Cabinet Meetings: Under Water and on top of Mountains

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Last month the Maldives Government held a Cabinet meeting under waterto highlight the threat of global warming to the island nation. This month Nepal’s Government will hold a Cabinet meeting at the Mount Everest base-camp to highlight the threat to glaciers. While both of these events are being reported around the world, will they do anything in the lead up to the talks in Copenhagen?

While both events can be used to place moral pressure on other states to do something at the COP15 summit, I don’t very much if it will be a clincher to a deal. These events have great media potential and both Governments have created a brilliant media event around these meetings and have gotten headlines. But whats the point if they don’t produce a deal in December?

The Maldives will still be at risk of flooding and Nepal’s glaciers will still be in danger of melting even faster.

There is a lot of razzmatazz and drama being built up around the COP15 conference, for the benefit of the World’s media. Some of it is by poor countries, and more of it is by NGO’s in various countries. While in some cases this media around the conference us good as it raises the awareness around the conference and things we can do to lessen our impact on the environment. Will it have any effect on the Governments that represent us?

Will Merkel, Obama, Brown and Cowen become converted to the cause of what is actually needed due to the actions of the Maldives and Nepal Governments? I frankly don’t think so.

Something more needs to be done to convince them of the right path. But I fear it will take an environmental catastrophe for them to be convinced. I fear it will be too late then.

World AIDS Day 2006

Tomorrow is World AIDS Day. Please mark it in your own way. Wear a ribbon talk about it, give money to charity, wear a condom, just do something!!!

The youtube video is a Medicin Sans Frontiers Ad.


I got an email about this, so here i am raising awareness!

Launched by the United Nations Millennium Campaign, STAND UP is an exciting challenge to set an official Guinness World Record for the greatest number of people ever to Stand Up Against Poverty and for the Millennium Development Goals.

On October 15&16, the world will come together and STAND UP and remind their governments that promises to achieve the Millennium Development Goals and help the billions living in extreme poverty, must be kept.
The purpose of the action is to raise awareness of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) and to publicly demonstrate to policy makers the growing global support for the eradication of poverty.

STAND UP is an initiative designed to coincide with Global Call to Action Against Poverty (GCAP) month of global mobilizations ( ) around the International Day for the Eradication of Poverty. We need everyone to take part to ensure governments listen and take action.

Find out how you can Join an existing event in your area or Organize your own STAND UP events.

Stand Up because:

– Every day 24,000 people die from hunger
– Every day more than 100 million children are denied the chance to go to school
– Every day 1.1 billion people have to drink polluted water
– Every day 8,200 people die due to HIV/AIDS

STAND UP Against Poverty

STAND UP Against Poverty

“That exists. Not here, but now.”

Amnesty International’s Swiss Scetion has launched a fabtastic campaign against torture.

With this campaign, Amnesty International wants to make people conscious owing to the fact that the human rights are daily violated, in many places on this planet. It is not a question of an abstraction but, for the people concerned, of a hard lived reality. Amnesty wants to sensitize the people living in Switzerland and to cause the discussion – but also to show at which point it is important to engage in favour of the human rights.

The central task of Amnesty International is to update, to count and make known publicly the violations of the human rights. It is only when many people know what occurs elsewhere, and that they engage together, that the human rights can effectively be protected.

There are many forms of violations of the human rights and they occur in very diverse contexts. But there is a constant: in fact human beings are concerned. The principle of Amnesty International of bringing back the violations precisely, by checking their authenticity and with respect for the victims, also implies to name the things by their name. That means to show what really occurs. The posters show – apart from very rare exceptions – very recent photographs of press.

For more info click here (Original French)

Bebo Profile – excellent idea

I was just looking at the bebo homepage and i noticed the first link. Its a NSPCC and Childline profile on sexual abuse. I think its a fantastic idea and well done to bebo for facillitating it as it makes people more aware of the work done by the NSPCC and Childine two excellent services to children!

Check it out

Did you know sexual abuse isn’t just when you’re forced to have sex? It can be when you’re touched in a way you don’t like or when you’re made to look at sexual pictures or videos. In fact it’s anything sexual that makes you feel uncomfortable and which you think is wrong.

It can happen anywhere, to anyone, even those you least expect. The chances are it will never happen to you, but if it does, you’re not alone. There’s no need to put on a brave face. You don’t need to hide it any more.