Margot & Gen Yes

On Friday Generation Yes is hosting a town hall meeting with EU Commissioner Margot Wallström. She is the Vice President of the Commission. It will be live streamed online also.

It will be on in IKEA’s new store in Ballymunat 1pm. If you wish to attend email JaclynATgenerationyesDOTie.

You can submit questions and vote for questions here

There are more details on the Generation Yes site.

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Ask Margot Wallström

I have already posted one thing that is on tomorrow night, UCC LGBT’s debate on Civil Partnerships but clashing with that is a web cast over on with Ursula Halligan interview European Commission Vice President Mrs Margot Wallström. She will be focusing on three topics; the future direction of the European Union, the Lisbon Treaty and what it means for Ireland and the difficulties of communicating Europe. The webcast is being co-hosted by the European Movement Ireland

The Webcast will be on from 8-10pm and will feature a live chat! You can also submit your questions in advance but there is no guarantee that they will be asked.

Some info:
Margot Wallström was appointed Vice President of the European Commission in charge of Institutional Relations and Communication in August 2004. President Barroso created this post in order to improve the way the EU communicates ‘Europe’ to citizens. From 1999 till 2004, Margot served as Environment Commissioner in the Prodi Commission.

Before dedicating herself to the European Union, Margot spent most of her professional life being active in Swedish politics. From 1979 till 1985, she was Member of the Swedish Parliament. In 1988, she became Minister of Civil Affairs responsible for Consumer, Women and Youth matters and held this post for four years. In 1994, she was appointed Minister of Culture for two years and then Minister of Social Affairs for another two years.

Communications also played a key part in her career. From 1993 till 1994 she worked as CEO of TV Värmland, a Swedish Regional TV network. Between 1998 and 1999, she lived in Colombo (Sri Lanka) and worked as Executive Vice-President of Worldview Global Media.

She was born in Sweden on 28 September 1954 and graduated from high school in 1973.

Margot Wallström also has her own blog!

Now I have a choice to make hmmm…

Hairdressers key to treaty vote

Via The Irish Examiner (Full Story)

Well done to Irish MEP, Colm Burke who has come up with an excellent idea to spread information on the Lisbon Treaty. He has decided to send information to hairdressers after his own experience in one in Cork. Teh hairdresser was told that the treaty would “bring in a new regime about the number of children she could have“. I have read the treaty and there is nothing in it on that. He was also handed a leaflet that claimed (not in the hairdressers) that “everyone would have to pay an extra 20% tax to the EU” which again is completely false.

The no campaign is stooping to low after low. Libertas also, in the Irish Examiner, misquoted EU Commissioner Margot Wallström in a letter, which she has blogged about.

What other untruths apart from the usual, Neutrality/European Army, are we going to hear. I’m thinking of compiling a list.