On Today’s Union “Protest”

So right now “protests” are taking place around the country at the expense of many people trying to go about their daily business. Is that really all the unions can do? Grand stand?

All the unions seem to be doing, to me anyway, is wasting money. They are putting up ads, sending out letters and all that, which really isnt going to help anyone. Especially those that actually need the help.

This is the issue that Ireland faces, protect jobs and wages, or cut costs and create jobs.

Im know I am for creating jobs, which means cutting minimum wage and other costs. Then we can create jobs, get people off welfare (thereby lowering spending) and then we will have a chance. Of course the unions wouldnt back this to save their lives.

I have no love for unions, they are all mé féiners as far as I am concerned and are certainly not helping me with their “protest” today. In fact due to the protest today I could be late for work. Thanks a bunch guys.

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The Bludget doesnt effect me that much

As I apporached today I was fearful that they would do something that would directly effect me (Im selfish I know). But as someone on minimum wage I thought they might do something to the tax limits, but they didn’t.

What did you make of the Bludget?

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Morning Briefing, December 20th

argh 8 minutes to do the morning briefing ahhhhhhhh!

BreakingNews.ie reports on the opening of the new Port Tunnel in Dublin.

also reports that the Irish Government will be raising the Minimum Wage! wooo!

RTÉ reports that Bupa are going to appeal the high court verdict on risk equalisation

also reports that the EU Commission is to rule on Ryanairs take over bid for Aer Lingus today

argh 1 min left hence the shortness