who I have blogged previously about here) are also not a happy bunch. LYMEC are actually threatening to vote en masse against anything Fianna Fail put forward at ELDR Congress (which is currently ongoing in Barcelona) meaning that nothing Fianna Fail want will happen.The Dutch Liberals, the People’s Party for Freedom and Democracy (VVD) I think (It could be D66) are not happy with the appointment either.

Fianna Fail don’t seem to making many friends in the ELDR or ALDE. This is the second time this month they have annoyed other members. I wonder how long they will last as Liberals?

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Ógra Fianna Fail application to Join LYMEC Denied – AGAIN!

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Ógra Fianna Fail have again failed in its bid to join LYMEC (The European Liberal Youth) which acts as the youth wing of the European Liberal and Democratic Reform Party which Fianna Fail joined last month.

Ógra when it previously applied were blocked by the Young Progressive Democrats. A few of those involved are still around and are behind Im not sure if they have membership of LYMEC but the YPDs are still listed as full members on the LYMEC website

This time round I am not sure who blocked them, but I am told it was concerns about how ‘Liberal’ Fianna Fail really are that brought their membership into question. Their stance on divorce, abortion, and blasphemous libel are said to have worked against them and led to their application being rejected.

The strategy before was to have Ógra join LYMEC and then for senior party to follow into ELDR. With the YPD’s consistently blocking that they switched tactics, sending senior party in first but LYMEC is sticking to its guns and not letting Ógra in.

Interesting times ahead for Fianna Fail, as its youth wing is excluded from its European Party!

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