Cork South Central YFG being launched

Young Fine Gael
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A Cork South Central Branch of Young Fine Gael is being launched on Friday 15th of January is Soho Bar on Grand Parade at 7:30pm.

This is one of the new branches being set up by the Munster Regional Council of Young Fine Gael. YFG is the largest of the youth political parties in country and its expansion into the city should mark another stage in its growth.

The meeting will be attended by local and national politicians who will answer questions.

The first task of the branch will be to set up a committee and then get things moving in the City.

With one local Counciollor a member of Young Fine Gael I am sure they will have plenty of support.

Best of luck to them

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Update: Cork Democratic Party

I have done searching about the Cork Democratic Party and Suzy of suggested that I contact the Standards in Public Office to see if they are registered for the prupose of the campaign.

I got a reply from them today.

I wish to confirm that Cork Democratic Party is not registered for the purposes of the Lisbon Referendum Campaign.

That means of course they cannot accept donations above the value of €126.97 in an entire year.

a “third party” is defined as an individual or organisation, other than a registered political party or election candidate, who or which accepts, in a particular calendar year, a donation exceeding the value of €126.97.  A “donation” is defined as a contribution for “political purposes” andc includes money, property, goods or services or the free of below cost use of goods, property or services .  The definition of “political purposes” in the Act is quite broad and may capture the campaign in which the “Cork Democratic Party ” is currently engaged.

There is no way the signs they have up (they are 8×4’s) cost less then €126.97 so they would want to get registered for their own sake!

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The Cork Democratic Party

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A few parties are using the Lisbon II Referendum Campaign to launch themselves. One of these is the Cork Democratic Party.

Its not very often you come across a political party in Ireland based around a place, so this is an interesting development in itself. It will be quite interesting to find out what they stand for, because all I know at the moment is that they are opposed to the Lisbon Treaty.

I am kind of hoping that they are a secessionist grouping (Cork leaving the republic I mean), because that would liven up political discourse down here!

I wont go into what they are claiming about Lisbon, but they have big signs up on the Sarsfield Road roundabout, if anyone wants to check it out.

If you know anything about them let me know!

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Too many Yes Groups?

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Roberts post on IrishElection on Yes Groups for the Lisbon Treaty Referendum has given me some food for thought. Is there too many?

The groups that I know of are:

And thats not counting the Political Parties in favour of the Treaty, Fianna Fail, Fine Gael, Labour and the Green Party! That is nearly 9 groups. There are probably more!

On the no side we have as Robert points out “Coir, Sinn Fein, Socialist Party, Socialist Workers Party and the other lefty fringe groups”. Does this mean that because of the broadcasting act the Yes side could be left without a coherent voice? Each group having only a small amount of time While the No side is able to pick from a small group of people. That is a possibility.

But why is there so many Yes Groups? Robert has one theory

Politicians are not popular right now, so it seems the Yes side’s tactic will be to keep them locked away in their offices

That is one reason yes, but I would add to it. What is your reaction when a politician starts talking about Europe? I switch off, and I am EU-phile. Why? Because they are boring, they try to show off how much they know and basically bore people. The talk about “we europeans” and use cliches like “at the heart of Europe” which means nothing to most people.

Hopefully these groups will be better at talking ordinary language and not high faluting stuff that confuse and bore people. If they don’t, the Yes Vote could be in danger.

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More EU Election stuff

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Well I haven’t blogged since Monday and I apologise! But I may make up for it today! So I have found a few things relating to the EU elections.

First up is VoteMatch. Now I think its done by the same crowd who had the tool for the London Elections last year. This is based on the European Political Parties rather then the National Parties. You get asked to agree, disagree, neither with 30 statements and its gives you your match. My results are

  1. EPP
  2. ALDE
  3. PES
  4. Verts/ALE
  5. GUE/NGL
  6. ID

A good idea I think considering it will show which European Party you agree with. Check it out.

The other thing I found is called CandidateWatch. This is lauching on May 5th. What does it do?

Candidatewatch Ireland will allow you to question all Irish candidates in the forthcoming European Elections. Since all questions and answers are made public, you can follow up on promises after the elections.

It has been set up b ay German non-profit organisation called and TASC, an. Irish think-tank. It is an interesting idea and could frame the online dialogue between candidates and voters. It will be forum based, so should be easy to use. I look forwward to the launch of this one.

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5 things UK Conservatives need to learn about European Parliament

This is inspired by yet another post on ConHome where they get things wrong. Not sure if this would qualify as one off Joe‘s Five Things?! would it Joe?

Number 1: They are not members of the EPP.

Number 2: They are members of the ED – European Democrats, who are seperate to the the EPP.

Number 3: Because of this distinction they do not take the EPP whip.

Number 4: They sit as part of the EPP-ED Group in the Parliament which is completely seperate to the EPP apartus as a political party.

Number 5: They can leave quite easily and the EPP wont miss them that much, I would say.

This as also been posted on Please rate it over there! Thanks

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Gender Parity? What about voters choice?

Labour Party (Ireland)Image via Wikipedia

The Labour Party published its Electoral (Gender Parity) Bill today (See RTÉ for details) which will cut state funding to party who dont put forward a certain percentage of female candidates. From what I see from my expeirence in political parties, that when women put themselevs forward for candidature they invariable get selected, not because women vote for them but because men vote for them! I attended conventions for three electoral areas for the upcoming local elections and a woman did not put herself forward for election.

Its not for lack of support within Fine Gael, there is a strong womens group within Fine Gael and there is a large number of female officers on the various boards in Cork FIne Gael (As well as two female Councillors on Cork City Council) so to me there is very little political opposition to women candidates. The biggest downfall for women candidates is actually the female vote. Women dont vote for women, according to a study I read before Older Men are more likely to vote for women then women are!

Gender quota’s wont work, they lead to token women candidates who have no opportunity to get elected. Also bringing in a bill like this challenges how parties select candidates. For example in Fine Gael, it is members in the constituency that get to vote and choose the candidate, this bill will take that power away from locals and put in the hands of head office. Something which hasn’t worked to great effect for Fianna Fail.

Any gender parity is a no hoper in my opinion.

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