A Favourite Picture

This is a photo taken of himself and I at a Christmas Party outside CafĂ© Paradiso on Washington St/Western Road. It is a brilliant photo in my opinion. One of the Girls, who was taking the photo a just said “Pretend your gay” which sent us both into howls of laughter as she took the photo.

From Kerry North – Xmas Party

Afterwards when I put the photo on Facebook and that another of the girls left a comment that left me with a smile on my face (as well as a blush! but i do that easily).

This is a good caption of two lovely guys having fun…cheers me up just looking at it……..it needs to blown up, framed and put up on the wall so everyone can see.

I see what she means and I hope it cheers you up too! It cheers me up every time I see it!

What a bunch of…


So I went out with a few friends on Friday night and when looking at the pictures I realise that we (especially me!) are a bunch of posers when a camera appears! See the photos below! But it was a great night! Started off at a birthday party with an old friend from school and then went on to Ruby’s!

Me posing in Ruby's! I blame @tywinlannister



Full Album on Picasa Web Albums

It was a great night!

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Microsoft Ireland Hacked!

Yesterday someone tweeted that Microsoft’s Irish website, microsoft.ie was hacked. I managed to get a screenshot of it before it got taken down. It has the highest views of all my pictures on Flickr. Currently 410 views!, would love to know where they came from but not buying a pro account just to find out!

Microsoft Ireland Hacked

Any one know anything about these hackers?

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Cancer Protest Pics

Here are some pictures from the protest in Cork this evening. I brought my camera but I forgot my memory card so these have been taken with my phone.

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Birthday Messages

So today is my birthday and I would like to thank everyone who sent me texts, said it on GTalk, MSN, facebook comments, tweets etc wishing me a happy birthday. I would also like to thank those who came out on Friday night to celebrate! We had a great night!

Also of course thanks to my family for being there over the past 23 years!

Now on to some interesting things. In a few of the cards there was interesting messages and so I have decided to post then here!

From my boyfriend I got this card

Birthday Card from @tywinlannister

and this teddy!

Me and my present from @Tywinlannister

From a friend I got this message in my card

Happy Birthday in Chinese

It’s Happy Birthday in Chinese!!!

From the girls in Jump Juice in the Savoy (Lousie and Sarah) in the card they gave me was this message!

Bday msg from Girls in Jump Juice

If you cant make it out it reads the following:

To Stephen,

Its all down hill from here
old age is horrible you start to
lose personal belongings (phone)
and hair (so far so good) and memories (but
hopefully not us 🙂 )

Funny eh?

And finally someone thought it was my 21st!

Someone thought it was my 21st!

They really did!

Finally again thanks for the birthday wishes and the presents everyone! Love ye all!!!

Mobile Pics

Lately I have started taking pictures with my mobile phone anduploading them to flickr. Below are a few I have taken recently with phone.

Coffee in Nosh + Coffee
Best coffee in cork - nosh + coffee

Sticker on bus window
Sticker on bus window

Mince pie in scotts
Mince pie in scotts

These pictures were taken on my Sony Ericsson W350i. Good quality stuff!