Eurovision Debate, 20:00 GMT. #TellEurope

ED_EBUMembers_logosThe Eurovision Debate takes place tonight at 8pm GMT, 9pm CET across Europe tonight. No this is not a debate on the Eurovision Song Contest but a debate organised by the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) between the candidates for the post of European Commission President.

Who’s taking part?

5 candidates are taking part in the debate. They are

  • Ska Keller, European Greens
  • Alexis Tsipras, European Left Party
  • Guy Verhofstadt, Alliance of Liberals and Democrats in Europe
  • Jean-Claude Junker, European Peoples Party
  • Martin Schulz, Progressive Alliance of Socialists and Democrats

The debate will be for 90 minutes and will be moderated by RAI anchor Monica Maggioni. RTÉ’s Conor McNally will be presenting the Social Media aspect of the debate which will be broadcast across 25 countries.

So where can you watch this debate?

Well you wont find it on RTÉ 1 or BBC 1.

The following are showing the debate on TV in English speaking countries (Full list of broadcasters here (PDF))

  • Cable Public Affairs, Canada
  • RTÉ Now News, Ireland
  • BBC Parliament, UK
  • Euronews, International

It can also be viewed on the Eurovision Debate website and followed online with the hastag #TellEurope

Not exactly expecting rating winners are they? Well whatever the viewer-ship, I for one will be watching, will you?

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They Changed their Name Again!

Party of European Socialists
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So the PES, which were going to be called ASDA ASDE decided to choose a different again. This time they have gone with Progressive Alliance of Socialists and Democrats or PASD for short. Not sure what that looks like yet….

So the PASD will be the second largest grouping in the Parliament. It is the offical name change as now their website even has it.

So the Groups in the Parliament will be the (in order of size):

  • EPP (they dropped the ED part)
  • PASD (formerly PES)
  • ALDE
  • ECRG
  • Greens-EFA
  • Ind/Dem
  • UEN

The Ind/Dem (17) and UEN (13) groupings may survive. I don’t know yet though. We will find out for sure on July 14th at the first plenary in Strasbourg.

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