Morning Breifing, January 8th

An Nuacht ar an maidin seo

Well im never trusting RTÉ again. Thanks for everyone who commented, and yes its David Irvine, I was very tired last night!

FG launch into FF over saying they will go into power with Sinn Fein ( Maybe one of my predictions for the Government may come true.

NASA killed life on Mars (CNN). Wow thats a strange one. Didnt see that coming.

Sky News have launched a Green Britain yoke thats showing all week. one of this links is for a game from the Science Museum

Israel is reportedly ready to attack Iran, now theres a warn for them (France 24)

Predictions for 2007

Well Sam over at Pull out the Pin as asked me to make some predictions for 2007. So here it goes.

1) The Irish General Election will be longest in history

2) It will result in a hung Dáil

3) The situation in Iraq will deteriorate, increasing the support for the Democrats in the US

4) In the UK, Tony Blair will finally resign and Gordon Brown will take over

5) Talks will be fully suspended in Turkeys negotiations to join the EU

6) Japan will develop nuclear weapons as a Defensive deterrant against North Korea.

7) The Socialists will sweep to power in France.

8) Civil Unions will be brought into Ireland

9) Their will be a confusing referendum in Ireland on Childrens Rights.

Okay thats it, now its your turn.

Sams Predictions

Morning Briefing, December 18


Its one week to Christmas, hope you all have your Christmas shopping done, unlike me.

RTÉ have a story on how Circuses are to get grants from the Arts Council. are reminding people of when to post their letters and parcels as today is the last day for post to the UK also report that detectives have arrested a man in connection with the murder of 5 prostitutes in the UK

France 24 main story is the resuption of 6 party talks on North Korea.

Al Jazeera is running a report on how Muslims in Europe are being discriminated against.

Finally CNN leads with a story that reformists are leading in the polls in recent elections in Iran.

I hope to post up a picture of my house tomorrow as my Dad (hes like a 5-year old at Christmas, and the rest of us arent much better) has done a fantastic job at decorating the house!

Have a good day!

Morning Breifing, December 12th

Morning all,

Decided to to this every morning im awake for with a bit of a round up of International News and News from the Bloggersphere, after yesterdays ‘Interesting Stuff post

RTÉ.ie and have reports from the American Geophysical Union that the Artic will be ice free by 2040.

A lot of news agencies are reporting on Ehud Olmert blab on Israeli Nuclear Weapons which I covered last night

A follow on from yesterday’s post on France 24, it is availible on Sky Digital on Channel 515

The Examiner is reporting on how Pat Rabitte is flip-flopping again, saying that he “vows to remove FF and PDs from power”

UCC will name its new President today also with four people in the running according to the Examiner

Accoding the CNN that the Vatican have confirmed that the sarcophagus found under St. Paul’s Outside the Walls Basilica, is indeed the remains of the apostle St. Paul.

On a sad note, Post Offices across the country will close between 12-1 today, the An Post Website says

The An Post Board, Management, Staff and Postmasters extend their deepest sympathy to the family of the late Postmaster Alan Cunniffe following his tragic death on Friday last, 8th December 2006.

May he rest in peace.

As a mark of respect, all Post Offices will close on Tuesday December 12th from 12 – 1.00pm

Thats all for now have a good day.

Israel has Nuclear Weapons! Shock Horror :O

Via France 24

So the Israeli PM listed Israel as a Nuclear Weapon State

“We never threatened any nation with annihilation,” Olmert said on German television station N24 Sat1.

“Iran openly, explicitly and publicly threatens to wipe Israel off the map. Can you say that this is the same level, when they are aspiring to have nuclear weapons, as France, America, Russia and Israel?” he asked.

Ah but no, its a big mistake according to a spokesman

Miri Eisin, the premier’s spokeswoman, said that Olmert who on Monday started a visit to Berlin had not meant to list the Jewish state among countries with nuclear weapons.

“Israel will not be the first country to introduce nuclear weapons to the region,” she told AFP, using the country’s standard phrase at the heart of its longstanding “policy of ambiguity” on whether it has the bomb.

Both the Right and Left are criticising him

Right-wing opposition Likud MP Yuval Steinitz called for the prime minister to resign after having made “an irresponsible slip which puts into question a policy that dates back almost half a century”.

Leftist MP Yossi Beilin said “the staggering comments of Ehud Olmert only serve to reinforce the doubts on his capacity to remain prime minister”.

But this is not the first time it has been said lately that Israel has the ‘bomb’ as the Defence Secretary Designate of the US made a slip up in the Senate

Gates told the Senate armed forces committee last week that Iran was “surrounded by nuclear powers, with Pakistan to the east, Russia to the North, Israel to the west”.

Some experts say that Israel has 200 nuclear weapons but I think Israel are going to try and keep all this quite for another bit

The future of Trident – Menzies Campbell MP

You may be aware that it has just been announced that the Prime Minister will
introduce the Government’s proposals on Trident to the House of Commons on
Monday 4 December.

Today I’m unveiling the recommendations on the future of Trident drawn up by
our Liberal Democrat policy working group. These proposals will be presented to
the Federal Policy Committee and the conference in Harrogate will have the
final say in spring.

The proposals call for Britain’s nuclear weapons to be cut by half. This
significant cut would give us the opportunity to kick-start multilateral
disarmament talks, whilst also demonstrating to all countries that the UK takes
seriously its commitments under the Non-Proliferation Treaty.

Our proposals also call for the life of the current submarine-based system to
be extended, which would give us until at least 2014 to judge progress on
tackling nuclear proliferation, the state of multilateral disarmament talks and
the security situation in the world before having to decide whether or not to
commit to a new system.

I believe it would be unwise at this time for Britain to abandon its nuclear
weapons altogether. But neither should we spend tens of billions of pounds in
the meantime.

A deterrent of approximately half the current size, and extending the life of
the current submarine system, would be sufficient to provide for Britain’s
ultimate security until we have more certainty about proliferation.

A nuclear weapon-free world is highly desirable. Cutting our stockpile in half
would send a strong signal that nuclear disarmament is back on the
international agenda and that Britain is prepared to act first.

Britain could at anytime choose to scrap its nuclear deterrent completely, and
this option remains on the table.

You can read more about these proposals on the party’s website at

You can also register for our Spring Harrogate Conference at where, along
with debating this important issue there will be a range of other policy
debates, a wide spread of fringe meetings and numerous training opportunities
as well.

Japan ‘can build nuclear bomb’

Japan is fully capable of building a nuclear weapon but this should not be taken to mean it will do so, the country’s foreign minister has said.

Taro Aso told a parliamentary committee on Thursday: “Japan is capable of producing nuclear weapons, but we are not saying we have plans to possess nuclear weapons.”

Aso said the government would stick to Japan’s decades-long policy of not possessing, developing or introducing nuclear weapons to its shores, despite neighbour North Korea’s testing of a nuclear bomb on October 9, which has raised security concerns around the region.

Aso, though, reiterated his previous calls for greater debate on Japan’s non-nuclear stance. He said the constitution’s pacifist clause does not prevent Japan from possessing nuclear bombs for defence purposes.

“Possession of minimum level of arms for defence is not prohibited under Article 9 of the constitution,” he said. “Even nuclear weapons, if there are any that fall within that limit, they are not prohibited.”

Aso has said that in light of North Korea’s test, “it’s only natural to discuss how we should cope with the changing environment around us”.

However, Shinzo Abe, Japan’s prime minister, has asserted several times since the North Korean test that Japan would not stray from its non-nuclear policy. He has refused to commence a formal review of the stance.

Nuclear energy accounts for about 30 per cent of Japan’s energy production.