Palin and Homosexuality

Palin seams to get a lot of bad press lately about her attitudes towards homosexuality, but those of you who pay attention to my google shared items or my friendfeed would have seen that have an excellent post on Palin and her ACTUAL position on homosexuality. The video is below, but do read the original post also.

So, while I disagree with how the whole choice thing comes across, but maybe she does think like Bruce comments, that she means choice to come out. So that is the Presidential Candidate and Vice Presidential with good attitudes towards homosexuality!

I Support McCain/Palin – GET OVER IT!

So I posted before that I supported McCain/Palin and have it on MSN and GTalk that I support them and it has landed me in no ends of arguments with friends. I am a gay right wing conservative, yes not a lot of people can put those things together as I noted back in April but I seam to be getting it again, this time in Ireland from fellow Fine Gaelers!!! I dont get it! I really dont! But anyway anyone who tries to argue with me over who I support is fighting a losing battle, there is no way I could support Obama. Hes in experienced and has shown no initiative in his terms as State Senator or Senator to reform (unlike Palin). His VP pick of Biden made me more anti-Obama.

So I could right on and on about this but I ain’t the poeple arguing know who they are and can stop now please! Thanks