If Scotland, NI and Wales have their own Legislatures Why Dosen’t England?

The front page of the English Democrats Party website proudly declares at the the top


Says Poll

The EDP are calling for

English Parliament with at least the same powers as the Scottish one.

They claim to “have long been the only National Political Party which is calling for an English Parliament.”

The EDP are calling for action on the following measures

England to be recognised and treated as a unified country. Scotland and Wales have been recognised as countries and their people given the opportunity to vote in referenda for devolved government. Scotland now has a parliament, and Wales an assembly. In contrast, the people of England have been denied the opportunity to choose an English Parliament. Instead, England is being dismembered into nine regions. We find this discrimination unacceptable. England should be a political entity with its own parliament and executive.
The immediate abandonment of the Barnett formula. The formula institutionalises discrimination against the people of England by ensuring that public spending in Scotland and Wales is far higher per head of population than in England. The Barnett formula diverts about £8 billion of extra public expenditure to Scotland each year. This means that the entire population of Scotland enjoys a subsidy averaging £30 per person per week. This has meant, for example, smaller class sizes in Scotland, higher pay for teachers, shorter hospital waiting lists, and the availability of prescription drugs and surgical procedures which are unavailable in England on grounds of cost. This unjustified discrimination must end. A new fairer system is needed which enables England’s share of the £8 billion to be used to improve public services in England.

They also favour “recognition for traditional counties, which would include the reunification of Yorkshire and greater autonomy for Cornwall.”

I really dont know whats so great about Cornwall.

I think the EDP have a point. Westminister has so much to do with the Running ot the entire UK that sometimes maybe England does get overlooked and could do with a Parliament or Assembly of its own. This is my way of showing support for the idea any way!

The EDP are led by Robin Tillbrook