Eurovision 2013: Semi Final One Preview

Its that time of year again, and it nearly slipped by without me posting about it which would have been a first! The 58th Eurovision Song Contest gets underway in Malmö, Sweden. Of course the reason Sweden are hosting is thanks to the wonderful win by Loreen with that amazing song “Euphoria”, which has been the most successful commercial Eurovision entry ever! This year 39 countries are competing to win the greatest show on earth. Armenia returns to the contest after skipping Azerbaijan (for political reasons) and Bosnia & Herzegovina, Portugal, Slovakia and Turkey all take a break from the contest.

As usual the Contest is split over 3 nights. Semi-Final One takes place on Tuesday May 14th, Semi-Final Two takes place on Thursday May 16th and the Final takes place on Saturday May 18th. All the shows will be broadcast by RTÉ and the BBC, as well as the various broadcasters in Europe and further afield who broadcast the show.

There are 26 places in the final. 10 contestants from each semi-final will join the “big five” (Germany, France, Spain, Italy and the United Kingdom) and the host (Sweden) in the final. Ireland has been drawn to perform in the first Semi-Final.

Italy, Sweden and the United Kingdom have been drawn to vote in Semi-Final 1. Lets see what we are up against. (All odds as of 06/05/2013 from

1. AustriaNatália Kelly with “Shine” Odds: 100/1

Austria open up the show with this entry. It is the first ballad of the night, but very much on the pop side of things. It is a massive improvement on last year’s entry from Trackshittaz… With her surname Kelly, Natália may pick up a few votes from Ireland (Her Grandfather is Irish), but with there being plenty of ballads in this semi-final it may be difficult for this entry to shine out and get into the final.

Prediction: Will do as most Austrian entry’s do and fail to get out of the Semi-Final, but they wont come last like they did last year.

2. Estonia: Birgit with”Et Uus Saaks Alguse” Odds: 125/1

The curse of number 2. Statically at Eurovision this is the worst position to perform at. Which is a pity. Estonia have decided to follow what worked for them and enter a ballad in Estonian. Their entry last year “Kuula” by Ott Lepland came in 6th. This song is good, but as it following a ballad and followed by an up-tempo entry it may find it hard to be remembered.

Prediction: While it won’t win the contest, it will probably qualify and as long as it avoids the “curse of number 2” at the final it should finish in the top 10.

3. Slovenia: Hannah with “Straight into Love” Odds: 100/1

Slovenia bring us the first uptempo entry of the night with this song. Definitely a song that you would not be surprised to hear on the radio and in the charts these days. I must admit I do like it, buts it isnt very memorable in comparison to what we normally hear, so it may not pick up votes.

Prediction: I think this one has a 50/50 chance of qualifying. If this gets through and Estonia does not, it will be a clear case of “curse of number 2” on Estonia!

4. Croatia: Klapa s mora with “Mižerja” Odds: 100/1

Croatia brings us back to the ballads. This is a lovely entry and the vocals are magnificent. One you can definitely close your eyes and listen to. Reminds me a little of Il Divo!

Prediction: This entry may find it hard to get out of the Semi. But I would not be surprised if it did!

5. DenmarkEmmelie de Forest with “Only Teardrops” Odds: 7/5

I know I always love the Danish entry, but this year they deserve my love, and the fans and bookies also love them as they are the pre-contest favourite. This is fantastic entry. An excellent singer, powerful song and an excellent presentation. The tin whistle and drums just really make it for me.

Prediction: This could go all the way. Definitely a contender for the top spot.

6. Russia: Dina Garipova with “What If” Odds:14/1

Russia after sending the grannies last year (who did come 2nd!) have decided this year to send a more conventional act. Dina has fantastic voice and this song (another ballad) really shows it off. While it is a ballad in a semi chock a block with them, it is one of the more memorable ones.

Prediction: Its Russia, of course they will qualify. It will probably finish in the top 10.

7. Ukraine: Zlata Ognevich with “Gravity” Odds: 4/1

Following on from last years disappointing 15th place finish, the Ukraine have decided to tone it down this year. This is a nice pop ballad. Certainly not the uptempo style we are used to from the Ukraine in recent years, but this definitely works and should see it through to the final.

Prediction: Will qualify easily and may even end up in the top 5.

8. The NetherlandsAnouk with “Birds” Odds: 20/1

The Netherlands always try to get into the final, and nearly always fails (along with Belgium), but it nevers gives up. Bless. This year may see a change in  fortunes for The Netherlands. This is one of the ballads that actually stand out (and the mother likes it). Being at the half point won’t hurt it chances either.

Prediction: It will qualify but prob end up mid-table in the final.

9. Montenegro: Who See with “Igranka” Odds: 200/1

Montenegro continue to educate on the type of music that is in the Balkans. But I think like last year this won’t get very far. It is not a novelty act but it is certainly the point where I will be going to put the kettle on….

Prediction: If this qualifies there is something strange going on!

10. Lithuania: Andrius Pojavis with “Something” Odds: 100/1

Be careful with this one. Andrius can hypnotise you with his eyebrows! Seriously watch the video… But back to the song, its a fairly lacklustre effort that really does not go anywhere.

Prediction: Won’t qualify unless most of Europe is hypnotised by those eyebrows!

11. Belarus: Alyona Lanskaya with “Solayoh” Odds: 50/1

Now this sounds like a number of Eurovision Winners mashed together! This seems to have a Mediterranean feel to it, despite Belarus being no where near it! It certainly is different from its recent entries. Belarus failed to qualify last year, and it normally does, so I think that may be a blip in its record and this will bring it back to form.

Prediction: With Russia in this Semi Belarus is assured of qualification and if in the final will has a respectable finish.

12. Moldova: Aliona Moon with “O Mie” Odds: 80/1

And we are back to the Ballads. Moldova has this entry in English and Romanian. And while there is no denying Aliona is a good singer, I dont see this one going far.

Prediction: It will Qualify. Just. Finish near the end of the table

13. Ireland: Ryan Dolan with “Only Love Survives” Odds: 25/1

After inflicting Jedward on Europe for the past two years, we decided to give them a pass and this and decided to send Ryan Dolan (Son of Joe). This is one of the catchier entries we have sent and is stronger then the two songs we sent Jedward off with. I like it and as it is one of the more uptempo tunes, sandwiched between two ballads it will do well.

Prediction: Ryan will qualify and will possible finish in the top 10.

14. Cyprus: Despina Olympiou with “An Me Thimasai” Odds: 150/1

Yet another Ballad! There is a point when you can’t listen to them anymore (no matter how much you love Eurovision!). This is a nice entry from the Cypriots but they have done better in the past (like last year!)

Prediction: No Greece, so no Qualification.

15. Belgium: Roberto Bellarosa with “Love Kills” Odds: 200/1

Belgium really does try, it does. But like its neighbour The Netherlands it never really gets there. This is another good entry from the Belgians, but its middle of the road Pop, which could have been sung by Take That back in the day.

Prediction: With the Netherlands having a stronger entry, this won’t qualify.

16. Serbia: Moje 3 with “Ljubav Je Svuda” Odds: 66/1

Serbia ends Semi-Final One with this uptempo entry. Serbia always manage to find a song that will qualify and this year is no different. It will definitely retain its title as one of the most successful new entries to Eurovision.

Prediction: Serbia will Qualify, come on, do you even watch Eurovision? But this will finish mid-table.

So that is Estonia, Slovenia, Croatia Denmark, Russia, Ukraine, The Netherlands, Belarus, Ireland and Serbia to qualify.

Semi-Final one gets under way Tuesday 14th May at 8pm on RTÉ 2 and BBC 3.


The 2013 Eurovision Handbook

Adrian Kavanagh and Johnny Fallon have published the “The 2013 Eurovision Handbook” for Kindle available on Amazon.

We all have opinions as to what we like and don’t like from a Eurovision song, but it becomes absolutely fascinating to watch and predict voting patterns and the cultural shifts and preferences across different regions. It always adds to any Eurovision party if you can throw some history and light on an entry, it shows it to be much more than just a song looking for votes. Doing well at the contest is no mean feat.
This book aims to arm you with all you need to know about the 2013 contestants, what’s hot, what’s not, what’s mad and just why statistics play such a vital supporting role for any nations prospects. Adrian Kavanagh is one of the greatest minds there is for calculating statistics and assessing vote patterns, this material is drawn from his vast array of research. So please, with our help, feel free to amaze your friends with your Eurovision knowledge. I will always love the Eurovision Song Contest, it places politics, geography, society and voting against a background of all types of music. It is fun, but as you will see in the following pages it has lessons to offer if you know where to look.

All the proceeds from the sales go to the Irish Cancer Society. So do go buy it!

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[Eurovision 2010] Semi Final Two Preview and Predictions

Image via Wikipedia

Welcome to the second of my Preview and Prediction posts for this years Eurovision.  Today I am looking at Semi-Final Two which happens on Thursday 27th of May and features Ireland! This will be the one to watch for us! There are 17 entries in this Semi. It is also a very strong Semi, so it will be very competitive. This Semi also sees the UK and Norway voting.

On to the songs..

1. LithuaniaInCulto “Eastern European Funk

This is a nice funky start to this semi. Its upbeat and fun. Could do well.

2. ArmeniaEva Rivas “Apricot Stone

This is a nice song from Armenia. But the curse of second place may come haunting…

3. IsraelHarel Skaat “Milim (מילים, Words)

This is one of this years favourites and is currently third in the betting stakes. I can see why. Its a very powerful ballad, but it does stand out to the others. We see how it goes.

4. DenmarkChanée and N’evergreen “In A Moment Like This

This is my favourite of this years entries! There performance at this years Danish final was amazing! If they pull it off at Eurovision they are in strong contention to win. This just adds to my love of Danish entries at Eurovision!

5. SwitzerlandMichael von der Heide “Il pleut de l’or (Its Raining Gold)

I don’t know what to make of this song… or him. Im totally confused…. I sort of like it though…

6. SwedenAnna Bergendahl “This is my Life

Wow, this is a very strong entry. I really enjoy it. A nice uplifting song. Fabulous vocals from Anna. Will do very well I think!

7. AzerbaijanSafura Alizadeh “Drip Drop

This another one of the favourites and I see why. It is a really good song. enjoyable and the backing dancers…. well….

8. UkraineAlyosha “Sweet People

I am disappointed with the Ukraine’s entry this year. Gone are the energetic songs that they did so well with. I don’t like it.

9. NetherlandsSieneke “Ik ben verliefd (Sha-la-lie) (I’m in Love (Sha-la-lie))

This seems to hark back to entries of bygone days for the Netherlands. Its a fun song though and different! I like it.

10. RomaniaPaula Seling and Ovi “Playing with Fire

This is a really cool song. You can see why this semi is a strong one now can’t you.

11. SloveniaAnsambel Roka Žlindre and Kalamari “Narodnozabavni rock

This song is a brilliant mix of modern rock and traditional balkan music. Its a bit of fun,and a good entry!

12. IrelandNiamh Kavanagh “It’s For You

Come on Niamh! This is a excellent entry from Ireland. Its catching ballad that really shows off Niamh vocal skills. Hopefully she will have the stage presence like she did in 1993!

13. BulgariaMiro -“Angel si ti (Ангел си ти, Your an Angel)

This is another good song. Fast paced and catchy.

14. CyprusJon Lilygreen and The Islanders “Life Looks Better in the Spring

This is a nice song. A gentle song with a nice chorus. I don’t think it will get out of the semi though.

15. CroatiaFeminnem “Lako Je Sve (Everythig is Easy)

So Feminnem are back. This time for Croatia, and this time with less of a pop song. It would seem that they have matured. Its a powerful song though.

16. GeorgiaSopho Nizharadze “Shine

This is a nice gentle ballad. Sopho is an amazing singer.

17. TurkeymaNga “We Could be the Same

Not a great fan of this song. Its okayish.

Prediction time! So ten of these entries will progress. My guesses are in no particlar order

  1. Denmark
  2. Sweden
  3. Israel
  4. Ireland
  5. Romania
  6. Georgia
  7. Slovenia
  8. Azerbaijan
  9. Croatia
  10. Cyprus

What do you think?

See Part one here

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Irish Eurovision Fans set your Sky+!

European Broadcasting Union
Image via Wikipedia

Tomorrow eveing RTÉ will show the first of three Eurovision preview shows called “Eurovision: Countdown” it is produced by the European Broadcasting Union. It has been produced every year since 2007. This year it is being presented by Jovan Radomir of Swedens SVT and Yana Churikova  of Russia’s Channel One.

The show times are:

  • Sunday, April 26th at 17:30 GMT
  • Sunday, May 3rd at 17:30 GMT
  • Sunday, May 10th at 17:30 GMT

Who knows I might update my predictions after watching the shows! The programme may also be availible on RTÉ Player after it has been shown

(h/t: ESC Today)

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Eurovision, Final Preview, no predictions

It 41 days to the Final of the Eurovision Song Contest 2008. The Final will take place on the 24th of May, just like the first ever Eurovision Song Contest in 1956. The new format this year sees only 5 automatic qualoifiers, the Big Four (France, Spain, Germany and the UK) and last years winner and this years hosts Serbia! So there is only 5 songs to be heard. As there is only 5, I wil post the Youtube Videos rather then just link to them

Lets go!

United Kingdom (BBC) respresented by Andy Abraham singing “Even If

A nice song, though is it enough to reverse the UK’s recent results? I dont think so. All in all, it is a nice song, may do well in the charts for Andy.

Germany (NDR) represented by No Angels singing “Disappear

Now I voted for this song in the German National Final. I love it and can be heard singing along with it on nights out. This will be the entry I will be supporting! Deustchland Über Alles! *Note to self: buy German flag for Eurovision Night!

France (France 3) represented by Sébastien Tellier singing “Divine

For the first time ever France has entered a song in English!!! When I first heard this song, I didnt like it, though they seamed to have done some work to it. It is a nice song, but it dosent stand out for me, but it does remind me of the beachboys strangely enough.

Spain (TVE) represented by Rodolfo Chikilicuatre singing “Baila el chiki chiki

If you though Dustin was bad, this worse, much worse! I have to agree with Perez Hilton when he calls it the “Stupidest Song Ever“. I’ll be cringing in horror when this one comes on! I would say nil points but neighbourly voting will see Andorra and Portugal voting for Spain.

Serbia (RTS) represented by Jelena Tomašević singing “Oro

Serbia follow up on lasts years winner with another lovely ballad. I like this song, but I think their are stronger ballads in the competition especially Poland. Can Serbia make it two in a row?

Lyrics – Lyrics and Translations
Songs and Running Order – Eurovision Website

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Eurovision Semi-Final One: Preview and Prediction
Eurovision, Semi Final Two: Preview and Predictions

Eurovision, Semi Final Two: Preview and Predictions

I finally get around to previewing the Second Semi, after I previewed the first one last month. Well it is 40 days to the Second Semi which will take place on Thursday, 22nd of May. Just like the first Semi there are 19 participants. I will again make my Kiss of Death Predictions at the end.

Lets start the show!

1. Iceland (RÚV) represented by Euroband singing “This Is My Life
Youtube, Lyrics
This song will get the Semi off to a great start. A good fast paced song. The two singers complement each other really well. Its an excellent song, that should do well, do is up against a few pop/dance songs in this Semi, so could face some challenges.

2. Sweden (PVT) represented by Charlotte Perrelli singing “Hero
Youtube, Lyrics
Charlotte is no stranger to Eurovision having won the 1999 edition for Sweden with “Take Me to Your Heaven“. This is her second crack at Eurovision and it is a good song. A nice upbeat pop song, which the Swedes seam to like entering. I think it will do well.

3. Turkey (TRT) represented by Mor ve Ötesi singing “Deli
Youtube, Lyrics
A rock song! Yay! The first in this semi. Which will set it out from the first two songs, which is important in a music contest. I really like this song, even it is in Turkish. I hope it does well (I used hope, it wont do well! 😛 ) Its a cool video also.

4. Ukraine (NTU) represented by Ani Lorak singing “Shady Lady
Youtube, Lyrics
Well we are back with pop/dance songs, coming after Turkey will benifit this song. I am really liking this song. I have Ukrainian friends here, so maybe thats why! NTU picked good with Ani Lorak. It will do well.

5. Lithuania (LRT) represented by Jeronimas Milius singing “Nomads In The Night
Youtube, Lyrics
The first ballad in this semi, which will probably help Ukraine more then allow this to stand out. I dont like this song. Its too operatic for me. I’m not liking this live version. Maybe Jeronimas will be alright on the night?

6. Albania (RTSH) represented by Olta Boka singing “Zemrën lamë peng
Youtube, Lyrics
Another ballad, but a better one then Lithuania. I am really liking this song (No, I’m not liking Albania just because they were the only country to vote for Ireland last year!). A very strong chorus, its an impressive song.

7. Switzerland (SRG SSR idée suisse) represented by Paolo Meneguzzi sining “Era Stupendo
Youtube, Lyrics
Another ballad, but more modern, kind of reminds me of Avril Lavigne. Not sure why! I really like this song. Its melodic, but fast. I think the swiss are on to something here, strange thats its in Italian.

8. Czech Republic (ČT) represented by Tereza Kerndlová sining “Have Some Fun
Youtube, Lyrics
Back to the pop songs. This is a good entry from the Czechs, but pop songs are becoming dominant in this semi, so it could be hard to qualify for the final. I am liking the song anyway.

9. Belarus (BTRC) represented by Ruslan Alehno singing “Hasta la Vista
Youtube, Lyrics
Yet another pop song! But its a good one. This semi could prove hard for the pop entries and neighbourly voting could come into it. Its a good song though.

10. Latvia (LTV) respresented by Pirates Of The Sea singing “Wolves Of The Sea
Youtube, Lyrics
I had to check the date on my Computer, I thought I was back at Karnival! This is the first joke entry for this final, though better then the ones in the first semi final. Its a good song, fast paced and the words make sense, thanks to the costumes! Never knew Latvia had a history of pirates….

11. Croatia (HRT) represented by Kraljevi ulice & 75 cents singing “Romanca
Youtube, Lyrics
A really nice folksy song. Something that will set it apart in this semi. I dont get the old guy, then again I dont speak serbo-croat (or whatever langauge they are speaking).

12. Bulgaria (BNT) represented by Deep Zone & Balthazar singing “DJ, Take Me Away
Youtube, Lyrics
Since I came to Germany, I have gotten into Dance/house music as forcasted by some people in YFG! This song is one of my favourites in this semi. It is excellent. I love the start and the rest of the song! Really looking forward to hearing this out if it wins!

13. Denmark (DR) represented by Simon Mathew singing “All Night Long
Youtube, Lyrics
Now I always love the Danish entry and this year is no exception. It is an excellent sing-a-long type song. I love it.

14. Georgia (GPB) represented by Diana Gurtskaya singing “Peace Will Come
Youtube, Lyrics
Wow, is all I say. This is a fantastic, powerful ballad. I do mean powerful. Only one other ballad has impressed me this much and that was Poland. If the voting public are in the same mood as last year, this well do very well!

15. Hungary (MTV) represented by Csézy singing “Candlelight
Youtube, Lyrics
Another ballad from Hungary. Its a nice melodic song and Csézy is a fantastic singer. It has a fabulous chorus and reminds me of those fantatsic Disney ballads.

16. Malta (MBA) represented by Morena singing “Vodka
Youtube, Lyrics
This song, is one I have mentioned that grows on me. Well it certainly does. Its a fun fast song! A song about alcohol though… hmmm….

17. Cyprus (CyBC) respresented by Evdokia Kadi singing “Femme Fatale
Youtube, Lyrics
I really like this song as it has a really med feel to it. It also has folk influences, which will always endear it to me! But then it speeds up to make it modern. Its a good song, but no Greek votes in this Semi, so gaurenteed votes for Cyprus.

18. F.Y.R. Macedonia (MKRTV) represented by Tamara ft. Vrcak & Adrian Gaxha singing “Let Me Love You
Youtube, Lyrics
A nice song from this balkan ecountry. A nice mix modern and folk influences which have been quite to the fore in this semi, but coming after Cyprus coulkd affect that.

19. Portugal (RTP) represented by Vânia Fernandes singing “Senhora do Mar
Youtube, Lyrics
A ballad to close this semi. Ballads, werent as frequent in this semi as the first one. But do the televoters want another Ballad? It a nice song, but seams fairly bland to me.

So thats it. All 19 entries. Dont forget that France, the UK and Serbia will also be voting in this semi.

Before I give my predictions lets take a look at allkindsofeverthing‘s predictions for the second semi final. By looking at past voting they came up with the following nine entries

* Ukraine
* Hungary
* Bulgaria
* Sweden
* Malta
* Latvia
* Croatia
* Belarus
* FYR Macedonia

So thats their Predictions but what are mine?

Stephen’s Kiss of Death Predictions

So I think the following will get through

* Ukraine
* Sweden
* Bulgaria
* Denmark
* Malta
* Croatia
* Latvia
* Georgia
* FYR Macedonia
* Hungary

There we go. How many will I get right? Time will tell!

Lyrics – Lyrics and Translations
Songs and Running Order – Eurovision Website

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Eurovision Semi-Final One: Preview and Prediction

Eurovision Semi-Final One: Preview and Prediction

Its 49 days to the start of the first part of the Eurovision Song Contest 2008 in Belgrade, Serbia. It will take place on the 20th of May. Here is a short preview of the 19 contestents in the running order of the Songs in Semi-Final 1. I’ll make my usual terrible predictions but they may be updated when I get the CD, which is released the end of April.


1. Montenegro (RTCG) represented by Stefan Filipović, singing “Zauvijek Volim Te
Youtube, Lyrics
Good song, I like it. Its one you can click your fingers too! A nice song that will do well I think.

2. Israel (IBA) represented by Boaz singing “The Fire In Your Eyes
Youtube, Lyrics
I really like this song. Good melody and a strong singer. Has a nice med feel to it. Will qualify I think.

3. Estonia (ETV) represented by Kreisiraadio singing “Leto Svet
Youtube, Lyrics
The first of this years joke entries. Just take a look at the lyrics translation. Terrible song. I hate it.

4. Moldova (TRM) represented by Geta Burlacu singing “A Century Of Love
Youtube, Lyrics
Nice blues feel to this song, like the Czech Republic last year. A nice song. Geta is a good singer and performs this song very well. One to watch.

5. San Marino (SMRTV) represented by Miodio singing “Complice
Youtube, Lyrics
Nice rock feel to this song for San Marino’s Debut entry. This is my first time listening to it and I am impressed. Its a really good song. I hope it does well. (thes are good looking too! 😛 )

6. Belgium (VRT) represented by Ishtar singing “O Julissi
Youtube, Lyrics
This song is in a non-sensical language. The second time Belgium have done this. The last time they did it, they came second. It reminds me of a Disney song for some reason! I like it, its one you can clap along to!

7. Azerbaijan (İctimai) represented by Elnur & Samir singing “Day After Day
Youtube, Lyrics
This years second debutant. Another rock song, which im really liking, though I am not a fan of the start of the song as I like my ears! I think the rest of the song makes up for it though. Good to see Lordi still having an influence! An excellent song.

8. Slovenia (RTVSLO) represented by Rebeka Dremelj singing “Vrag Naj Vzame
Youtube, Lyrics
A nice upbeat song. The first one in this Semi, so that could work to its advantage. I really like this song and think it will do well. Rebeka is a good singer and seams full of energy so could be a good performance in Belgrade.

9. Norway (NRK) represnted by Maria Haukaas Storeng singing “Hold On Be Strong
Youtube, Lyrics
Not sure if this can be classed as a ballad or not. Im saying not at the moment. Its a good song. I love the beat and Maria is a good singer. It dosent really stand out for me at the moment though.

10. Poland (TVP) represented by Isis Gee singing “For Life
Youtube, Lyrics
Just past the halfway mark and we will have our first ballad, which I normally dont like but Isis is a fantastic singer and I am hugely impressed with this song! I love it and I think it will do well. It is a vast improvement on Polands entry last year.

11. Ireland (RTÉ) represented by Dustin the Turkey singing “Irelande Douze Pointe
Youtube, Lyrics
No, No, No. Normally my patriotism has kicked in at this point and I would be supporting Ireland, but god no. Everytime I hear this song it drives me barmy!! Though coming mid-point in the show it could do well enough to qualify, but I doubt. Even Dervish were better then this! I dount even Albania would vote for this!

12. Andorra (RTVA) represnted by Gisela singing “Casanova
Youtube, Lyrics
I really like this fast paced song. It a really good song. I think this will qualify.

13. Bosnia & Herzegovina (BHRT) represented by Laka singing “Pokušaj
Youtube, Lyrics
I just dont get it! Very strange song. I really dont get the chicken or whats going but, thats eurovision!!! I dont think this will qualify

14. Armenia (AMPTV) represented by Sirusho singing “Qele, Qele
Youtube, Lyrics
Good upbeat song, kinda infectious beat to it. Im liking it. Sirusho has a great voice also!

15. The Netherlands (NOS) represented by Hind singing “Your Heart Belongs To Me
Youtube, Lyrics
The Netherlands has decided not to enter a ballad this year! Yay!!! This is an fabulous song. I really like it! It has a nice Spanish feel to it.

16. Finland (YLE) represented by Teräsbetoni singing “Missä Miehet Ratsastaa
Youtube, Lyrics
If proof was needed that Lordi have influenced any entries this year, then this is the one! Really good song, looks like they will have a distinctive ‘style’ on stage also! I wonder how well it will do?? Have we moved on from 2006?

17. Romania (TVR) represented by Nico & Vlad singing “Pe-o Margine De Lume
Youtube, Lyrics
A traditional balled from Romania, which is hugely influenced by lasts years winner. Im kind of disappointed as Romania normally go for something different. But this is a beautiful song. The two singers are well suited to each other and I think this will qualify easily as it is a lovely song.

18. Russia (RTR) represented by Dima Bilan singing “Believe
Youtube, Lyrics
Dima’s second trip to Eurovision. Good modern pop song. Dosent really stand out for me, but I think Russia is more or less sure of qualification. It is a good song though. It improves at the end. Wondering will he hit the high note in Belgrade though?

19. Greece (ERT) represented by Kalomira singing “Secret Combination
Youtube, Lyrics
The last song in this semi-final and again is a pop song, which could work against it due to being after Russia. It’s a nice song though. Greece have a had a few good entries lately and normally do well. This continues there good picks and will do well.

Opinion and Predictions
This Semi looks like it will be a good show with strong ballads from Poland and Romania as well as some rock from Finland and San Marino. Unfortuantely there is the Joke entries, Ireland, Estonia and Bosnia, which is a pity in my opinion as over the last few years Estonia and Bosnia have entered some good songs. I mentioned a previous prediction before from which based its prediction on past voting patterns and heres a reminder of theirs:

1. Russia
2. Romania
3. Greece
4. Estonia
5. Israel
6. Armenia
7. Finland
8. Netherlands
9. Norway

So who are my picks?

I am going to try and pick the 10 that will qualify including the one selected by the jury vote though not say which one! So here goes Stephen’s Kiss of Death Predictions (Nice title eh?). In no particular order.

San Marino

The difference between my predictions this year and last year is that only nine of the entries in this semi-final wont be going through so the odds are better for me! Also dont forget as well as the 19 entrants, Germany and Spain will be voting in this semi-final.

Lyrics – Lyrics and Translations
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Eurovision Final!!! Preview

Well last nights semi was very surprising, only 1 of my predictions got through and that was Turkey, which means no Switzerland, Austria, Belgium, Norway, Denmark or Andorra (my favourites). I voted for Andorra and Denmark, I think my predictions are a kiss of death. I got 4 right last year. Anyway the final is on tomorrow night on RTÉ2 and BBC 2 at 8:00pm. I shall be Instinct watching it on the big screen, so if your around come say hi! Now I’ll run through the finalists, with links to their songs and their betting odds from

Bosnia & Herzegovina (Youtube) 80-1

This year Bosnia and Herzegovina is represented by Marija Sestic with ‘Rijeka Bez Imena’. A nice uplifting song. Don’t think it will do well.

Spain (Youtube) 66-1

Spain is represented by D’nash with ‘I love you mi vida’. Really upbeat song, surprised its so low in the odds, as one of the big four its guaranteed to be in the final next year. A song that I really like!

Belarus (Youtube) 4-1

The first to qualifiers from last nights semi-final, meant to pick this to get through but too late now…. I missed the performance as i was rushing home from work, but Dmitry Koldun obviously impressed with ‘Work Your Magic’

Ireland 33-1

Have to show the video, its the Irish entry! Its Dervish with ‘They Can’t Stop The Spring’. Not in my opinion a great Eurovision song, but they’ve done a lot of work on it and its sounding great! Could do well as Dervish are known on the continent!

Finland (Youtube) 25-1

Well Finland is represented by Hanna Pakarinen with ‘Leave Me Alone’. Its definitely a Lordi influence, why change a winning formula??

FYR Macedonia (Youtube) 40-1

Macedonia qualified last night with ‘Mojot Svet’ by Karolina Goceva. Nice song! Did very well last night.

Slovenia (Youtube) 25-1

Slovenia also qualified from last night. Very opera as a friend in Kildare remarked last night!!! Its Alenka Gotar with ‘Cvet Z Juga’

Hungary (Youtube) 16-1

Hungary also qualified last night represented by Magdi Ruzsa with ‘Unsubstantial Blues’. An excellent performance, and should do well. Loving this song.

Lithuania (Youtube) 150-1

An outsider according to the bookies, Lithuania is represented by 4Fun with ‘Love Or Leave’. very gentle melodic song. Latin influences definitely to be heard in the beat and guitar.

Greece (Youtube) 16-1

One of my favourite songs in the final its Sarbel with ‘Yassou Maria’. In with a good shout, hes gorgeous!!! Real dance one!

Georgia (Youtube) 40-1

Georgia, through the final on their first try! Sopho was fab with ‘Visionary Dream’

Sweden (Youtube) 6-1

One of this years favourites (and my mums!) its Sweden represented by the Ark with ‘The worrying kind’. With the ESC move next door to Sweden? I hope so, my hopes are on this one at the moment (Spillane kiss of death again?) come on Sweden!!!!!!!!

France (Youtube) 50-1

One of the best French entries in recent years! They are represented by Les Fatals Picards with ‘L’amour à la française’. I really like. As ferance is part of the bug four they are automatically in next year!

Latvia (Youtube) 14-1

This proved very popular and performed in the coveted last place in the show. Good odds here and looks like they ahve a shoe in!

Russia (Youtube) 10-1

Russia is represented by Serebro with ‘Song Number One’. Really good song, i really like it!! Wonder will win it? Russia have been waiting awhile for it.

Germany (Youtube) 14-1

Germany, another one of the Big 4, is represented by Roger Cicero with ‘Frauen Regier’n Die Welt’. Its a very rat pack song. Think it will do well, its growing on me!

Serbia (Youtube) 5-1

One this years favourites, performed very well last night, hence why its here!!! Its Marija Serifovic with ‘Molitva’. What a singer!

Ukraine (Youtube) 7-2

This year the Ukraine are represented by Verka Serdyuchka with ‘Dancing Lasha Tumbai’. Very strange song, but fun! Its a guy btw… there was war over that!!! They are also the favourites i think (I get very confused with odds like 7-2!)

United Kingdom (Youtube) 33-1

Its Scooch! Singing ‘Flying the flag for You’. Loving this song!! So gay! lol!!! It should do well!

Romania (Youtube) 40-1

Romania is represented by Todomondo with ‘Liubi, Liubi, I Love You’. Really nice song. Its sung in a few languages so its great fun!!!! Hope it does well!!!

Bulgaria (Youtube) 8-1

Well Elitsa & Stoyan got in with ‘Water’. I missed the performance, but i still dont like the song!

Turkey (Youtube) 25-1

My only prediction to get in! Its Kenan DOĞULU with ‘Shake It Up Shekerim’! Went down very well last night and I enjoyed the performance, it with a good shout!!!

Armenia (Youtube) 80-1

An outsider in the betting, Armenia is represented by Hayko with ‘Anytime You Need’. Hes quite good looking! NIce ballad of song, but no fast paced chorus, cant see it doing well!

Moldova (Youtube) 25-1

Was she wearing a pants last night? Thought it was going to fall off her! Natalia Barbu with ‘Fight’ qualified for Moldova last night. It was a giood performance!!

Well thats it. I’ve given sweden the kiss of death, who do you think will win? Leave a comment or email me!

Eurovision!!! Semi-Final Preview

Well its nearly time wooo! The 52nd Eurovision Song Contest will be broadcast from the Hartswall Areena, Helsinki, Finland and will be shown on RTÉ 2 and BBC Three at 8.00pm. This is the largest contest ever, so this will be a long post on the Semi-Finalist. The countries are listed in running order.

Bulgaria (Song on youtube)

Bulgaria this year is being represented by Elitsa TODOROVA and Stoyan YANKOULOV with a song called ‘Water’. Its is a very rhythmic song with haunting singing. Its fast paced so should go down well. Just not my cup of tea.

(Song on youtube)

Israel is being represented by a group called Teapacks with a song called ‘Push the Button’. A very strong about terrorist’s (Israel knows all about this). Its in English and French. I don’t like it. Its not very often I like the Israeli song neway…

Cyprus (Youtube)

Cyprus is being represented by Evridiki with a French language song ‘Comme Ci, Comme Ça’ (which means okay). Its a good song, one of my favs this year. Good fast dance tune! one to dance to!

Belarus (Youtube)

Belarus is being represented this year by Koldun (HOT!) with a song called ‘Work Your Magic’. One of the best entries from the Belorussians in recent years. Its a nice song, along the lines of the Rasmus et al. I really like it and may have to do a post on Dmitry Koldun over on my other blog . lol

Iceland (Youtube)

Iceland is represented this year by Eiríkur HAUKSSON with ‘Valentine Lost’. Slow rock song, cant see it getting out of the semi’s. Its a pity cause I’ve really enjoyed past Icelandic entries especially last years!

Georgia (Youtube)

The first débutante in this years contest is Georgia represented by Sopho with ‘Visionary Dream’. Its a very good song. Real melting pot of new and old, and east meets west. Could do very well. Sopho, is a very excellent sing also.

Montenegro (Youtube)

Another débutante, but only by default! Montenegro normally takes part as part of Serbia and Montenegro. This year, since they are now independent, they are represented by Stevan Faddy with ‘Ajde Kroci’. Tis a realy good song, which i enjoy.

Switzerland (Youtube)

One of this year favourites and mine too! Switzerland is represented this year by DJ Bobo with ‘Vampires are Alive’. Love this song, and is proving very popular! Should do well during and after the contest!

Moldova (Youtube)

The Moldovan entry this year is Natalia Barbu with ‘Fight’. A very good song, nice with rock backing. Lordi really have influenced alot of entries this year.

The Netherlands (Youtube)

Now the Netherlands is represented by Edsilia Rombley with ‘On Top of the World’. Now the dutch have learned a bit, their song starts out like a ballad but speeds up, thank god, a nice song, but i dont think it will do well enough to get out of the semi’s.

Albania (Youtube)

Albania is represented by Aida & Frederik Ndoci with ‘Hear my plea’. A very traditional song, not in the current eurovision mould at all…

Denmark (Youtube)

Denmark song is fab this year. They are represented by DQ with ‘Drama Queen’. The first of the draq queens! I love this song and I hope it does well!!

Croatia (Youtube)

Croatia is represented by Dragonfly feat. Dado Topic with ‘Vjerujem u ljubav’. Nice song, not eurovisiony in my mind, but then again neither was lordi….

Poland (Youtube)

Poland is represented with the Jet Set with ‘Time to Party’. Nice song, fast paced. Good Party Song.

Serbia (Youtube)

Serbia, like Montenegro, is taking part on its own this year. They are represented by Marija Serifovic with ‘Molitva’. A ballad, in the traditional sense, cant see it getting out of the semi’s but it will get the neighbourly votes…

Czech Republic

Another débutante, the Czech Republic is represented by Kabát with ‘Malá dáma’. Its very much in the Lordi vein of Eurovision! Good rock song!

Portugal (Youtube)

The Portuguese are back on form after last years terrible entry. They are represented by Sabrina with ‘Dança Comigo’. Good song, with a latin ‘shake your hips’ feel to it.

FYR Macedonia (Youtube)

the FYR this year is represented by Karolina Goceva with ‘Mojot Svet’. An excellent song, with the easy bit to sing along with! “Najna najna, nanana najna” 😀


Another one of my favourites from this year. Norway is represented by Guri Schanke with ‘Ven A Bailar’. An excellent song, have being listening to it alot. SO has grown on me hugely. hopefully Norway will not get nil points again this year….

Malta (Youtube)

This year Malta is represented by Olivia Lewis with ‘Vertigo’ (not the U2 song obv!). Not an excellent song, but should do respectfully enough cant see it getting out of the semi’s, considering competition is really though this year!

Andorra (Youtube)

Now the Andorrans really have payed attention to whats popular at the moment musically. They are respresented by Anonymous with ‘Salvem el món (Let’s save the world)’. Real punk rock (my fav) and I hope does well for the Principality!!!

Hungary (Youtube)

Hungary are represented by Magdi Ruzsa with ‘Unsubstantial Blues’. Now this is different. Full of soul and feeling, but not your traditional ballad. One that has gotten into my heart I must say.

Estonia (Youtube)

Estonia is represented by Gerli Padar with ‘Partners In Crime’. A song in the real Eurovision vein. Easy listening, and fun!

Belgium (Youtube)

The Belgians are being represented this year by KMG’s with ‘Love Power’. Now this is a real Danascene song (Cork regulars to freakscene will get that reference). It has a real retro feel to it, and i like….

Slovenia (Youtube)

Slovenia is being represented by Alenka Gotar with ‘Cvet Z Juga’. Now the Slovenians havent departed much from their usual type of entry, traditional sounding song, with a fast backing track!

Turkey (Youtube)

Turkey is represented this year by Kenan DOĞULU with ‘Shake It Up Shekerim’. Turkey always have good songs IMO, this has a Justin Timberlake meets East feel to it. An excellent song!

Austria (Youtube)

Austria are back after a one year sabbatical with Eric Papilaya singing ‘Get A Life, Get Alive’. An excellent fast paced song, upbeat and fun! Hope it does well!

Latvia (Youtube)

Last but not least we have Latvia, represented by with ‘Questa Notte’. Opera comes to Eurovision! It is a Latvian version of Il Divo, its a nice song, but will it do well? It a bit of gamble

My hopes. The ten songs I hope get through are

Enjoy the show tonight. Feel free to leave your predictions as comments or disagree with me on anything!