They Changed their Name Again!

Party of European Socialists
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So the PES, which were going to be called ASDA ASDE decided to choose a different again. This time they have gone with Progressive Alliance of Socialists and Democrats or PASD for short. Not sure what that looks like yet….

So the PASD will be the second largest grouping in the Parliament. It is the offical name change as now their website even has it.

So the Groups in the Parliament will be the (in order of size):

  • EPP (they dropped the ED part)
  • PASD (formerly PES)
  • ALDE
  • ECRG
  • Greens-EFA
  • Ind/Dem
  • UEN

The Ind/Dem (17) and UEN (13) groupings may survive. I don’t know yet though. We will find out for sure on July 14th at the first plenary in Strasbourg.

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Okay, so we know all the Groupings?

With the anouncement today of the new conservative grouping in the European Parliament, the European Conservatives and Reformists (ECRG), we now know all the Groupings in the Parliament.

They are (in order of size) (PS not sure im numbers are correct):

  • European People’s Party – 266
  • Party of European Socialists – 161
  • Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe – 80
  • European Conservatives and Reformists – 55
  • Greens-European Free Alliance – 53
  • Union for Europe of the Nations – 35
  • United Left-Nordic Greens – 32
  • Independence/Democracy – 18
  • Non-Inscrits – 38

So it looks like the Parliament will be dominated by the centre right. The BNP failed to get enough MEPs.

Its going to be an interesting five years in Brussels/Strasbourg.

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PES Name Change?

Party of European Socialists
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So the new European Parliament is going to be a bit of an Alphabet soup. According to The Lobby blog the Party of European Socialist Grouping in the Parliament is going to change its name to the “Alliance of Socialists and Democrats” or ASDE for short (Not to be confused with ASDA). So why the change?

The name change is to suit the Italian Partito Democratico who in the last parliament where split between PES and ALDE. This will shore up the PES ASDE numbers by giving them 21 extra MEPs.

There was some opposition from some MEPs who didnt want to lose the Socialist branding, but after the election results they look less likely to stick to their guns.

So the Groupings in the next parliament could be as follows:

  • EPP
  • ASDE
  • ALDE
  • Greens-EFA
  • Ind/Dem (maybe)
  • European Conservatives (Or similar name)
  • Far-Right grouping (BNP are trying to set up a grouping)
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