Och Aye, PolScot is up and Running (well nearly)

Well most people who have read this blog know I used to play an online game called PolUK well i guess what? I stopped ages back! Well now I have started playing a new one started by a few players from that game its Politics Scotland! I’ve signed up as a SNP MSP! Check it out!

Oh and this time I used the name Stephen Spillane so no confusing names on MSN!

PS the game should get under way soon enough!

A new Game

For the past month or so I have been involved with the set up of a new forum based politics game. Its called Politics Priland, a made up country in the North Sea, recently independent from the UK. I am one of the AV’s so if interested do take a pop over and join!

POLUK stuff…

Yes, I know I havent blogged since Friday, but that might change about serious stuff later in the week. Especially after the Local Elections on Thursday in the UK. Anyway back to this post.

I got promoted on PolUK. I am no longer a Minister of State! I am now a fully fledged Secretary of State. My department? Education and Science. This is really hard for me though as I have only a small idea of the English Education System, thank you wiki. Anyway it will be an interesting time. I have my first peice of legislation ready too and I have to react to a BBC story about Corporal Punishment. Fun times ahead.

Defending A Bill

This week, I have had the interesting experience of defending a bill I wrote copied. The Bill is called the National Health Services (Ombudsman) Act 1981, which I will not post here as it is long, detailed and very boring. If you do want to read it and the debate, the Second Reading debate is here, I will update when it goes to third reading. It is an interesting experience to defend a bill, thankfully I made sure it has no wholes in it and the Opposistion is coming at me about have a committee to appoint the Ombudsman, I have never heard of this process being used anywhere so I am rejecting it.

The Liberals have taken a wider approach and are attacking 6 “flaws” in the bill. Namely, the one year time limit for complaints; the right of complaint if they have the right to appeal; the Ombudsman powers of discovery; charging for people not affected by the report for copies of the report; staff complaints; and its applicability only to England and Wales. I have rejected all of these for a variety of reasons. Mainly as IRL (in real life) I have studied Administration Law and the role of the Ombudsman, these are all normal powers and all of them operate this way.

The SPD are nowhere to be seen, as usual. Really should put out a missing persons report for them.

I am getting plenty of support from my Cabinet and Parliementry colleagues, so it has turned into an interesting debate considering I though it would be ignored like the Nursing Home Act we brought in. I am surprised but happy.

I’m Chuffed

This weekend was fun for me over on PolUK, I took part in my first Question Time session and there was a review in the Times on the Government vs The Labour Frontbench.

First to Question Time, Stephen Armstrong, Labour MP for Stirling, Falkirk and Grangemouth asked

Mr. Speaker,

Does the right honourable Secretary of State plan to have nicotine chewing gum prescribed under the National Health Service for those who wish to quit smoking?

My Reply:

Mr. Speaker, we have no plans on this at the moment, though, if things do change. I will ensure that the honourable member is informed.

Mr Armstrong Supplementary:

Mr. Speaker,

What is the reasoning for not prescribing nicotine chewing gum, when it has been shown to make great progress in helping smokers quit their dreadful habit?

My Reply:

Mr Speaker, As I said previously, we have no plans at this time, but to satisfy the honourable member, I will look into it and will write to the honourable member.

I thinked I managed a perfect Government response, I answered the question without actually answering it! LOL

Question Time can be viewed here

Times review.

Below is a copy of the Times review of the DHSS. Full story here (not sure if you need to be resitered to view!)

Health & Social Security
Milly Calvert/Rachel Moore v John McClellan

The dynamic pairing of Calvert and Moore has been the talk of Westminster Village lately. The pair appear to get along extremely well and mandarins at the DHSS have reportedly been rushed off their feet as the Ministers plough through a large number of objectives. Calvert has proved a less austere choice than many had feared at first and the union’s have certainly warmed to her tactful approach. Moore appears to have taken a less public role, but it’s understood that she has taken it upon herself to draft a number of important documents that the government hopes to launch in the near future.

Health and Social Services isn’t fertile Tory territory, but John McClellan isn’t having a great deal of impact. Although extremely competent, Mr. McClellan is continuously outfoxed at the despatch box by the wiley Ms. Calvert, ably assisted by briefings prepared by Ms Moore. The economic constraints almost certainly bode poorly for the future of social security and the NHS – there is ample room for the Labour party to score points here in the future if a concerted attack is launched and maintained.

As it stands though, there’s no doubt that this is a surprising Tory win.

I know this is only a game and that but its great fun and when you see things like this written about you (Well your character) it is really nice! I’m all satisfied now. Write, time to get back to writing those documents and keeping the Civil Service busy!

Who in the World is Rachel Moore?

Those people who know me and are on my MSN contact list have propably been wondering why my handle on it is “Steve/Rachel Moore, MP for Brighton Pavillion”. Well heres the answer. I am back playing Politics UK . I am playing the Conservative MP for Birghton Pavilion, Rachel Moore. I have been appointed Minister of State for Social Services and get to work with a fantastic player, Milly Calvert, who is Secretary of State for Social Services. We recently worked on the Hospice and Nursing Home Management Act 1981 and we had fun and it is currently at seconding reading. I am thinking of doing an IC post, it came up on another players blog so look out for it!

Pol Sims

Well its official I am addicted to Political Sims, so I’m going to recommend two of them here. (They are the only two I play).

The first is Politics UK which I blogged about before. This is an excellent game. Though I’ve only been playing not even a month, I’m now the Conservative Shadow Secretary of State for Health and Shadow Minister for Local Government and English Regions. This game is great fun, you get to write PR’s, policy and legislation and the Players are great fun. Sign up if you want. If you do sign up over this blog please PM me on it.

Now the other game is new, set up by a few of the players on PolUK, its called Politics 1900. Its set in 1900 (shock) so its great fun, as there is loads of material available. In this one I play William McGrath the Deputy Leader of the Irish Parliamentary Party. This is an excellent game for those interested in Politics at the turn of the century. You can also play Lords in this game. Again if you sign up PM me

Hopefully I’ll bolg more often, cause Im a bad blogger I know….

Online Games I’m Spending too much time on!

Another excuse for my procrastination and lack of posting online!

The first one

Airline Mogul

A fun game where you set up your own airline and set routes etc. Its very realistic, though can get confusing when trying to set up new hubs. Handy forum and wiki if you get stuck on anything. My airline is called ETILT (Not sure if you can view it but give it a shot) and has bases at Cork, Alicante, London Luton and Innsbruck. Ranked 96.

The Other one


In this one, you are a political party in one of the many nations in Particracy. I am the Liberal Social Democratic Party (Wiki Page, Game Page), based in the Federal Republic of Kalistan. Its a really cool game with elections, and bills etc. Its great fun. It also has a wiki and a forum. Its geat fun, especially if you love politics!