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So now Trevor Sargent is accused of acting improperly in a criminal case. The Minister of State is the latest in a long line of accusations to have hit the Government. The latest of course being the resignation of Willie O’Dea.

While many would have assumed the Green Party were above all this type of stuff but it turns out, being in Government with Fianna Fail may have taught them some bad habits.

If Sargent was still the Leader of the Green Party there would be calls for his resignation, but as he isn’t I don’t think there will be that much pressure. Of course FF may ask for his resignation to get back at the Greens for forcing O’Dea out, but then that would be hypocritical in the extreme!!

Fine Gael’s Charlie Flanagan has called for his resignation, and the Green Party Chairman, Dan Boyle,  is defending him saying

“I know he’s a decent and honourable man and he’ll act accordingly.”
So there will be no tweet looking for his resignation!
Trever Sargent will make an statement on the matter this evening in the Dáil.
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"Progressive Democrats is no longer politically viable"

Well a meeting of the PD Parliamentary Party (all four of them) ended recently and have decided according to the Party Leader, Senator Ciaran Cannon said:

“It is the opinion of the parliamentary party that the Progressive Democrats is no longer politically viable.”

Source (

It is sad in one way that the party that tried to break the mold in Irish Politics when it was established by Des O’Malley back in 1985 (the party is as old as me). He did have good ideas and stood for his ideals. I also had a grudging respect for Michael McDowell who was an excellent politician and minister.

I suppose the demise of the PD’s cant be bad for any party really as their will be less competition for votes at the election next year, but who will gain from it? Fianna Fail look set to gain initially with Grealish and his cohort of councillors heading for them but will the voters agree with that decision and might not vote for Fianna Fail but one of the other parties. Only time will tell.

RTÉ subsite on Lisbon

RTÉ news have put together a good subsite on the Lisbon treaty here. Some interesting links including links to the text of treaty and all the headlines! Check it out.

First some sad news…

I was genuinely saddened to read that Brian Wilde, Foggy in “Last of the Summer Wines” died yesterday. I think he was a great actor. As a young’un I regularly watched that show with my dad.

BBC Story

Secondly, I’m moving back top Ireland sooner then I thought. I moving back to the Republic at the end of May instead of the start of July as originally hoped. I’m going to miss Germany, but I’m looking forward to going home and getting to vote in the Referendum. Hopefully will get some canvessing done!

Anti-Depressents: My Views and Experience

Yesterday one of the BBC’s top stories was of a report from the University of Hull researchers the popular brands of Anti-depressents (Prozac and Seroxat, among the four studied) are no better then “dummy pills” or placebos.

Now in the past (until November 2007) I was taken an anti depressents for an associated condition (panic attacks). When I first went to my doctor I was but on Seroxat, which I personally hated. It allows feel nothing normally, and when you do feel something its extremes. I can often remember going for walks and going from extasticlly happy to crying, in the space of two minutes.

The listed side effects are as follows:

Common side effects of Seroxat may include suicidal thoughts, headaches, decreased sex drive, agitation, anxiety, nervousness, difficulty with ejaculation, dizziness, dry mouth, fatigue, upset stomach, appetite loss, insomnia, rash, sleepiness, and vomiting.


I suffered from the following side-effects:
*decreased sex drive
*difficulty with ejaculation
*upset stomach
*appetite loss

Out of 16 side effects I got 10! I know not everyone gets the side effects but as someone who did they are not fun. Thankfully I have a good doctor and I went back to him after two weeks, and he changed my perscription to another SSRI. At the same time as this I was receiving (eventually) help from the HSE in the from of a Consultant Psychiatrist, with whom I have one more appointment with when I return to Ireland, and a Psychotherapist which was an excellent resource for me and helped a great deal. I also had peer support from friends, family and Schizophrenia Ireland’s Basement Resource Centre in Cork. This to me was properly more important then the drug I was taking which the drug I was taking (which had similar side effects but which didnt affect me!)

There needs to be more education about depression and mental illness in Ireland. Nobody talks about it. Its taboo, hence this post. Unlike say in the US people think its normal that you got to a “shrink” or whatever, but here in Ireland its a common view that only ‘wackos’ etc need to go to one. The talking therapies can help everyone get through difficulties. Some days after my therapy I would feel as if a load was taken from my shoulders and I learned effective ways of controilling my anxiety.

In my expeirence of working in a Pharmacy, (April 07 – Dec 07) Irish doctors need to be better educated on SSRI’s and other Anti-depressants. Some Docters perscribe without referral and I think that is wrong. If you a prescribed an anti-depressent you should be reffered for talking therapy also as this is the only way you can over come your problems.

The report, which led to me posting this, is avaible on Open Access from the PLOS Medicine wesbite. Initial Severity and Antidepressant Benefits: A Meta-Analysis of Data Submitted to the Food and Drug Administration
Kirsch1, Deacon, Huedo-Medina, Scoboria, Moore and Johnson

Alernative Medicine – Legal threats can kill

Well i read an interesting Article in the Guardian today (or was it yesterday.. whatever) about a case between a website (Quakometer) and the Society of Homeopaths

The article is really interesting and really opens your eyes on how homeopathetic medicine is regulated

Merry Xmas all! – News!

Well i fucked up before xmas and buggered my laptop installing wireless. So im finally back online on my new pc in my room! which i got in PC World Today!

Well last week i went to Movies vs Music for their Big Gay Xmas Party in the the Everyman Palace Theater what a laugh! Excellent night with Santa and Frank Twomey (remember Bosco) in appearance!!

I also on Saturday went to The Other Place for Colleens House Party where I was up against Theresa. I won/Lost all in one go!!

Neways merry xmas. Usual service will return tomorrow i hope!!


Morning Breifing, December 12th

Morning all,

Decided to to this every morning im awake for with a bit of a round up of International News and News from the Bloggersphere, after yesterdays ‘Interesting Stuff post

RTÉ.ie and have reports from the American Geophysical Union that the Artic will be ice free by 2040.

A lot of news agencies are reporting on Ehud Olmert blab on Israeli Nuclear Weapons which I covered last night

A follow on from yesterday’s post on France 24, it is availible on Sky Digital on Channel 515

The Examiner is reporting on how Pat Rabitte is flip-flopping again, saying that he “vows to remove FF and PDs from power”

UCC will name its new President today also with four people in the running according to the Examiner

Accoding the CNN that the Vatican have confirmed that the sarcophagus found under St. Paul’s Outside the Walls Basilica, is indeed the remains of the apostle St. Paul.

On a sad note, Post Offices across the country will close between 12-1 today, the An Post Website says

The An Post Board, Management, Staff and Postmasters extend their deepest sympathy to the family of the late Postmaster Alan Cunniffe following his tragic death on Friday last, 8th December 2006.

May he rest in peace.

As a mark of respect, all Post Offices will close on Tuesday December 12th from 12 – 1.00pm

Thats all for now have a good day.

New International French News Channel

Via Al Jazeera

France 24 has been launched and will be accessible in Europe, Africa and the Middle East in Frence, English and Arabic.

France 24 joins an already crowded international news arena with CNN, BBC World and Al Jazeer.

“In the symphony of the free press, there is now a French voice,” he said. “We’re late, and we’re trying to catch up.”

A French International Station was called for back in 1991 by the French President, due to the dominance of CNN reporting during the First Gulf War.

It promises a “French vision” of world affairs with a heavy emphasis on diversity and debate.

“It is indispensable that a great country like France should be able to have its vision of the world and broadcast this vision,” Jacques Chirac, the French president, said in an interview with the station.

“Naturally fitting with our traditions, our conception of civilisation, humanism and globalisation.

“This will be expressed, I think, through France 24.”

France 24’s website in english is here

Im glad to see a new service as it should be a good source of News for the 2007 French Elections.

Help or Colonialsim in a New From?

Via Al Jazeera

A Danish Artist as been offering poor Ugandans a way out of poverty by offering them animals in exchange for them changing their name to Hornselth.

Kristian von Hornsleth … is offering villagers of Buteyongera aid in the form of a pig or goat if they take on his name, is a commentary on the hypocrisies of society.

The Scheme is not a favourite of the Ugandan Government though.

Officials such as James Buturo, the ethics and integrity minister, have condemned the Uganda Village Project, which Hornsleth launched in June, as racist

“It’s a remark about hypocrisy, about Western and Third World relations, about aid against free trade,” Hornsleth said.

Their is a huge debate ongoing in the Ugandan media about this.

Ugandan newspapers have filled up with letters and columns, some praising, but many angrily condemning the “pig-for-name” project, as an insult to poor Ugandans.

On the ground its a different story

“We’re so grateful for these animals,” said Kabaalu Muyiwe Hornsleth, trudging through a field of banana plants towards her new goat tied to a tree in Buteyongera village, central Uganda. “Who cares about a name? We’re poor and he helped us.”

In response to claims that it was threatening the sovereignty of Uganda

George Sabadu, a 46 year-old Uganda, said: “Africans adopting European names for gifts – we’ve been doing that since colonial times. Why do you think I am called George?”

This is not a charity according to Horselth

“It’s not a donation, it’s a service. I don’t believe in aid, I believe in free trade.”

Im not sure myself about this but im for anything that helps people, help themselves, as im a firm beleiver in the old adage “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.”