Saturday January 17th – POA*

Cork Dublin Express 1Image by LostCarPark via FlickrIm bored on the train, so decided to make up my plan for tomorrow. So the hope for tomorrow is to get up earlyish (I am going out tonight, so give me some chance) and do some shopping. I don’t see myself heading over to the IFSC for Dublin OpenCoffee Club.
After that it is either meet with Vlad (of Etre Mortal, Etre Sincere) and then onto the Pre-TeenCamp meet in Starbucks on College Green.

Then it is off to TeenCamp from 1pm to 7pm. After that, someone expects me to buy them a pint. I think it’s of Guinness. Then it is food time (not sure where yet, supermacs at the train station??? ), before the train at 21:00 from Dublin Heuston to Cork Kent.

Should arrive into Cork for 23:55 then it is home bed, not pub, as I have work on Sunday.

A good plan I think.

*POA = Plan of action

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I Love Cork OpenCoffee Club

Well today I went along to my first Cork OpenCoffee Club in Luigi Malones and I loved it! Why did I love it? Well I got to meet really interesting people like Gordon Murray of eWrite, Anthony Glavin of ClubW and Micheal Kane of Curious Wines (whos logo rocks!!) to name but a few. I learned so much today about IT and various projects in Cork and beyond (such as Beyond: Targets by Tom Doherty in Waterford (who also bought the coffee! Thank you!!!)). I also got a chance to push this blog and to talk about services I like such as Twitter (think we may have gotten a few signups there), and Friendfeed. I also got inspiration for things such as a new blog which I am going to start work on later today so I will keep you posted!

So if you are interested in IT in Cork or just have a passing interest like myself do come to the OpenCoffee Club! Its great and everyone is really nice there!